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(Message started by: Straphanger 57 on Apr 19th, 2018, 11:53pm)

Title: Tren Urbano (San Juan)
Post by Straphanger 57 on Apr 19th, 2018, 11:53pm

The other evening, while watching the news, I saw passengers being evacuated from a stalled Tren Urbano train in San Juan, when the island was hit with another massive power failure.

Until then, I had totally forgotten that San Juan did have some sort of rapid transit operation.

From what I have read, there is only one line currently in operation, although several other lines had been planned in the past.

What is the future for this operation?

Are there any signs that any of the proposed new lines will ever be built?

Appreciate any input....thank you in advance......

"Straphanger 57"

Title: Re: Tren Urbano (San Juan)
Post by George_Harris on Apr 23rd, 2018, 12:38am
Don't know why Straphanger 57 is a former member.  Forgot about the San Juan system until his post, but I know someone that worked on it during its construction.
Here is a little info about the system:
It is 10.7 miles long, has 16 stations and is shaped much like a capital "L" lying on its back.  Its history is more or less typical of the glacial pace at which rail transit systems come into being:
First proposed - 1967
"Islands organizations made it official" whatever that means - 1989
Funding approved - 1993
Service began - December 17, 2004
37 years!!!  If you are into instant gratification you do not get involved in rail transportation.

There are maps showing future extensions but it appears that these extension have neither schedule nor funding.

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