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Topic Summary
Posted by: Ronal_Fadillah_IRF Posted on: Apr 12th, 2018, 4:36am
Commuter SUPOR or Commuter Surabaya-Porong're commuter train from Area Operation 8 Surabaya Indonesia National Railways Ll Co, serve a Surabaya Kota-Porong destination. Everyday Commuter SUPOR use trainset primemover shapped and MCW302 or Indonesia DMU type, for MCW302 trainset type use serial number
K2 3 82 04(moving from Solo Balapan depots)
K2 3 82 21(like 82 04)
K3 3 87 07(Moving from Surabaya Pasarturi depots)
K2 3 82 08(like 82 21 and 82 04)
K3 3 82 12(status isn't clear)
Especially AC trainset or Indonesia DMU trainset type, use a Jenggala's trainset. You already know what Jenggala train is, with serial number K3 3 13 01-04 or 05-08.
With transit place
1. Surabaya Gubeng
2. Ngagel(for noon and night journey
3 Wonokromo
4. Margorejo-Kertomenanggal(for noon, night journey, and morning journey from Porong direction)
5. Waru(like Margorejo-Kertomenanggal plot, noon and night)
6. Sawotratap-Banjarkemantren(like Margorejo-Kertomenanggal plot, noon and night journey)
7. Gedangan(like Margorejo-Kertomenanggal plot, noon and night journey)
8. Buduran-Pagerwojo(like Margorejo-Kertomenanggal plot, noon and night journey)
9. Sidoarjo
10. Tanggulangin(like Margorejo-Kertomenanggal plot, noon and night journey)
11. Porong
Information :
Ngagel, Margorejo, Jemursari, Kertomenanggal, Sawotratap, Banjarkemantren, Buduran, Pagerwojo're shelters station shapped with a tickets counter position a wide range
fllw as :  
High position : Pagerwojo, Buduran, Kertomenanggal
Low position : Margorejo, Jemursari, Sawotratap, Banjarkemantren
They're the fleet
K2 3 82 08(sponge chair), face to face chair position and half longitudinal(near doors), yellow chair color

K2 3 82 04, like 82 04, darkblue chair color

K3 3 87 01, longitudinal chair, whiteivory chair color

K3 3 82 12, like 87 01, but His chair color're orange

K2 3 82 21, like 82 : 08, 04, but the chair design're like a plane

It's look colorfull are yet? That's why try a Indonesia train, Any openvoice if you country have train with a shelters station shape or colorfull fleet?