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Alltime favorite Railroads.
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   Alltime favorite Railroads.
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   Author  Topic: Alltime favorite Railroads.  (Read 1829 times)
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Re: Alltime favorite Railroads.
« Reply #20 on: Jun 10th, 2003, 10:05pm »
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All time favorite , Chessie, then B&O, C&O, WM, PC, RDG, C&EI, MONON, IC,   Ah heck I like em all!
 never saw a train I didnt like  


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Re: Alltime favorite Railroads.
« Reply #21 on: Jun 10th, 2003, 10:54pm »
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Here we go...
1. Conrail - So many childhood memories, up to 1999.
2. NYC- Just from imagining what it must have been.
3. NJT- Memories at Little Silver
4. Amtrak- All because of the Hudson Line.  


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Re: Alltime favorite Railroads.
« Reply #22 on: Jul 4th, 2003, 7:54pm »
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Hrrm. Lead off this list with nothin' but Precision Transportation, the Norfolk & Western. Follow her closely with the modern-day Norfolk Southern. They've run past my house for a quarter-century, and I love 'em.
The Penn Central comes in third, 'cause I've got respect for bold gestures, old equipment, and big companies. 'course, the black and white livery doesn't hurt, either.  
Close on the heels of the Penn Central is the other big Virginia road, the C&O. Toss in the B&O and the Chessie System for that group. Up next is the Pennsylvania, along with the New Haven and the Lackawanna, solely on the strength of livery in the former and ad copy in the latter.  
Things get kind of jumbled from there on, but I'm awfully fond of Eastern 'roads in general. If the headquarters were east of Roanoke, I'll find something nice to say about the 'road. Conrail gets squeezed in because they're now a part of Norfolk Southern, and because they're the remainder of the freight end of the Penn Central and other old 'roads.  
In closing, CSX brings up the rear, having first gotten on board as a result of being the only railroad around (other than Amtrak, whose NEC operations are keen)  that I can hear at school. The more CSX paints its locomotives like the old B&O/C&O 1960s livery, the more I like it.  Gee, have I left anyone out?.  


Have you tried Penn Central service lately?
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Re: Alltime favorite Railroads.
« Reply #23 on: Jul 20th, 2003, 2:39pm »
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Santa Fe all the way


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Re: Alltime favorite Railroads.
« Reply #24 on: Oct 30th, 2003, 8:32pm »
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1.  Reading-for their T-1's.
2.  Philadelphia & Western-for their trains of Bullets, Straffords and Liberty Liners.
3.  CNJ-For their truly unique Baldwin double-enders.
4.  C&O-for their interesting motive power and the scenery they went through in WV.
5.  DL&W-for their massive fleet of handsome 4-8-4's.

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Re: Alltime favorite Railroads.
« Reply #25 on: Feb 20th, 2004, 7:22pm »
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Having grown up in northwest Pennsylvania (and being JUST barely old enough to have seen steam while still active on the PRR) here's my list of favorites, mostly of a regional nature:
1. Pittsburg, Shawmut & Northern/Pittsburg and Shawmut
2. Coudersport & Port Allegheny
3. Wellsville, Addison & Galeton/Buffalo & Susquehanna
4. Susquehanna & New York (Towanda to Williamsport, PA)
5. Tionesta Valley/Clairion River
6. Buffalo Creek
7. Niagra Junction
8. Lehigh & New England
9. Knox & Kane
10. Any of the many other shortlines and logging railroads that served Pennsylvania or southern New York in the last century. One of my great-grandfathers emigrated from Sweden in the late 1800's when the Central Pennsylvania Lumber Company recruited experienced lumber men in Norway and Sweden to come to PA to help log off the vast tracts of timber, especially the stands of hemlock. My interest in both railroads and logging has provided for many hours of research.
I guess I'd have to classify myself as more of a railway historian than an active railfan.

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Re: Alltime favorite Railroads.
« Reply #26 on: Mar 24th, 2004, 11:43am »
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Doubtless artifact of what I watched and rode, but here goes:
1. Santa Fe, all the way. Warbonnet PAs and Fs, Texas Chief, need I say more?
2. Espee - not least for the Sunbeam with a  P-14 on the front
3. Rock Island/Burlington/Katy (tie). Rode the Twin Star Rocket, Sam Houston Zephyr and Texas Special. And other Katy trains. Never ahd a chance to ride the Cal Zephyr, but sure wish i had (actually, i could have when i came home from Vietnam, but I REALLY wanted to get home to see the folks with minimum delay, and that meant riding one of Tom Braniff's jets...)
4. Southern. For the panache of the Crescent after AMTRAk and before the final capitulation if no other reaason. Not to mention the Ps-4 in the Smithsonian. if it were only in steam...
5. N&W - even if I never rode it, who can not love the Js and the Pocahontas and Powhattan Arrow?
6. Tie between PRR and NYC - those were the epitome of big time railroading back when the 20th Century and the Broadway were the top of the line.
7. T&P/MoPac - ah for the Eagles and the only (AFAIK) domes in Texas.  
8. UP, though I never was nearly as attracted to it as to the competition
9. Moscow, Camden & Saint Augustine -  who can not love a railroad that ran a mixed train every day with a wooden combine and an engine off the Panama Canal? Even if it was less tahn 10 miles and owned by a lumber company?
Ah for the good old days - obviously i liked and still like passenger trains. But a 600 on a heavy freight storming to the yards at Dallas will make me yearn for the old T&P...maybe i should have put it higher.

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Re: Alltime favorite Railroads.
« Reply #27 on: Mar 24th, 2004, 12:41pm »
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on Oct 30th, 2003, 8:32pm, RDG484 wrote:       (Click here for original message)
1.  Reading-because of the T-1's.
2.  Philadelphia & Western-for the Bullet and Strafford trains and Liberty Liners.
3.  Amtrak-for their "Juice Jacks" and because I work for them.

 If we're going to include interurbans, then I second RDG's emotion regarding the P&W/Red Arrow. And in the category of roads I never rode, or even saw, I would cite the Cincinnati & Lake Erie Railroad--- a truly fascinating Interurban, though it only lasted ten years!


Please move to the rear and speed your ride-Regards, Walt
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Re: Alltime favorite Railroads.
« Reply #28 on: Feb 23rd, 2005, 9:02am »
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1. D&H
2. Lackawanna
4. NKP


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Re: Alltime favorite Railroads.
« Reply #29 on: Feb 23rd, 2005, 9:54am »
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My favorite would have to be the Southern Pacific.  
On the coastline they operated under Direct Traffic Control (DTC).  With a scanner, the railroaders and railfans could hear what trains where given permission to be in what blocks along the way.


Regards, Gary

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Re: Alltime favorite Railroads.
« Reply #30 on: Feb 23rd, 2005, 6:10pm »
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Reading, CNJ and PRR some too.


Christopher W. Barany

"The route of The Black Diamond"

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Re: Alltime favorite Railroads.
« Reply #31 on: Feb 25th, 2005, 3:15pm »
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Here are my favorites:
Class I- the EL, my introduction to railroading.  I was born in Elmira and the tracks ran near the church I attended.  It was a colorful sight for a young kid.  Those thundering frieghts were impressive, and it was hard to fathom (as a kid) why this hard-working RR went bankrupt.  
Shortline/regional- the Bath & Hammondsport.  Truly the quintessential shortline, especially during its heyday of hauling wine/grape products in the Finger Lakes of upstate NY.  Also the reason I'm an Alco fan, as the idle of those dependable S-1s is truly unforgettable.  Current owner LA&L has even retained those locos in their  "original"  (as-delivered) B&H paint scheme.  


Best wishes to all,
Matthew L

moderator- D&H, Erie Lackawanna/Erie and LA&L/B&H/WNYP

P.S. All aboard for the last train to Hammondsport!
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Re: Alltime favorite Railroads.
« Reply #32 on: Feb 25th, 2005, 4:39pm »
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Heres mine:
   Erie, needless to say. Rideign steam hauled commuter trains was special to me.
   New York Susquehanna and Western. Watching three RS1s climb Riverside grade in
   N. Paterson,NJ was music to my ears. Pure Alco.
   Delaware, Lackawanna and Western. Remembering 4-8-4s climbing hard as they
   headed west up and around Garret mountain on the west side of Paterson.
   Old, fond memories from an old rail enthusiast.

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Re: Alltime favorite Railroads.
« Reply #33 on: May 29th, 2005, 6:54pm »
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1. MILWAUKEE ROAD-(grandfather was an engineer on the 261-last milwaukee road steam locomotive in service)
2. L&HR- great roster of locomotives
3. NYS&W- also had a great roster of locomotives-espically those alcos
4. L&NE- lovin there style!
5. WISCONSIN CENTRAL- its the feeling of a mediocre sized railroad that i love.
6. DL&W-  eastern PA railroading at its best
7. C&NW- one of the most diversified railroads to ever exsist.
8. NYO&W- in my oponion the most intresting railroad to ever run.
9. LV- enough said!
10. PHILADELPHIA BETHLEHEM & NEW ENGLAND- there roster includes nothing but switchers, you gotta love it!



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Re: Alltime favorite Railroads.
« Reply #34 on: Oct 10th, 2005, 2:55am »
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Other than the first one, there is no particular order;
Number 1   NYC
PRR, NYNH&H, EL, MoPac, CB&Q, Wab,NKP, GN, Rdg, PC, LV, Erie, Conrail,  
I might add that there is NOT a railroad that I don't like (just some I like a little less than others!)
Regards Wes
And I forgot the GM&O

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Wes Harris

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Re: Alltime favorite Railroads.
« Reply #35 on: Oct 16th, 2005, 12:53am »
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Southern-- I grew up on their Asheville-Spartanburg line, home of the legendary Saluda Grade.
Norfolk Southern-- They evolved from the Southern and those big black engines still send chills down my spine.
Clinchfield-- One busy railroad and they cover some very interesting territory
Starting to get an interest in the NKP simply because of that incredible bridge that they have in Cleveland and any road that services Detroit gets honorable mentions in my book.


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Re: Alltime favorite Railroads.
« Reply #36 on: Feb 14th, 2006, 11:12am »
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1. Reading
2. Central Railroad of New Jersey
3. Baltimore & Ohio
4. Pennsylvania
5. Delaware Lackawanna & Western
6. Lehigh & New England
7. New York Susquehanna & Western
8. New York Ontario & Western
9. Lehigh Valley Railroad
10. East Broad Top
11. Philadelphia & Western (Bullet Cars)
12. Lehigh Valley Transit


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Re: Alltime favorite Railroads.
« Reply #37 on: Feb 14th, 2006, 5:20pm »
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Heres mine, not in any particular order:
1) Delaware & Hudson
2) Lehigh Valley
3) Erie Lackawanna
4) Penn Central
5) DL&W
6) Pennsylvania
7) Conrail

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Re: Alltime favorite Railroads.
« Reply #38 on: Feb 22nd, 2006, 9:31am »
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on Feb 14th, 2006, 11:12am, wrg113 wrote:       (Click here for original message)
1. Reading
2. Central Railroad of New Jersey......
....11. Philadelphia & Western (Bullet Cars)
12. Lehigh Valley Transit

I like your tastes!

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Re: Alltime favorite Railroads.
« Reply #39 on: Apr 2nd, 2006, 6:18pm »
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NOPB (New Orleans Public Belt)
To update the hudsonelectric post, the St. Charles Ave. streetcar line was knocked out by hurricane Katrina and may not return to service until 2007.  In the mean time, the St. Charles streetcars are being used on the Canal St. line because the Canal streetcars were all under water for a couple weeks.

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