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The Wabash Photos

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Re: GTL - The Wabash Edition - By Thinkin Lincoln on 05/03/16 at 08:35:05 - 'WAB_Mexico_MO_Bill_Gibson_michaelckelly.net.jpg' 208 KB
Ding, ding, Norm's got it!
Yes, Mexico (originally NEW Mexico), Missouri, circa April 1959
This is a Bill Gibson photo via LINK URL


Re: GTL - The Wabash Edition - By Thinkin Lincoln on 04/26/16 at 13:38:32 - 'WAB-4.jpg' 69 KB
Well, we haven't "G'd" a Wabash "L" in a while here, so let's begin, shall we?
You don't need to go South of the Border to visit this location, and when "New" in 1836, was home of two mid-South railroads in 1858 and 1872 respectfully, and was also known as the shipping point for horses and mules, as it is in it's state's "Bluegrass" belt.


Re: GTL - The Wabash Edition - By J. W. Booth on 02/23/16 at 14:46:29 - 'WAB-3.jpg' 169 KB
No, this is not car floating gone wrong. We're flooded out here, but that's the way it is in this river city.  
I bet though, if you come to my window, that Little Richard, John Lennon and James Brown may come sing you to safety, or at least make your wait for rescue enjoyable.


Re: GTL - The Wabash Edition - By The Raritan Commuter on 01/22/16 at 09:07:48 - 'WAB_Hallsville_1954_Bill_Bunch_coll_missouridepots.com.jpg' 33 KB
Well, ummm, yeah...........
I don't think you could have nailed that one on the head any better!
This is the Wabash's Hallsville, Mo depot in 1954, from the Bill Bunch collection, via missouridepots.com
So my clues were -  
"The branch in this day and age is now owned by a city that is known as the birthplace of three of the state's Govenors and the home of brothers who founded a retail juggernaut, and is run by the city's Water and Light Department."
The City is Columbia, MO, which also lends its name to the branch, as we've already been told! The "retail juggernauts" are the Walton brother of Walmart fame, btw.
And the railroad is owned by the city and known as the Columbia Terminal Railroad -  
"And while the one city at the end of the line shares its name with a certain District, the other end city shares a name with a town on perpetual fire. "
So, Columbia/District of Columbia and Centralia, MO (end of the line) and Centrailia, PA, home of the famous underground coal fire that has been buring for decades, and will continue to do so for decades more -  
LINK URL ,_Pennsylvania
If you're interested in people building scale models of this part of the railroad, check out this link -  


Re: GTL - The Wabash Edition - By Bridge 1A on 01/19/16 at 16:44:25 - 'WAB-2.jpg' 58 KB
Hows this for quaint?
While I can't show you any more right now (but you could show me by guessing correctly) where this was taken, if you make sure you stay north of Columbia of but west of Mexico, you might find this little town somewhere in the middle....And whatever you do, DON'T FEED THE TRIBBLES!


GTL - The Wabash Edition - By Bridge 1A on 01/08/16 at 16:56:41 - 'WAB.jpg' 193 KB
Don't be blue, Canonball fans! It's Normal to want to have some Champaign when visiting Springfield while you try to GTL........


Re: wabash pictures - By Omniboi17 on 11/11/15 at 13:19:01 - 'img_0286_633x844.jpg' 79 KB
Here is one more of the #671.
TeRRy S.


Re: wabash pictures - By Omniboi17 on 11/11/15 at 13:17:32 - 'img_0291_844x633.jpg' 112 KB
The Wabash F7 #671 out at Bellevue has finally been refurbished and repainted.  Colors are accurate.  She's still waiting for the "graphics" to be applied and the roof "side grills" need to be put back on...
TeRRy S.


Re: Cannonball Heavyweights - By OCTLALCO on 08/01/07 at 18:38:53 - 'IMG_7570.jpg' 127 KB
Compare this shot of the inside with one above!


Re: Cannonball Heavyweights - By OCTLALCO on 08/01/07 at 18:34:16 - 'IMG_7569.jpg' 123 KB
Shot of the side.


Re: Cannonball Heavyweights - By OCTLALCO on 07/08/07 at 12:53:19 - '070407_1958a.jpg' 29 KB
And another,


Re: Cannonball Heavyweights - By OCTLALCO on 07/08/07 at 12:50:43 - '070407_1957a.jpg' 34 KB
I recieved these pictures in my inbox the other day and thought I'd share,...  The Wabash 1399 has been  restored by the family in memory of the late owner Lou Adelson. It was dedicated on the 4th of july in Titusville in his memory. (I'm not sure if it is operational yet) also, I'm not "digg'in" the choice of lettering style but none the less it's good to see it repaired and in fresh blue paint!


Re: Ann Arbor/Wabash Cabooses - By CHESSIEMIKE on 01/31/07 at 01:21:04 - 'NW_Caboose_562849_P.jpg' 109 KB
Maybe you can help me with this one. A friend (now deceased) gave me this photo. I have always wondered where in the woods this one is.


Re: Cannonball Heavyweights - By OCTLALCO on 11/08/06 at 10:48:20 - 'IMG_5054.jpg' 260 KB
Wabash #1399 as it sits today.


Re: What If - By towny72 on 09/11/06 at 19:14:59 - 'Uboat_JPG.jpg' 55 KB
One more,,,,,,
God Bless the USA. Never FORGET!


What If - By towny72 on 09/09/06 at 17:01:43 - 'WABASH_1.jpg' 68 KB
Well hmmm photo shop is a great way to think of what our fallen flags might look like today.


Re: Roy Acuff- Wabash Cannonball - By boxcarwillie on 06/28/06 at 12:22:56 - 'RoundHouseSignT.jpg' 11 KB
How About The Golden Rocket!Remember That One Guys!


Re: wabash pictures - By boxcarwillie on 06/27/06 at 19:24:23 - 'wabcbal2.jpg' 67 KB
One Of Many-Wabash Cannonballs-From A Newbie!Willie.


Re: Wabash. Greatest Eastern RR paintstyle? - By towny72 on 06/11/06 at 19:30:00 - 'WABASH.jpg' 67 KB
Only If


Re: Remaining Wabash Stations - By silver_champion on 12/02/05 at 08:43:48 - 'Wabash_station_Pittsburgh_PA-2.jpg' 74 KB
I like old buildings and railroading. When I first saw the picture of the Wabash RR station in Pittsburgh, Pa. I loved it. Where was Wabash RR main offices. Was this station its main office.


Re: Cant Find Pictures of Wabash Station Interior - By hudsonelectric on 08/18/04 at 03:20:12 - 'Wabash_Pittsburgh_Terminal_Interior_Circa_1909.jpg' 65 KB
This is a postcard from my collection showing the interior of the waiting room, circa 1909.


Re: Cant Find Pictures of Wabash Station Interior - By CHESSIEMIKE on 06/21/04 at 12:00:13 - 'Wabash_station_Pittsburgh_PA.jpg' 74 KB
I would love to see some shots of the inside of this station also.  I understand that a fire extensively damaged it in 1946, so the shots should be from before then to see it "as built".  It sure looks great from the outside.  Don't miss the train shed off to the left (curved roof).


Re: Remaining Wabash Stations - By k9eui on 02/25/04 at 16:36:19 - 'forrest2.jpg' 66 KB
Here's another


Re: Remaining Wabash Stations - By k9eui on 02/25/04 at 16:35:11 - 'forrest1.jpg' 52 KB
OK - Sorry to be so late getting back to you Alco83.  Haven't been on here in a while.  Here are a couple of photos of the old Forrest station building as the place looks now. Pretty sad.


Wabash Districts - By dti407 on 12/16/03 at 21:42:10 - 'wab-2.jpg' 6 KB
1st Dist. - Toledo to Montpelier to Peru
2nd Dist. - Peru to Tilton
3rd Dist. - Detroit to Montpelier
4th Dist. - Montpelier to Chicago
5th Dist. - Maumee to New Haven
6th Dist. - Chicago to Forrest
7th Dist. - Forrest to Bement plus Forrest to Streator
8th Dist. - Bement to Sullivan
9th Dist. - Tilton to Decatur plus Sidney to Champaign
10th Dist. - Decatur to Outer Depot (Hannibal)
11th Dist. - Bluffs to Keokuk
12th Dist. - Outer Depot to Moberly
13th Dist. - Decatur to St Louis
14th Dist. - Moberly to St Louis plus Centralia to Columbus
15th Dist. - Moberly to Moulton
16th Dist. - Moulton to Des Moines plus Moulton to Ottumwa
17th Dist. - Moberly to Kansas City
18th Dist. - Brunswick to Stanberry
19th Dist. - Stanberry to Omaha
Districts 1 thru 5 were on the Montpelier Div., 6 thru 11 and 13 on
the Decatur Div., and 12 and 14 thru 19 on the Moberly Div.
Wabash Group: LINK URL


Re: Remaining Wabash Stations - By DT+I 407 on 06/16/03 at 23:38:44 - 'lczoom.jpg' 24 KB
The Maumee & Western runs by the old depot, but it has been moved away from the tracks, right behind the little white shed in the LC photo.  (They're there)  Maybe the depot was moved away from the tracks because the track is in bad condition?    About 20 miles west of LC, the rail says 1903,  but I do not remember the weight.   To give a idea of location, I will attach a map.
I don't know what it is used for now.
General map:  North of LC is Delta, Ohio and the Ohio Turnpike
South: US 24
East: Toledo
Blue line: RR
RR ends just east of town
Old DT&I main crosses west of town


Welcome! - By dti407 on 06/06/03 at 13:17:17 - 'wab.jpg' 6 KB
Welcome to the new Wabash forum!  Anything related to the Wabash is welcome here, from sightings, news, history, modeling, and train simming.  

Photos 1 through 27 of 27 Total