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The Virginian Photos

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Re: GTL - The Virginian Edition - By The Raritan Commuter on 01/22/16 at 15:35:04 - 'VGN_Covel_WVA_1961_Doug_Wingfield_RP.net.jpg' 263 KB
Ha ha, sometimes I make it too easy!
Here's the "before" shot I promised..........
Photo credits....
1961 shot - Doug Wingfield, railpictures.net
2004 shot - Jack Kuiphoff, railrpictures.net


Re: GTL - The Virginian Edition - By The Raritan Commuter on 01/21/16 at 09:29:53 - 'VGN1b.jpg' 186 KB
I thought I'd post the "after" picture before the "before" picture this time.......
This is an NS train on VGN track. While this location only rates as a CDP (census-designated place), it's located in a county named after a state.


Model of AEVirginian steam power enthusiast may be - By rfrankb on 02/17/07 at 10:13:04 - 'AE.jpg' 268 KB
Virginian steam power enthusiast may be interested in the attached photo that shows a just completed O scale model of an AE. It started as a Locomotive Work Shop kit but by the time it was done it was about 90% parts newly fabricated by me or bought from Precision Scale Co. Its appearance is based on a picture of 807 that was published in the fall 95 issue of Locomotive Quarterly. Only the rear group of drivers is powered and the brass work and painting is crude by comparison to what a professional craftsman would have done. The smoke box looks too fat and the engine measures about a scale foot too high and almost two scale feet too long. And I got carried away by the fun of weathering. But it creates the physical presence that it should what with the biggest boiler ever carried by a steam locomotive. It dwarfs a model of the N&W Y6b and appearing suitably impressive compared to a Big Boy. I have not yet measured the minimum radius; it really isn’t a practical model locomotive unless the layout has a small factory as its site. Does anyone know what the minimum radius was for the real locomotive?  
Ron Bellamy


Virginian Railway Coalfield Seminar Apr 8-9-10 200 - By vaoverland on 03/24/05 at 21:05:28 - 'Coalfield_Seminar_4.jpg' 149 KB
For 3 days, the spectacularly beautiful mountains and valleys of
southern West Virginia near Mullens, WV will be the site of the
Virginian Railway Coalfield Seminar on April 8, 9, & 10, 2005.
Organized by railfriends of the fallen flag Virginian Railway, there
will be 3 days of presentations, discussion and tours of the "Billion
Dollar Coalfield" following alongside the tracks of the Virginian
Railway mainline and the Winding Gulf Branch and the Guyandot River
routes. Additional stops are featured on the Coal Heritage Trail.
There will be a stop at the Beckley Exhibition Mine in order to study
the coal side of West Virginia Railroading and attendees may take the
Underground Mine Tour. Speakers include well-known VGN historians and
Based at Twin Falls State Park, the program is set up to be flexible,
so you can choose your day(s) and events. Lodging nearby is still
available as of March 23.
To learn more details, simply click on the hyperlink at the bottom of
our group page at
or go to this link:
Mark Fisher, co moderator
Virginian Railway (VGN) Enthusiasts Group on Yahoo
P.S. Our Yahoo group is immediately open to new members. Only posting
of messages by new members is moderated.


Re: VGN's Triplex's - By vaoverland on 03/20/05 at 07:30:15 - 'vgn_x-a_1.jpg' 24 KB
The VGN only had one, but that was one more than they ended up wanting. Attached is a shot of the infamous VGN triplex # 700, which was returned to Baldwin and made into the 2 locomotives mentioned earlier.  
Mark Fisher


Re: Roanoke Times Story about Virginian Railway Gr - By vaoverland on 10/18/04 at 04:57:50 - 'Takin20photo2.jpg' 22 KB
About the neat story our guys got in the Roanoke Times, there is a consensus in the group that the reporter, photographer, and composition folks at the newspaper collectively did an outsytanding job on facts and presentation. In addition to the newspaper's photos, we have a sample letter to Norfolk Southern about the Virginian Railway commemorative locomotive request available in our VGN Enthusiasts group FILES section for anyone who may wish to see them and/or write in and add a voice to the request to NS.  
Because the link to the story I posted in the previous message will expire, I am copying the text by Ms. Hattie Brown here. I hope y'all enjoy it as much as we have.  
Mark Fisher, co-moderator, Virginian Railway (VGN) Enthusiasts Group on Yahoo
Roanoke Times - Thursday, October 14, 2004
Takin' Twenty With the Virginian Brethren
At a row of square tables in the back of Country Cookin' restaurant in Southwest Roanoke County, a group of men talked about their younger days working on the Virginian Railway.  
Keith "Slim" Sowder, of Southwest Roanoke, recalled the day in November 1950 when his new Plymouth was unloaded from a boxcar. He later mentioned the time he fell asleep on a bench near where he worked and didn't stir after his co-workers lit a firecracker near him.  
Russell "Slick" Inge, of Salem, shared a story about the derailment of a Norfolk-bound train in Phenix, Va. in the 1950s. Before the train left Roanoke, Inge approved the addition of 10 carloads of coal to the train, which was rarely done. Without the additional cars, the train's cab, which had two men in it, would have run off the trestle and fallen into a creek.  
Hard work. Mishaps. Triumphs. Each story was more outrageous than the next.  
As the night of Sept. 29 wore on, the air grew thick with cigarette smoke and the men's voices grew louder.  
The following week those men would follow the same routine.  
Every Wednesday, 10 to 20 men meet for what they call "Takin' 20" - a term used to describe the 20-minute meal break given to certain railroad employees.  
Over plates covered with cole slaw, mashed potatoes, red gelatin, corn-bread muffins and fruit cobbler, they share their railroad memories and discuss ways to preserve the Virginian Railway's presence in the Roanoke Valley.  
The history of the Virginian Railway and its eventual demise, in some ways, is also the story of their lives.  
The Virginian Railway was made up of the Deepwater and Tidewater railways, which were renamed in 1907. It ran from Deepwater, W.Va., to Sewell's Point in Norfolk and mostly hauled coal. The Virginian was also known for transporting auto parts for a Ford plant in Norfolk and running passenger trains.  
Occasionally, the Virginian would go beyond Deepwater to Charleston, W.Va., using Chesapeake & Ohio and New York Central tracks.  
At least twice in its history, the Virginian had brushes with fame. Mark Twain, a friend of Virginian builder and financier Henry Huttleston Rogers, attended the opening of the Virginian. Then, in October of 1916, Buffalo Bill Cody brought his Wild West show to Roanoke. After his performance, Cody got on the Virginian to ride to Portsmouth for another show. On the way there the train was involved in an accident in Abilene and many of Cody's animals were killed.  
In 1959, Virginian Railway merged with Norfolk and Western Railway. The two railways ran parallel to each other and competed in the coal-hauling business for years. The Virginian track was desirable because it was fairly straight and went by rivers, meaning it followed a gentle slope.  
N&W merged with Southern Railway in 1982 and became Norfolk Southern Corp.  
For years, the men of the Virginian Railway had kept in touch, even after retiring. But about five or six years ago they decided to start meeting at Country Cookin'. As more heard about the group, attendance at the meetings grew.  
"We're just like a big family," said Grover Austin, of Southwest Roanoke County.  
Out of all the men who meet weekly, only two never worked for the Virginian. One of those men, Skip Salmon, leads many of the group's outside projects and has tried to document the men's memories.  
Salmon, who retired from NS on Sept. 1 and has a strong interest in local railroad history, started attending the Takin' 20 meetings in April. At 60, he is younger than most of the attendees but said he still feels at home.  
Salmon, of Southwest Roanoke County, began taking notes at all of the meetings and posts the write-ups on a listserv for Virginian enthusiasts.  
"I enjoy these old guys, the stories they tell," Salmon said. "This is living history. Somebody needs to write this down."  
With the former Virginian Railway employees, talking about the railway is just as important as preserving it.  
The men sell "Friends of the Virginian Railway" T-shirts and collect donations in hopes that one day the former Virginian Railway passenger station in Roanoke can be reopened as a museum.  
The last Virginian train left the passenger station, which sits at Jefferson Street and Williamson Road, in 1956. The station later closed and then reopened as Depot Feed & Seed until a fire in 2001.  
Despite its poor condition because of fire damage, the passenger station is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is considered a treasured landmark among former Virginian Railway employees.  
The Roanoke Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society now owns the station and has plans to restore it to its original state.  
Salmon has already begun collecting items for display if the station is ever renovated and converted into a museum. He has booklets, photos and tons of other memorabilia, including about 40 patches representing many of the police departments in areas where the Virginian ran.  
In addition to creating a museum, many former Virginian Railway employees want to find a special way to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Virginian. They are rallying for NS to paint a locomotive in Virginian colors and run it for a while as a memorial.  
If there's one thing the former Virginian Railway employees look forward to more than weekly meetings, it's the annual trip to Victoria, Va.  
Victoria was a halfway point on the Virginian rail line. A lot of crew changes were made in Victoria, which had a large rail yard and a roundhouse. After the Virginian merged with N&W, Victoria wasn't needed much anymore.  
Every year, a group of former Virginian employees congregates in Victoria to reminisce. This year, about a dozen men from the Roanoke Valley will be heading there Oct. 30.  
Though many of the men went on to work for N&W, they are most nostalgic about their time with the Virginian.  
"It was a no-frills, no-nonsense railroad," Salmon said. "They bought the best equipment. They treated the people really well."


Re: GE EL-C Rectifier Locomotives of 1956-57 - By SSW9389 on 08/30/04 at 11:45:58 - 'VGN135E-33.jpg' 83 KB
Virginia Museum of Transportation is in Roanoke.


The Virginian Railway by H. Reid - By vaoverland on 08/22/04 at 22:48:03 - 'vgngroupaugust2004headerphoto.jpg' 30 KB
The Virginian Railway by H. Reid is THE book for anyone folloing the VGN. I have both and beleive that the first (1961) and second edition (1970) are virtually identical with regards to photo  quality. The easiest way to tell them apart quickly is that the word Virginian is orange on the first edition, with the words The and Railway in white, and its all in white on the second.  I also have a 1980 version (with softcover) and the photos are nowhere near as good. All 3 were purchased used on ebay.  
I hope this is helpful.
Mark Fisher


Re: New book on the VGN RY - By vaoverland on 05/18/04 at 22:48:31 - 'VGN_friends_patch.jpg' 62 KB
I have really enjoyed volume 2. I found that it has lots of detailed information about the VGN diesels, especially the H16-44's, which I haven't read elsewhere. I would recommend it to any VGN fan.  
Mark Fisher, co-moderator
Virginian Railway Enthusiasts group on Yahoo.


Re: New book on the VGN RY - By vaoverland on 11/24/03 at 06:44:22 - 'virginianvol2book01.jpg' 19 KB
Volume 2 is available. I just bought a copy on e-bay.  
Mark Fisher
Virginian Railway Enthusiasts Group on Yahoo


Re: Nice Wall Painting in Mulles WV - By vaoverland on 09/05/03 at 06:27:36 - 'pridemural.gif' 39 KB
here is another angle of the beautiful VGN mural at Mullens, West Virginia.  
Mark Fisher
Virginian Railway Enthusiasts Group on Yahoo


Nice Wall Painting in Mulles WV - By Railroadman on 07/21/03 at 19:43:17 - 'Virginia.jpg' 188 KB
Thought you Virginian Railway fans or any railfan for that matter
might enjoy this picture. It is painted on the side of a brick building
in Mullens WV on Howard avenue.


GE EL-C Rectifier Locomotives of 1956-57 - By vaoverland on 07/12/03 at 01:27:44 - 'vgn_pulling_NRHS_special_in_1957.jpg' 23 KB
In the July 2003 issue of Model Railroader, on page 18-19 there is a  
product review of Bachmannn's HO Spectrum model of the GE EL-C  
locomotive. The article states that there are 3 survivors in museums  
of the original group of 12. Most of these units served under 5 flags, VGN, N&W, New Haven, Pen Central, and Conrail, and were retired around 1981.  
Former VGN-135 is now at the Va. Museum of Transportation in Roanoke. Former VGN-131 is in storage at the Railroad Museum of New England in Connecticut.  
However, I would love to know more about a possible third one. I  
heard a rumor that there was one in Indiana, possibly at a New York Central  
museum, but I have been unable to confirm or obtain any more  
Any info, folks ?  
Yours in VGN,  
Mark Fisher


Virginia Railway Heritage License Plates - By vaoverland on 06/02/03 at 02:09:39 - 'roanoke_chapter_va_license_plate.jpg' 124 KB
RE: Virginia Railway Heritage License Plates
Time is running out. Ken Miller and the Roanoke Chapter folks have been working for many years to get the tags through the legislature and issued, and they are very close, but almost out of time now. Their most recent attention has turned to saving the old VGN Roanoke station, so it would be realy nice if we could help finish this tag project up for them.  
Before June 15, we need to get the final 25 or so signed and paid tag applications submitted to the Roanoke Chapter of the NRHS for the Virginia Railway Heritage license plates to be issued. They are only $10 ($20 if you want a special number).  
To qualify toward the 350 plate goal, we need folks with current Virginia registered license plates and the ability to write a check for $10 (or $20). The single non-registered tags with the words SAMPLE will be available only after the 350 licensed Virginia vehicle minimum is met, and will be available for purchase by anyone in or out of Virginia.  
The form to complete and instructions can be downloaded at from the Virginian Railway Enthusiasts Group site in the files section. The file name is : 1va_rr_heritage_plates_flyer2.pdf
Please email me at vaoverland@aol.com if I can help anyone complete this process. Leave me a telephone number if you would like me to call you back and we'll do it over the phone. Thanks in advance.  
Mark Fisher, moderator
Virginian Railway (VGN) Enthusiasts Group on Yahoo


Re: Victoria Virginia - plans railroad park on old - By vaoverland on 03/21/03 at 00:45:26 - 'Victoria_Turntable.jpg' 18 KB
on Feb 20th, 2003, 7:44pm, trainwatcher1100 wrote:       (Click here for original message)
Mark -
Do you have any photos of the VGN facilities "back in the day"?  It would be interesting to see what the park is commemorating.  Thanks!  -Bob

Also, here is a photo (undated) of the Virginian Railway Turntable from the Victoria photo album of our VGN Enthusiasts Group on Yahoo.  
Mark Fisher, Moderator
Virginian Railway (VGN) Enthusiasts  LINK URL


Re: Victoria Virginia - plans railroad park on old - By vaoverland on 03/21/03 at 00:43:07 - 'Victoria_Roundhouse.jpg' 18 KB
As requested, here is a better photo (undated) of the Virginian Railway Roundhouse from the Victoria photo album of our VGN Enthusiasts Group on Yahoo.  
Mark Fisher, Moderator
Virginian Railway (VGN) Enthusiasts  LINK URL


Re: Victoria Virginia - plans railroad park on old - By vaoverland on 03/01/03 at 20:55:05 - 'A_vgn_group_header_february_2003.jpg' 182 KB
I have posted your phot request for our group/


Re: Victoria Virginia - plans railroad park on old - By vaoverland on 03/01/03 at 20:44:55 - 'victoria_va_aerial_1952.jpg' 33 KB
here is an aerial from around 1952. the roundhouse and turntable were in lower left center. I;ll see if we can get some better photos from the Victoria members of our VGN Enthusiasts Group
Mark Fisher, Moderator
Virginian Railway (VGN) Enthsuiasts


Victoria Virginia - plans railroad park on old VGN - By vaoverland on 02/20/03 at 18:06:48 - 'IM000801.jpg' 24 KB
A park with historical interpretations of roundhouse and turntable sites is under development in Victoria VA.  
The town was the division point between Roanoke VA and Sewalls Point (Norfolk) on the VGN, which was completed in 1909. The name Victoria was chosen in honor of Queen Victoria of England, who was greatly admired by the VGN's founder, Henry Huttleston Rogers.  


UPDATE: Roanoke VA Virginian Passenger Station - By vaoverland on 01/30/03 at 04:18:40 - 'endangrd_05.jpg' 8 KB
A longtime dream of VGN enthusiasts is coming true:
--- In VirginianRailwayEnthusiasts@yahoogroups.com, Chad Jordan  
<caj_611@y...> wrote:
Norfolk Southern has officially donated the former
Virginian Railway Passenger station in Roanoke to the
Roanoke Chapter of the National Railway Historical
Society. This is a mile stone in the efforts to save
the building from the wrecking ball. Work sessions
will be scheduled in the future after all the paper
work and things or that nature are finished and I will
post updates. Hopefully before long, people in Roanoke
will not say, "What's the Virginian Railway". Special
note, the news release was today, the anniversary of
the fire that damaged the building 2 years ago today
and also anniversarysart of the last regular scheduled
Virginian passenger train to leave the station 47
years ago today. Looking forward to seeing the
building returned to her former glory!
Yours in VGN,
Chad Jordan
Roanoke Chapter NRHS


Re: Princeton Lines - By Railroadman on 01/23/03 at 11:19:24 - 'Virginia_307.jpg' 96 KB
I live about 20 miles from Mullens WV and they have
one of the few Virginia cabooses left.
It was painted back in October and
made into a railroad museum. The picture
does not really do justice. You would
have to see it in person. It is on the corner
of I believe second street and Howard Ave.


Class SA #4 0-8-0 - By CHESSIEMIKE on 10/31/02 at 11:18:07 - '2nd_Virginian_4_0-8-0.jpg' 143 KB
Built by Baldwin in 1910, this engine was donated to the town of Princeton W. Va. in May of 1957.  
I understand that it is the only Virginian steam engine left.  
Photo was taken on Oct. 20, 1984


Re: EL-C rectifier's - By vaoverland on 09/28/02 at 05:18:14 - '200204051419428624.gif' 222 KB
It may not be widely known, but 2 of the 12 GE rectifiers bought new by the VGN have apparently survived. Of course, VGN-135, later NW-235, NH-304, PC-4604, and CR-4604 is back at Roanoke as VGN-135 at the Virginia Museum of Transportation. We recently learned that VGN-131 (aka NW-231,  NH-301, PC-4601, and CR-4601 is at the Railraod Museum of New  England with plans to be restored to NH-301. Everyone here is welcome to check out our Virginian Railway Enthusiasts group on Yahoo at this url:  
MARK FISHER in Richmond


Coal Hopper - By CHESSIEMIKE on 06/09/02 at 16:39:36 - 'VGN_27109.jpg' 54 KB
The last Virginian car I saw in service!  
Lamberts Point yard, November 26, 1983
Never did see a "Battleship Hopper".


Re: PW-2 Car - By CHESSIEMIKE on 06/09/02 at 16:12:47 - 'Wabash.jpg' 85 KB
Found it!
Same bat time, same bat siding  


PW-2 Car - By CHESSIEMIKE on 06/03/02 at 21:51:58 - 'Virginian_PW-2.jpg' 111 KB
Imagine my suprise at finding this pulp wood car on a sideing in Suffolk VA on Aug. 20, 1983!  
I had to ask "How long has THAT railroad been gone?"  
Then I looked at the car next to it and asked "What are the chances of this happening again?"
We will need another "Fallen Flag" forum for me to post that photo!  


Re: EL-C rectifier's - By Robbman on 04/12/02 at 10:55:07 - 'cr4605.jpg' 64 KB
Last, but not least, is Conrail.


Re: EL-C rectifier's - By Robbman on 04/12/02 at 10:53:41 - 'pc4604ags.jpg' 66 KB
When the Penn Central was forced to take the NH under it's wing, ownership was transfered once again.  Anybody know what year this was, I'm thinking 1969.


Re: EL-C rectifier's - By Robbman on 04/12/02 at 10:37:07 - 'nh29.jpg' 53 KB
When electrification ended in 1962, the EL-C's went to the New Haven, where they pulled something other than coal.  ( VGN hauled very little freight )  One irony, Henry Huddleston Rogers, the man behind the VGN, worked for the Old Colony Railroad in his younger days.   The Old Colony was later merged into the New Haven.


Re: EL-C rectifier's - By Robbman on 04/12/02 at 10:33:20 - 'vgn24.jpg' 39 KB
Only one EL-C was repainted into N&W.


EL-C rectifier's - By Robbman on 04/09/02 at 09:41:56 - 'vgn135ags.jpg' 59 KB
Bachman is producing these in HO later this year as part of their Spectrum series.

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