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We need to include everyone in the discussion of rail.
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   We need to include everyone in the discussion of rail.
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   Author  Topic: We need to include everyone in the discussion of rail.  (Read 108 times)
Aaron Lypkie
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We need to include everyone in the discussion of rail.
« on: Oct 27th, 2016, 6:43pm »
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Well I will be posting more on here more often. As a graphic artist I sell the idea if rail through my renderings. I know Facebook isnt popular with everyone, which is why I try to post on all mediums. The future and topic of the E&N is interesting. You see support for the E&N was high with the train running but with the train not running there is growing question of its viability. Now you all know where I stand, I see a future in passenger rail (whether that happens or not remains to be seen).  
One thing to add, is I see there is a small segment that 'hate cyclists' and yes there is a small group of cycling fanatics that are pushing for the rails to be ripped up. You see Facebook and other online forums have many non rail supporters who should be approached and convinced on the positives of rail. It's easy for us as rail fans to say yes we should spend money on this railway and yes we will ride it. But the key to getting support is not from other rail fans but from the general public.
Case in point, several cyclists at first that I have encountered were sceptical to the idea of rail and instead of bashing them, I took another route and included them in the discussion. They have become more supportive of having a corridor that includes rail and trail
Will this help in saving this railway? Who knows, but we have to try something.  
Public perception can be powerful and we need to change it if we are ever to save the E&N.
Long Live the E&N.

Dennis Dalla-Vicenza

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Re: We need to include everyone in the discussion of rail.
« Reply #1 on: Oct 31st, 2016, 2:26am »
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The support for the E & N is faltering and its a twofold prgression of events,.  
1) The ICF is falling on its collective face and has lost all credibility with their outright bullcrap reports of forthcoming pending events, signed deals and the return of VIA. They have almost totally killed the E & N with their untimely claims, stupid threats of law suits, and the silly charges the forced onto municipalities for crossing improvements.  
2) the only thing more incorrigible that the ICF bull was the unmitigated and foolish support of local politicians giving this bogus entity their support and claiming they were doing a good job. The people were not fooled and knew the politicians up and down the line were greasing their own ambitions with their support of the ICF.  The people saw through the ruse and slowly let their support for rail ebb.


Never known for Political Correctness
& far from a tag words cut and paste artist.
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