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Making the move to Flickr
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   Making the move to Flickr
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Making the move to Flickr
« on: Aug 17th, 2017, 8:22pm »
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When I made the jump to digital photography 10 years ago, I chose Photobucket as my storage site. They were fairly easy to use and not expensive... until now. Shortly after paying $99 to renew my subscription on Photobucket last month, they sent me a notification about their change in policy. Anyone who wants to do "website hosting" must pay Photobucket $400 per year or the images was no longer hot link. This apparently includes posting images on message boards I don't own... or even administer. That is unacceptable. I will not be blackmailed!    
I began checking around for a new photo hosting site but didn't find anything I really liked. I'd tried Flickr a few years go but disliked the uploader. However, fellow jreb member Callduckfarm (aka Mike) gave Flickr a strong endorsement when I asked for advice on Facebook, so I decided to try Flickr again. Guess what? The photo uploader is much better now. Flickr also gives each use a terrabyte of free photo storage. Therefore, I have begun uploading my photos to Flickr, starting with 2011.  
With that in mind, here is one of the albums I uploaded.
An NS local interchanges with the Buffalo & Pittsburgh RR:  

Speaking of the B&P, their road freight arrived a short time later:

NS 287 utilizes trackage rights on the Buffalo Southern RR:

These photo are part of an album from Tifft Street, which can be viewed at:
All photos in this post and the link were taken by me Friday 7/22/2011 in Buffalo, NY. I'll share more albums from my Flickr account as time permits. Enjoy!  

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Best wishes to all,
Matthew L

moderator- D&H, Erie Lackawanna/Erie and LA&L/B&H/WNYP

P.S. All aboard for the last train to Hammondsport!
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