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TRE and DART Photos

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Re: W Mockingbird Yard trackwork - By ModelTrains on 08/31/07 at 17:13:50 - 'mockingbirdWest.jpg' 75 KB
A little late, but here is a picture of of the crossover switch going in between West mockingbird yard and the Trinity River bridge.  The end of the yard track is in the foreground. This is in preparation of the 2nd track (south side) over the Trinity.


Re: TRE / Athearn Rumour - By dehammon on 05/01/07 at 05:24:42 - 'pic_002a.jpg' 87 KB
Still have my TRE F59PHI's.... I'm in the process of renumbering one loco...


Re: Whassup with 570? - By dehammon on 05/23/05 at 00:13:17 - 'TRE570.jpg' 108 KB
TRE #570 is operational.... Viewed at the Herzog Yard a few days ago...


Re: North Texas Rail Plan Gaining Ground - By ctempleton3 on 11/27/04 at 23:26:32 - 'dfwmaps_RIS14465232885614488.jpg' 135 KB
Here is the most intresting part is the grade. Check this out.  There is a 50' drop in only 2000'  that is a 2.5% grade.  I just think that is perty steep for todays standards.
- Charels A. Templeton III


Re: North Texas Rail Plan Gaining Ground - By ctempleton3 on 11/27/04 at 23:07:14 - 'dfwmaps_RIS14465290016923723.jpg' 121 KB
Here is how the old UP ROW conneded into the EX-RI ROW now TRE.  Notice centerport station.
If you are looking for where this connected when you ride along the TRE it is hard to see I have never seen it and I have looked for it a million times.


Re: North Texas Rail Plan Gaining Ground - By ctempleton3 on 11/27/04 at 22:44:56 - 'dfwmaps_RIS14465232885614420.jpg' 85 KB
This shows that the tressel over the Trinity River. Notice there is no rail north of the tressel.


Re: North Texas Rail Plan Gaining Ground - By ctempleton3 on 11/27/04 at 22:38:04 - 'dfwmaps_RIS14465290019723711.jpg' 102 KB
This is an overview showing you where the ROW used to go over the Trinity River.  
Just north of this is Centerport Station.  We will get there in the next picture.


Re: North Texas Rail Plan Gaining Ground - By ctempleton3 on 11/27/04 at 22:31:16 - 'dfwmaps_RIS14465232894814092.jpg' 86 KB
on Aug 24th, 2004, 12:48am, ronclark wrote:       (Click here for original message)
A North-South railroad line exists east of highway 360 between the Centerpoint area and Arlington, but the tracks right of way are on the wrong side of highway 360. Six Flags, Ameriquest Field, any future Cowboy's Stadium, UTA and old downtown Arlington are all West of highway 360.
Worse yet, the tracks are old, slow industrial switching tracks, much too slow for high speed service, and high speed is considered a pultry 50 mph. At best, the existing tracks support speeds up to 20 mph or so.  
A better rail line for Arlington and Grand Prairie  would be a commuter line along the UP main line tracks between downtown Ft. Worth and downtown Dallas. Triple railing the line should appease UP to allow commuter trains on their right of way. It could potentially service twice as many riders as the current TRE.
Any rail line going North from Arlington should follow highway 157 in my opinion, on all new tracks, and possibly light rail or streetcars. Highway 157 is more centrally located within Arlington. Likewise, a rail line going North from Grand Prairie should follow Beltline Road for the same reason.

Well you are leaving out the most important part the bridge over the trinity river basion was washed out in the 1990 flood and has not been repaired. There is no connection into the the TRE.
Basicaly what I am saying is that if you look at the at the pictures that I am including you will see were the ride of way was but there are no bridges or rail left here. I have walked around in this area with my wife to see what was left of it.
In this first picture you will notice the active rail line comming up the bottom center of the picture between the industrial buildings. Notice how the active rail line looks. The active railline becomes abondond railline under the trees. Just on the other side of the trees moving up to the center of the page you will see what is left of the tressel that was over the Trinity River Basion. That single color flat texture is a large pond. Notice where the pond is under where the rail line should be there is a break. This bridge is washed out.  As you continue further north on the picture notice how the line of of the ROW is not well definded. This is the ballast from the old ROW it is in bad shape. I did not get up there to see if there is rail. I realy dought it I am sure they scraped it.


Re: Track questions at Ft. Worth ITC - By dwmoore1416 on 03/11/04 at 13:26:36 - 'TRE_FT_WORTH_TRACKAGE.jpg' 148 KB
I have attached a diagram that I prepared for the Fort Worth Railfan Guide to show you the trackage arrangement at the Fort Worth ITC.
In answer to your questions:
1.  There is no junction between the TRE and BNSF's Fort Worth Subdivision other than the connections at the station that the Heartland Flyer and Texas Eagle uses to access the station.  If I understand correctly you want to know how BNSF trains go east on the TRE from their own line.  A BNSF train from Alliance will have to go south to Saginaw and get on the Wichita Falls Subdivision (ex BN) to North Yard.  From there they travel south of North Yard to a connection with the UP called raceway switch beside Peach Yard.  They use the UP south to Dalwor Junction to get on the TRE.
2.  Amtrak typically uses the 2 east tracks at the ITC.  TRE usually uses just the west track.  The Heartland Flyer uses the connection between the BNSF and TRE to get to the station.  Lately it has been sitting on the east track at the far north end of the platform.  This allows the Texas Eagle (which normally meets in the station if both are on time) to use the south end of the platform on the east two tracks.
3.  To my knowledge the only time that Amtrak has used the TRE is when a derailment forced them off the UP.
4.  I do not know how many BNSF trains use the TRE.  I believe it to be about 2 or 3 each way per day on the west half.  Rock trains that come in from Oklahoma via Sherman and Irving might add additional trains on the east end.
There was another post that talked about a GC&SF.  This is the Gulf Colorado and Santa Fe.  It was the predecessor company to the Santa Fe.  The line is now BNSF's Fort Worth Subdivision.


Re: Richland Hills Second Station Track - By eolesen on 10/04/03 at 17:34:43 - 'richland.jpg' 13 KB
I think there's another explanation.  If you look at the attached photo, you can still see the roadbed and what looks like a spur feeding the property which has the "overflow" parking between the main parking lot and Handley/Ederville Road.  That was all ripped out when they poured the new parking lot.
Also, the east turnout onto the mainline was replaced two weekends ago.  It is now a high speed turnout, which probably signals the starting of double tracking west of Hurst.


Re: Whassup with 570? - By VentureForth on 10/03/03 at 00:06:43 - '570.jpg' 33 KB
Thanks for the info.  I should have acted sooner and sent a get well card.  
BTW, here is a picture of 570 as it was sitting between a bumper and a Herzog Loco.


Re: Why the F59PHI? - By Pennsy on 09/19/03 at 18:26:46 - 'F-59PH.jpg' 24 KB
Hi Charles,
Interesting information, if not apocryphal. Please check your data. Most interesting is your description of how the HEP voltages, three phase, are hooked up with VIA so that the voltages from either end do not co-mingle. The LIRR, and Metro North, New York RR's. do just that but without the problems you mention. Metrolink also can run that way. With trains in excess of four cars, Bombardier bi-levels, Metrolink will put an engine on both ends. So you can have an F-59PH on the East end and an F-59PHI on the West end, both providing HEP and traction. Attached is a photo of a Metrolink F-59PH, enjoy.


Re: Why the F59PHI? - By Pennsy on 09/19/03 at 11:10:25 - 'amtF-59PHI.jpg' 52 KB
Yo Charles,
Don't feel too badly about the F-59's, since they are not American, but are in fact Canadian. The F-59PHI is built in Canada by EMD. Here in Southern California, not only does Metrolink use them, so does Amtrak. See attached photo of an Amtrak F-59PHI. I doubt if the engine is out of production, and you probably could buy one, "off the shelf".


Re: Richland Hills Second Station Track - By eolesen on 09/17/03 at 09:49:38 - 'rchtrack.gif' 6 KB
I'm sure there were good reasons for not doing it initially.  Nobody really expected the Tarrant County services to take off the way that they did, and you don't build a double main until you can prove the demand.
As I understand it, the TRE is getting Federal funding to complete the double tracking.
Took a look at the rail stamps last week...
The mainline is dated 1972, the second main 1999, and both the abandoned turnout on the second main just east of the platform and the warehouse spur date into the 1920's.
As best I can tell, the track between the turnout and warehouse spur was removed to make room for the parking lot.  The second track at the mainline appears to have been there all along, but was upgraded in 1999 because the track was approaching 80 years old and wouldn't meet FRA standards for serving as a mainline at a future date.  
My guess is that steeper turnout between the primary and second main will be replaced entirely when they lay the rest of the second main towards Hurst.
If I ever get my web server running again, I'll post the pictures of this, since it is a bit difficult to visualize...


Re: CRC - By VentureForth on 09/02/03 at 12:03:56 - 'Dallas-Trinity-TRE.jpg' 36 KB
The CRC proposal for the TRE trainset:
A guy on the TRE told me that there was a 20 year contract to operate the Budd RDCs on the TRE.  Hmmm...


Picture #2 - By VentureForth on 08/02/03 at 01:55:52 - 'TRElineup.jpg' 27 KB
These are the two loco+4 units back to back.  A three-car RDC set is behind this PHI-pulled unit.  Barely visible to the right of the F59PHI are the silver cars of the Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey circus train.


Re: Operations - By VentureForth on 08/02/03 at 01:53:59 - 'comingapart.jpg' 21 KB
Saw a very interesting site today - the staging for the afternoon rush hour.  I went to Union Station to try and get a picture of Amtrak and TRE side by side, but Amtrak was over an hour late, and I had run out of quarters for the parking meter.
Anyway, while I was waiting, I went up Reunion Tower ($2) and hung out in the observation deck.  It was a ton of fun.  The first picture, taken around 4:05 PM is of two 5-unit Bi-Level trains arriving together.  The eastbound, headed by PHI #570, then detatched, pulling out of the passenger loading area.  The westbound train, headed by PH #565 boarded passengers and departed at 4:30 PM.
In addition to the two Bombardier lineups, there was already an RDC in waiting.  After the two Bombardiers left, another RDC came in from the West and boarded passengers.  In the hour or so I was there, the RDC in waiting never moved.
Incidently, an engineer was trying to get the diesel started, and apparently they were having troubles.  I talked to a conductor, and he said the RDCs are more fun to drive than the PHIs, but he said they were designed for 50 mile legs going 60 MPH in Canada, not 35 MPH for 5 miles in 100 degree heat.
A final treat was the Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey train parked in the far East siding (closest to the Hyatt).  This was an enormously long train - almost 50 cars!  One unit on the very end had a diesel Auxiliary power unit which must have been providing A/C for the whole train.  There was no locomotive attached.
All in all, it was a terrific day for train watching at Union Station.  And, even though I didn't ever get to see my Amtrak, I left a happy man!


Re: Modeling the TRE - By VentureForth on 07/29/03 at 12:07:44 - 'TRE-2.jpg' 48 KB
Well, actually, I don't have a layout.  I have five RDCs (three powered, two dummies) that I scrounged the internet for.  
I'm a member of the East Texas Model Railroading Club in Commerce, TX.  We are working on building a layout right now that will have a 50's/60's freehand theme to it.  Our mainline is functional, and we're focusing on the scenery and yardwork.
I'm predominately an N scaler.  In fact, I have the F59PHI and Bombardier cars on order...  I bought the HO RDCs so that I would have something to run on the club layout.  Besides, they gave me a DCC decoder and I needed something to install it in.  Heh heh!  I figured most everyone else had their assortment of freight stuff, and I'm more of a passenger-oriented guy.  The RDCs - being built in the 50's - should theme OK, and I don't care about the markings being modern.  We'll just pretend that the TRE has been around for a while.
I'm planning on doing the TRE markings on all 5 of my RDCs.  I even have an extra RDC-3 shell that I plan on marking up.  TRE has one RDC-3, don't they?
It's interesting to note that the TRE RDCs have gone through two major paint phases.  The first had a DART insignia in the center of the car and a green 'wings' style logo by each door and on each end.  The DART insignias and all of the green 'wing' logos has been removed, and only the TRE logo is now displayed by each door.
One thing I forgot on my decal set were the American and Texas flags on either end of the blue bar across the top of the windows.  I should be able to add them without too much trouble.  If only I had teeeeeny fingers!!    
I also have not painted the blue bar around the side doors.  That's a pain in the butt to decal and it will be hard to find matching paint.  I may just have to see what Sherman Williams can do sometime, though.    
My lettering and star on the sides are also "on silver".  As seen in the previous post, trying to put a white painted backing was a bad idea (except on the chevrons on the ends).  It showed right through the decal.  I may try to pick up some white paper decal sheets to compensate for that.  Just so dadgum expensive.  
Thanks for the nice words, Charles.  I'm going to keep tinkering.  I need to blacken the underbody, add some chains to the vestibules, and add some weathering to the exhausts.  I'm not going to worry too much about weathering the rest of the car 'cause the TRE keeps 'em pretty clean!  
The following image is a complete re-do of the same car in the previous post.  I had to get rid of the white undercoat and try some less-delicate decals that I treated with dull-cote first this time.  I'm MUCH happier with these results.


Re: Modeling the TRE - By VentureForth on 07/28/03 at 15:55:39 - 'TRE-HO1.jpg' 32 KB
Well, here's my first attempt.  I learned a lot, so I'll probably clean these up, and start over again.  It was my first time working with decal paper.  I was able to closely reproduce the correct sizing of most of the elements.  I'll probably try to buy some white decal paper to enhance the star, the lettering and the chevrons on the front without having to paint under the decals (the blue was rather transluscent - showed my errors. ).


DART - By CHESSIEMIKE on 05/04/03 at 18:20:44 - 'DART_155.jpg' 73 KB
My guess is this falls under this thread.  Let me know if I'm wrong.  How is the DART system doing?  Looked like they were doing ok in 2000.  I like the way the light pole looks old but has modern fixture.  


Re: TRE RDC cars - By CHESSIEMIKE on 05/04/03 at 18:14:07 - 'TRE_2005__2003.jpg' 60 KB
Well here is how they looked on June 20, 2000.    TRE #2005 (exB&M #6110) leads #2003 (exCP #9303) near the Dallas, TX Station.


TRE Engine Question - By ctempleton3 on 04/23/03 at 18:22:17 - 'p9160299.jpg' 40 KB
 The TRE Websight says that the only locomotive that they use is that of the F59PHI. But thoes engines have a rounded slanted front. But they also use the engines that are in this picture. Are these engines SD40's? Or are these F59PHI too with a different body?
- Charles Templeton

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