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Topic Summary
Posted by: Matthew_L Posted on: May 18th, 2017, 8:12pm
I went out to greater Buffalo last weekend for a day of train watching. The morning began at TIfft Street, which had plenty of CSX action.  
Eastbound tank train with UP power at Tifft Street:

CSX Q710 approaching Tifft Street, with an SD50-2 leading:

Eastbound CSX intermodal at Tifft Street:

A westbound CSX intermodal (possibly Q165) meets an eastbound intermodal near the Tifft Street bridge:

A complete slide show of the morning action at Tifft Street, including CSX:
I also visited the connection tyo Canada at Black Rock. No trains ran, so all i got were the bridge shots.
Looking east:

Looking west:

All photos in this post and the link were taken by me Friday 5/12/2017 in Buffalo, NY.
Posted by: Matthew_L Posted on: May 18th, 2017, 8:19pm
I went to Lake Avenue in the afternoon.
NS local C88 westbound at GB Diamond:

CSX Q166 must have stopped at Seneca yard, because I caught the train again at Lake Avenue:

NS 106 (extra section of intermodal 206) eastbound on the former Nickel Plate mainline:

A slide show of the action at Lake Avenue, including the going away shots for NS:
All photos in this post and the link were taken by me Friday 5/12/2017 in Blasdell, NY.
Posted by: Matthew_L Posted on: May 18th, 2017, 8:28pm
I also wet back to Tifft Street inthe afternoon for some more fun.
Westbound CSX intermodal:

Westbound CSX auto rack freight:

Eastbound CSX intermodal (probably Q166):

NS lcoal returning to Tfft Street after servicing hamburg:

NS 287 attives as C88 worked the yard:

Westbound NS 287 sported a pair of SD60Es:

The eastbound CSX intermodal (Q166?) at right had stopped to let NS 287 cross CP Draw, and was joined by another CSX intermodal at left:

A slide show of the afternoon action at Tifft Street, including more hots of NS and CSX:
All photos in this post and the link were taken by me Friday 5/12/2017 in Buffalo, NY.
Posted by: Matthew_L Posted on: May 18th, 2017, 8:39pm
This trip ended at Bayview Road, where CSX and NS put on quite the show
Westbound CSX intermodal on Track 1:

Eastbound NS intermodal 206:

Eastbound NS intermodal 22K:

While NS 22K passed to my right, a westbound CSX auto rack freight passed to my left:

Westbound CSX mixed freightt on Track 3:

...with another eastbound CSX intermodal right behind!


Ome more eastbound CSX intermodal on Track 2:

Last but not least, eastbound NS rok train 937:


A slide show of 8 trains at Bayview Road, including zoom and oging away shots:
All photos in this post and the link were taken by me Friday 5/12/2017 in Hamburg, NY. Now that was a fun trip for me, so I hope y'all like these shots, too.
Posted by: Lfire83 Posted on: May 19th, 2017, 7:48pm
Not a bad day railfanning by any standard. Glad to see so many standard cab units still rolling on the mainlines.
Posted by: Matthew_L Posted on: May 21st, 2017, 7:33pm
Agreed. Both CSX and NS use standard cab EMDs frequently in upstate NY for locals and yard jobs. As for road freights, I'm much more likely to see a standard cab EMD on CSX than NS these days. CSX also has a few end cab switchers in the Buffalo area, while NS has none. On the other hand, NS has its own charms (e.g. local C88 out in the 'burbs) that make it a worthwhile experience.
Posted by: Matthew_L Posted on: Aug 10th, 2017, 8:14pm
I was out in western NY 3 weeks ago this evening. CSX and NS run side by side from Hamburg to Dunkirk. I chose the Bayview Road crossing, which is one of my favorite location to railfan in greater Buffalo.
NS 316 heading east on the former NKP mainline:

NS 316 had welded rail flats in the consist:

CSX intermodal heading east, with a classic NYC signal bridge overhead:

For the rest of the action at Bayview Road, please visit this slide show:
All photos in this post and the link were taken by me Thursday 7/20/0217 in Hamburg, NY.