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Topic Summary
Posted by: EMTRailfan Posted on: Apr 7th, 2007, 11:20am
I may be staying with my brother-in-law a week or so this summer in Ft. Worth.  I researched to see what rail lines are located near by, and to my surprise, he has (I think) a UP line in walking distance of his house.  He is located right along I-35W on the west side and a few miles south of the I-820 interchange.  I also noticed another line that parallels the above mentioned line to the west within a mile which I think is BNSF.
Am I correct on which lines these are?  If not, please correct me.
What AAR channels would be of interest for me to monitor these 2 lines?
How frequent is travel on these lines?
What are the line division/route names for both?
Many thanks in advance!!!
Posted by: zwsplac Posted on: Apr 7th, 2007, 7:15pm
I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on Texas, so I resorted to some mapwork. There are two lines like you stated. THe westernmost of them is the BNSF line to Temple, Tx, the easternmost is UP to Waco. The UP appears to be the busier of the two, but I've heard the Temple line is well used. Other than that, I have no idea about your other questions!
Posted by: George_Harris Posted on: Apr 9th, 2007, 12:24am
Can we assume that you are south of Ft. Worth.  I35 crosses I820 twice.  Once north of town and once south of town, buth the south crossing I820 and I20 are together.  "A few miles" south of the north side crossing puts you about in the middle of the city.  A few miles south of the south crossing is more in suburban territory.  this seems to be a better fit with your description.
The UP line is the original MKT between Ft. Worth and Waco.  This segment has been combined with a portion of the former MoPac's International Great Northern line from Houston to form the Ft. Worth Subdivision of the Dallas / Ft. Worth Area.  My info is based on the ETT dated December 9, 2001.  The Subdivision runs from Valley Junction to Tower 55 in Ft. Worth.  Since takeover of it by the UP, the MKT portion has been remileposted, which is normally a fairly rare event.  When this was done the direction of increasing mileposts was reversed.  Zero is at Spring TX, just north of Houston, Waco Jct. is at 165.9, which is where the IGN part ends and the MKT part begins.  This point was 842.1 on the MKT mileposting.  Tower 55 is at 250.9 in the current mileposting.  Speed limit is 60 mph.  Signalling is CTC.  The first siding south of Ney Yard is Wrenn, mileposts 234.3 to 244.8, length 7,626 feet.  
The BNSF line is the former Santa Fe main (Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe in Texas) to Houston and Galveston.  It was the route of the Texas Chief, and between Ft. Worth and Temple is currently used by the Texas Eagle.  It is the ft. Worth Subdivision of the Texas Division, based on the BNSF ETT of January 20, 2002.  The subdivision extends from Gainesville (mp 411.3) to Tower 55 (mp 345.6) to Cleberne -TE stops (mp 317.5) to Temple - TE stops (mp 218.1)  Zero is at Galveston.  Speed limits are 79 mph for passenger trains and 55 mph for freight trains.  The line is also single track, CTC signals.
Posted by: EMTRailfan Posted on: Apr 15th, 2010, 3:33pm
Wow!!!  3 years ago, I made this thread.  Well, I will be at the same location in the middle of May.  I spent a lot of time track side in the mornings before everyone else was awake.
While I was there, I visit the Ft. Worth Intermodal Center one day and watched all 3 Amtrak trains come in, as well as TRE trains.  I could see Tower 55 in the distance.
I see numerous photos on railpictures.net from Tower 55.  Is there a "legal" way to get closer to it like in the angles of the photos that I mentioned.  Also, I have noticed overhead photos at Tower 55.  What bridge are these photos taken from?  The only thing I can figure is that close is the "Mixmaster", and I am almost certain that that is not where these photos are from.
Thanks for everyone's help.