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Topic Summary
Posted by: Dennis Dalla-Vicenza Posted on: Jul 28th, 2017, 3:19pm
Would you be complacent or even comfortable if the ICF were disbanded and the E & N was put up for sale to the highest bidder? No matter where you look we have politicians, people and groups giving lip service to the E & N rebuild but nothing gets done. Rumours abound that the Washington Group would buy the entire line in a heartbeat but have just never been given the chance. After ten years of ICF leadership the railway has denigrated to a silly joke and we still only get lip service. The feds hold the keys and its time they started to rejuvenate the railway by not continuing to be a major roadblock to its success. I think I can count on my one intact pinky finger all the people I know who think the ICF is doing a great job.  
Posted by: ENR3005 Posted on: Jan 8th, 2018, 1:56am
I try not to bite at these type of threads, however I too have grown frustrated with the political woes we have seen since the E&N was transferred. The E&N should have been offered up to the province as a whole and maintained and protected by the province much like BC Rail's right of way instead of the current system where you have various groups and individuals angling for their own personal gain. A lease operator (hopefully selected with better discretion then the BC Rail take over) could then be given a realistic chance of turning the line back into a real railroad operation. Many models of this exist in the states such as the Vermont Rail System which has slowly evolved from nothing on leased abandoned rails from the government. What has happened to the E&N in my eyes is more criminal than what happened with BC Rail and I am sure in the years to come there will be some nice juicy fairy tales of how the E&N was allowed to wither and die.  The real truth is that none of the parties involved know anything about railroading which has been obvious to any reader of this forum for the past decade.
Posted by: Dennis Dalla-Vicenza Posted on: Jan 23rd, 2018, 6:25pm
I am so disgruntled with what is going on that I even annoy myself. There are three or four Canadian operators out their looking for new places to develop or places to set up an overabundance of equipment. One of the persons who at one time expressed an interest to operate on the E & N has now set up permanently in rural Manitoba and is doing well there. The one site on Facebook is devoid of having anyone with railroad experience left posting there. A gentleman I met when I lived in Victoria who was employed by RA has quit posting for the most part. Denise and I ran into him and his lady when we were in Kingsman Arizona and had lunch with them at the Route 66 Cafe. He is amazed that the governments have not ousted the ICF board in total and appointed people with the proper knowledge to try to reintroduce rail options. I think this issue may have already surpassed its best by date.
Posted by: cn2220 Posted on: Feb 14th, 2018, 5:34pm
The only serious bids you would get would be for scrap value. The ICF badly needs a shake up and the governments need to act on the promised $$.
Posted by: Dennis Dalla-Vicenza Posted on: Feb 15th, 2018, 2:54am
Tyler, to the best of my knowledge there were operational offers from tourist rail outfits. They wanted to run equipment they already owned and they thought a train on the Island would be a money maker. As it stands now the only outfit left running trains on the Island is being paid to run it by Port Alberni council and they are not totally qualified to be doing what they are doing. Ways and means are never thought of as every time they run out of funds they go to council to request more.
Posted by: Aaron Lypkie Posted on: Feb 19th, 2018, 1:41pm
Posted by: Dennis Dalla-Vicenza Posted on: Feb 20th, 2018, 12:40pm
Strange that everyone wants to save the E & N but nobody does a damn thing but sit on their computers and SJW it all the time.  Being an SJW is fine and dandy when you are saving the world; or at least thinking you are, but when it comes down to hard and fast none of you show up for meetings, rallies or whatever that are held around the island.  
Pretending to support the ICF is so far being futile because Graham et al know how to deal with ass kissers. You just tell them what they want to hear, explain what good little railfans they are and then send them on their way assuring them all along that things are progressing. So far the only thing I see progressing is Granake bank accounts.  
There is much angst on Facebook about what is going down but whenever facts are presented that the people attending these sites don't like they just start a new forum and denying membership to such new sites to people who work in reality and don't have any reason to even pretend to be an SJW. You get lots of lip service from sites presenting a one sided image of the support they have but in reality the powers that be know they have suckers on the hook and suckers only bottom feed so they are easy to placate.  
There are people who attend meetings trying to fathom a way to get the E & N up and running and even these people have internal issues and even though the route they are following is not my cup of tea, I at least get out to the meetings and offer what little support I can.  
I have quit posting on the SJW sites for the most part because instead of fighting the rail trail bicycle advocates they somehow think that these people will magically get funding for the E & N right of way and they actually do get the funding. But the funding is for their own nefarious causes and they really could give a ratzz azz about the railroad.
Posted by: Aaron Lypkie Posted on: Mar 7th, 2018, 10:16pm
I have actually tried to attend meetings and public events, in fact I helped set up many here in Victoria over the years. When I went back to college my hands were tied and it limited my involvement at least in person. Once the meetings moved up island I wasn't able to attend. I have been interviewed on several radio and tv news shows, written letters to the editors on several occasions. I had to find other ways to get involved. Over the past few years I have had people personally make jabs at me online. I am now married and have a daughter, so I am not able to get out as much. I don't know about everyone else, but I am trying to do my part.  
I am this close to giving up on all this BS. I am just tired of the crap that is going, tired of trying to put out political and personal fires. No matter what I do, I get sh*t for it.
Posted by: Dennis Dalla-Vicenza Posted on: Mar 8th, 2018, 3:41am
Three years and eleven moths ago we had the greatest April Fools joke ever perpetrated on the railfans of Vancouver Island. We were assured that the VIA people had finally ratified a deal with the ICF. In less than a month we will see the fourth anniversary of that debacle and yet we still have people claiming the ICF is doing a good job.  
Having bike advocates as partners in this rail resurgence will only get us more bicycle lanes and trails. They could give a ratzz about the rail side of things and placate the rail aficionados with meaningless assurances of all the help they will give. Its time to look at the funding as it is coming down. The trails groups have garnered enough new money to have rebuilt the E & N one end to the other, an as yet we haven't got a dime for the railroad.  
Time to wake up and see the bear people.