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Topic Summary
Posted by: 565fan Posted on: Apr 24th, 2016, 9:20pm
Steamtown was rather late in getting their schedules online this year, due to some delays in agreements with some of the partner communities.  Then, the NPS decided to revamp all of their websites to be up to the new system in time for National Park Week.  Only during the week, was Steamtown's schedule uploaded.  
The train schedule was listed as individual events on Facebook in March, but a lot of people don't seem to give Facebook the credence that a website has.  Paper schedules are available at the park, or if you call (570) 340-5204.
The first excursion this year is a train on Mother's Day.  Like last year, the tickets are sold by the Radisson Lackawanna Station hotel, and are part of a buffet-traintrip package.  The same goes for Father's Day.  
Regular excursions this year are going to Moscow, Gouldsboro, Tobyhanna, Cresco, East Stroudsburg and Delaware Water Gap on the Pocono Main.  
On the Carbondale line, the train heads to Dickson City, Olyphant, and Jessup for special festivals.  
Also, the Lackawanna Heritage Valley Authority is operating the Heritage Explorer in August to Carbondale.
Posted by: 565fan Posted on: May 8th, 2016, 11:17pm
Excursion number 1 for 2016 is now in the books.  I did not get a photo of the train on the line, due to work related issues, but I did get a photo of the power for the Mother's Day Buffet train, which left the Radisson for Moscow and back.

Just as Baldwin 26 backed into place for the Nay Aug Gorge Limited trains, C420 414 pulled forward to get her consist for the day.  

Here is Conductor Andy waving with the crowd to the photographer, Kenny Ganz, aboard the train.  This is right before boarding.  
Here is a YouTube video taken today of both trains shuffling through Nay Aug Park.https://youtu.be/aalRKpWXmNc
Posted by: 565fan Posted on: May 17th, 2016, 8:41pm

Back on the railroad... This past Saturday, Steamtown took part in National Train Day by running an excursion to Moscow. Around 100 people rode the train.  Here she is crossing at Myrtle Street.  

Get Outta My Way!



I'm hoping this year is as varied as last season.  It has been a while since DL painted a new engine.  Maybe something is in the works.
Posted by: 565fan Posted on: May 17th, 2016, 9:01pm
While in Moscow, I went looking for some new photo angles.  These are of the runaround move.  The 4-car train does not pull far past the station.  

Now, coming forward on the passing siding.

The Underpass where PA 690, Market Street, crosses under the tracks has a new mural.  

Now, getting in place to prepare to return to Scranton.
Posted by: 565fan Posted on: May 23rd, 2016, 11:26pm
Another weekend is over, and the trains keep rolling along.  Here is the line-up from Saturday, May 21st's excursion.  

C425 2452 led C420 405 on the trip.  

It was a repeat of 2015's Inbound run from Tobyhanna to Scranton to watch the Armed Forces Parade. It became a sold out train, when the NEPA Council of the Boy Scouts saw that it was the same weekend as their camporee.  Over 300 scouts and over a dozen counselors took the train in as part of earning their Railroading patch.  This is not as easy to get as it once was, and that is why so many scouts jumped in on the chance.  
Here we catch the 4:00 PM departure, returning to Tobyhanna.

Posted by: 565fan Posted on: Oct 24th, 2016, 10:57am
I haven't been keeping up with Railfan.net much lately, but the season is slipping away quickly.  Our final excursion to the Poconos for the Fall is this coming Saturday, October 29.  A Halloween party will take place in Ghouls-booro when the train arrives.  
Steamtown will also have a Spooky Spectacular on both Saturday and Sunday in the park.  Saturday is more for kids.  There will be a "trick or train" treasure hunt for children to find goodies in the museum complex.  
Sunday will have Edgar Allen Poe on board the Scranton Limited trains, along with Dan Yeager, who starred as Leatherface on Texas Chainsaw 3D.  This is a repeat of last year's very successful Halloween fest.
At night on both Saturday and Sunday, we host a Roundhouse of Terror with scary scenes in the roundhouse.  Tickets are sold through the Lackawanna Historical Society.  (570)344-3841.
Posted by: 565fan Posted on: Mar 9th, 2017, 8:53am
2016 remained an interesting year for excursions, although we learned quite a few things from past years that we could use to improve the experience, plus drop a few trips that just don't sell.  

One train excursion that is taking off is the Troop Train, which runs on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  Destination is Jessup, PA at the entrance of the Fireman's Picnic.  C420 no. 405 led the excursion on that day.  

Conductor Mike Rinkunas and his trainman Tom Skrutski prepare to board the folks for the trip.  

War is hell, and it takes a toll on its soldiers.  However, with senior management being so experienced, we can guarantee that our boys return home safe and sound.  

We have arrived!  There is no train station at the location, so we had to rough it to get to the picnic.  

An invader has captured our train!  Actually, that is VIP Matt Stegura posing on the prow of 405.

Taking the long trail home.  

One last shot before we head back to camp.
Posted by: 565fan Posted on: Mar 9th, 2017, 9:20am
The next trip I was able to document was the Father's Day excursion to Moscow.  Like the Mother's Day train, this was promoted in conjunction with the Radisson, with a brunch.  Pick-up of the families was at the station.  We staged another wave photo.  

F3 no 664 was back in excursion condition by mid-June, and ready to pose with riders when we arrived at Moscow.  


Posted by: 565fan Posted on: Mar 9th, 2017, 9:46am
My next time "up the hill" was in late July, with an excursion to Cresco, PA.  Big power was all that was available, since the pre-selected D-L engine was not able to make a brake test, IIRC.  

This became the only train to be led by a 6-axle unit  No. 3642 is perhaps the first locomotive delivered to Penn Central.  It was ordered by the Pennsylvania Railroad, and by the time it was delivered in 1968, the railroad was merged with the New York Central.  Tom Skrutski walks the train into the platform.  

Cresco station. Now cared for by the Barrett Township Historical Society.

An interesting array of toy trains are experienced at the station.

Before the bridge of PA 191 was constructed (seen in background) the road crossed right by the station.  This watchman's shanty has been recreated by the historical society, and is getting some repair.  

On sunny days, an antique auto show is displayed.  Nice collection of 20th Century motoring.

On this day, Ted Satterthwaite performed his folk/rock songs to keep the folks entertained.  

Conductor John Sheerin rides the pilot as the train pulls in for re-boarding.
Posted by: 565fan Posted on: Mar 9th, 2017, 10:27am
It's now early August, 2016, and we are making another run to Moscow, PA.  The Moscow Country Fair has come back, but now as a street fair in town. A longer layover allowed people to walk around and take part in the sights and sounds.  

Former D&H RS3 no 4118 was the locomotive for this trip.

I wasn't the only one who liked this shot.

The train crew jumped on board for this group photo. On the locomotive, left to right, Chris Labar, Dr. Marty Hyzinski and Tom Shore.  On the ground, Andy Ottinger, Jim Benetzky, John Sheerin and Tom McNamara.
The Interpretation crew for the day, left to right, Andrew Giardina, Randall Kasorek, Zachary Clark and Tim O'Malley. Photo by Chris Labar.

Tent parking.  Some of the wares available for sale that day.  


Some of Moscow's history is on display at the underpass. Featured on this mural is the train station and CP 2317. or an unreasonable facsimile.  

The entire mural.  

One of the bands playing in town.  

You could even take a walk inside a hot air balloon.  This one is no longer in commission.  The huge fan inflated the balloon partially to make for this scene.

Everyone back on board!  Time to take this puppy home.
Posted by: 565fan Posted on: Mar 9th, 2017, 11:10am
Now in late August.  No boarding of the excursion to Cresco until the Nay Aug Gorge limited clears the track.  Longer trains on the D-L have been parked on the mall siding, so Steamtown is more of a single track railroad than in past years.  


Around the time we arrived in Cresco, the rain started. A great summer rain where you don't mind so much since you aren't very cold.  Engineer Tom Shore picks up a snack before the train heads to the run-around location a half mile away.  Also in the yellow safety vest is trainman Andrea Dreyfus.

This train also brought along the Lehigh Valley RR business car no. 353.  

Music hath charms that soothe the stage breast.  Some bluegrass helped to keep the people cheered.

A nice cool treat for a warm day.  They seem to have the best ice cream at the Cresco depot.  

Some old toys to play with, if you don't like the bluegrass so much.  

There really is some history in the station, too.  

Roaring back to the station is the train.  D-L's no. 405 headed west,along with F3 664.

One long horn blast at the stop, and time for re-boarding.  

"Watch your step, please."  Andrew Giardina was in the role of park ranger for a few weeks into Railfest in 2016.  Conductor Larry Scucci checks for any missing riders.
Posted by: 565fan Posted on: Mar 9th, 2017, 11:28am
Long trains returned to the line, finally, in October.  After some traction motor work on the F3, performed in mid summer, made her perfect for the mainline again.  She also brought along RS3 no. 1554 for the trip to Gouldsboro.  We see the train from the other side of Snag Pond on the approach to the station.


I brought along the telephoto lens, too, to get this shot.

There was a light rain, but heavy fog that day.  Here is the train at the Gouldsboro station.  

Posted by: 565fan Posted on: May 16th, 2017, 12:02am

It's now Marathon weekend, and Baldwin 26 becomes no. 26.2 in honor of the distance being run by people in the Steamtown marathon.  We hope to keep this an on-going tradition.
And yet another excursion pulls into the boarding platform.  Today's destination is Tobyhanna, PA.  RS3 no 1554 leads the train.

And just like that, we are at the station.  



Among the features of Tobyhanna that attracts people are the toy train and model layouts.  Here is one, in N scale:  

Now, over to the HO layout:  

Now, time for a walk.  We are heading out to the Mill Pond no. 1 where ice is harvested in the winter, paying tribute to the generations of men who cut ice from the lakes in the Poconos to ship the blocks to New York City and Newark.  

Featuring another visit to the Ice House boxcar dating to about 1905.

And our arrival back at Steamtown, posing right alongside the D-L freight that sat in the yard all day.
Posted by: 565fan Posted on: May 16th, 2017, 12:06am
The following Saturday, October 15, I was trying to find a unique location to catch the 1:00 train to Moscow.  There were 2 trips that day, with one being for an autism awareness group, and a later departure for the regular train.  
As it turned out, the "later" train departed "on time," meaning at 12:30.  Communication at STEA is not the greatest between divisions. So I caught this "grab shot" of 1554 and cars between Myrtle Street and Ash Street in Scranton.  
Posted by: 565fan Posted on: May 17th, 2017, 12:20am
The next day, October 16, it was an early start to run to the Delaware Water Gap station. John Sheerin walks the train into the boarding platform.  

Arriving at the station, Lehigh Valley business car 353 carries the markers.  

The Interpretation crew hike up the road to town.  Left to right, we have Bob Patterson, Blake Ferro, Caroline Dann, Matt Segura, Kenny Ganz, Joe Tibaldi and Aiden Schafer.  

There is still a lot of green in the trees in the Gap this time around.

The train is back in the station, and so are we.  Re-boarding will begin soon enough.  

If we follow the Delaware River a few miles south, we would be at the location where the Jersey Central enters Pennsylvania, in Easton.  

A weather related problem, caused by leaves in the air intake, slowed the train down on the return, and as a result we needed to wait in Cresco for the D-L mechanic to take care of any problems the locomotive had.  We had a later than usual arrival in Scranton, around 6:30.  This made our view of Larsen Lake in Gouldsboro available.  

Posted by: 565fan Posted on: May 18th, 2017, 12:45pm
October 23 was my final excursion of the regular season, which does not count the Holiday trains. This would be another run to Cresco.  The first Autumn stop in Cresco so far.

F3 664 would lead East bound with D-L's 405 taking the lead for the West bound.
As usual, it is not easy to take photos of a train while you are riding it.  With all the passengers off, the train heads to Bestway Lumber to re-position the power for the train.

With no rain in sight, the car show returned.  This old Model T stole the show, in my opinion.

A little bit of bluegrass to welcome you to the country:  

Train is coming back!  Andrea Dreyfus points the way.  

Right behind the locos is Tom Skrutski, along with Larry Lieberher.

Back home  Safe and Sound.  Thus ended the excursion season, at least as far as it extended to me.  The multi-hued diesels of 2015 gave way to the more standard two-tone white units.  With F3 664 back in running order, 663 was still down for the year.  

At this point in late May, 2017, we still have no schedule of trips for this season, due to contract re-negotiations with Delaware-Lackawanna.  We hope this is resolved soon.
Posted by: 565fan Posted on: Jun 8th, 2017, 9:57am
As an end to the season, right after Thanksgiving, Steamtown and the Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley Railway Historical Society offered a Holiday Excursion to Santa's Station.  It looks a lot like Moscow.  

CNJ 1554 and Lackawanna 664 ran this train.  For heated cars, the 3 DL&W MU coaches were used, with their propane heaters employed.  Good thing the weather was mild.  The heaters are not very good in cold weather.

No matter.  People were having a good time, and getting in the Holiday spirit.

Hot chocolate was selling well.  

My!  How Festive!

L&WV chapter president Vee Pauli and her grand daughter Kayleigh Janesko get some of the decorations together for distribution to the kids.

And Santa Claus came to say hello to the good people.  
All in all, it was a happy end to a year of excursions.