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Raven Coal proposal killed
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   Raven Coal proposal killed
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Dennis Dalla-Vicenza

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Re: Raven Coal proposal killed
« Reply #20 on: Apr 11th, 2017, 7:32pm »
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on Apr 11th, 2017, 5:59pm, George_Harris wrote:       (Click here for original message)
Being who we are and our interests we have taken this issue as it relates to the railroad, however undoubtably of far more significance to the people of the island is the disappearance of some 350 jobs that would last some 20 plus years.   The railroad would employ some 20 more or less jobs for the same time period (2 to 3 train crews plus some number of maintenance people for track and equipment)
As I continue to say, all these "don't build anything anywhere" people must believe that people don't need to work or otherwise do anything useful to have an income. That is they do not have any acquaintance with reality, and IMHO should not be allowed to be loose without a keeper.  Sorry, we are not all independently wealthy and even if we were, someone would have to do the necessary for these independently wealthy to eat, have a roof over our heads and all the other things needed for normal living.
I have no sympathy for them.
You have to know also that the three movers and shakers of this fiasco with killing Raven Coal were a bunch of egotists. One has a job that is 100% funded by provincial tax money. One has a husband whose business is bout 95% funded by federal tax money and lots of it and the third is a retired tar sands employee who has a pension which was funded 100% by the oil industry.  
At some point in time people will have to be informed about these nitwits and start to think for themselves. Swe are again approaching another provincial election and the local yokel councilor is already berating the candidate for one party because he believes in a strong business presence on the Island. The bofo councilor thinks we can have a strong freight presence on the Island without the necessity of industry. I wonder at what he was taught in school because smarts wan't bhigh on the curriculum.  

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