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Topic Summary
Posted by: toptrain Posted on: Apr 17th, 2017, 9:06am
**   Ridley Park Station, on the Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore Rail Road .  **
 In one of my trips through the past, reading through an old Railroad Gazette of 1875 I found this Article. Attached were 2 drawings of this station when built. What a different time the Victorian age was. Here a Beautiful station is built not for the commuters of the time, but as a destination for people to enjoy life. The station was built in the middle of the park, on its highest point. Read for yourself. I need 3 posts for the three items I will post. First one of text. The next 2 are drawings.  
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Posted by: toptrain Posted on: Apr 17th, 2017, 9:09am
**     First drawing of the station. to me it is a beauty.  
Posted by: toptrain Posted on: Apr 17th, 2017, 9:33am
Now to post the last view.  
A view across the bridge, of this old Victorian Jem.
Posted by: Henry Posted on: Apr 17th, 2017, 11:34am
There are two different types of limits. First is the file size. That is the allowed upload size. If the file size is larger than 500k it won't let you upload it.  
The second is the display size, both in bytes and width in pixels.  If the image is greater than 300k it won't be displayed on the page and a thumbnail image link will show instead. This is to prevent someone from uploading numerous huge images to a thread that will then cause delays to anyone viewing the page while the images download and use up big chunks of internet bandwidth that could possibly impact my paying customers' web sites, which would be not good for the business that pays for the forum to be here. If the image is too wide (I think 900 pixels is the width limit) it will use a thumbnail image link instead of displaying it. This keeps the display of the thread from being annoyingly wide for people who don't have big, high resolution monitors. It is no fun to try to read posts when you have to use the horizontal scroll bar to move the view back and forth for every line of text because there is a 2,000 pixel wide image on the page.
So there are three image limits that cause different things to  happen. I don't know what specifically you mean with that snide "lie" comment. In the 15 years that image uploading has been allowed in this forum I have had very few complaints about it. I'm not saying it is perfect, just that it generally works ok for most people.
Sometimes I don't know why I bother expending the time, energy and resources on this forum.  
Posted by: toptrain Posted on: Apr 17th, 2017, 5:19pm
Hi Henry. I am glad you cleared that up verbally. To bad you are planing on not straightening out the 500k misleading amount that is there.  From what you say, or mean, is it text only is up to 500k and photos 300k. If so why cant that info be posted? Also did you see the station info at all? That is what I did all the work for. Also 300k wont post. I have been there and done that many times. For sure it has to be less. Maybe 280 something. It has to be less!  
Posted by: Henry Posted on: Apr 17th, 2017, 7:11pm
500k is the file size limit that can be uploaded. 300k is the file size limit that can be displayed inline in the thread. 1k is 1024 bytes. 500k is 512,000 bytes. I was mistaken that display file size limit is 300k, it is not, it is 300,000 bytes, just a little under 300k.
I verified the reported and enforced limits as being correct with a test thread in the Test board. http://forums.railfan.net/forums.cgi?board=Test;action=display;num=1492467556  
I was able to upload a 510,262 byte image, as can be seen in that thread. As soon as the image was less than 300,000 bytes (299,839 bytes) the file size display error went away. I could find no "lies" and if you can, I would appreciate enough information to be able to reproduce the circumstances exactly myself in order to be able to repair any errors.  
I just spent well over an hour researching and testing this. I modified the over 500k upload error message to report more exact byte differences so that will hopefully be clearer when it is exceeded. When I am not quite so perturbed I plan on changing the display limits to 300kb instead of 300,000 bytes and the height limit to 5,000 pixels instead of 1,500.
Posted by: toptrain Posted on: Apr 20th, 2017, 8:54am
Henry  , Since i got a new new computer because my last one the mother board went on it, The only program I have to resize a photo is Paint. Now this works on percentages not a preset amount, and does them one at a time. It becomes difficult if i am wrong the first time and need to do it all again. Microsoft has become very stingy and expensive with its Photo handling software. Life is much harder online for me now. Don't even know if I like being anywhere on line anymore. It is just to hard to do things now.
Posted by: Henry Posted on: Apr 20th, 2017, 12:59pm
There are a number of free image processing programs out there. IRFanView is a pretty good and simple to use one. http://www.irfanview.com/main_download_engl.htm
GIMP is a more involved one that a lot of people like. It is also Open Source so a lot of people constantly work on it. https://www.gimp.org/
You'll get used to the new computer eventually. I am no fan of Micro$oft. I have a couple of Vista computers that work just fine and I am being forced to upgrade them by Micro$haft because they won't support Vista anymore. One is my personal workstation that is highly customized to my taste and has a zillion different software packages on it that all work well with each other. I know they won't work anywhere as well with each other after upgrading the operating system, if they work at all.  

Posted by: toptrain Posted on: Apr 28th, 2017, 6:22am
Henry do you know if either program you mentioned can resize photos a few at a time. I use to be able to 20 at once. That saved a lot of time. Didn't just resize but copied at the same time. Once done you had your originals, and the resized copies.
Posted by: Henry Posted on: Apr 28th, 2017, 1:10pm
There are plugins for GIMP to batch process images, one is called BIMP. I just downloaded the latest version of GIMP from  https://www.gimp.org/downloads/ and installed BIMP from https://alessandrofrancesconi.it/projects/bimp/ and resized a whole folder while preserving the originals with only one problem.
After installing the BIMP plugin when I restarted GIMP it asked me if I wanted to remove the "Batch Image Manipulation Plugin for Gimp" so I clicked the Cancel button (Duh, I just installed it, don't remove it!) and thought it might just ask the first time you install a plugin, but no, it pops up every time you start GIMP, which is very annoying. I googled various things about it and didn't find any direct references so I started looking for the mechanism that was spawning the uninstall for it. Using the Windows Explorer file manager (not Internet Explorer the web browser) I looked in the GIMP installation folder and found a "lib" folder. In that was a "gimp" folder, in that was a 2.0 folder and finally in that was a "plug-ins" folder. I opened the lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins folder and plainly visible was a file named "bimp-uninstall.exe."  Eureka! I made a folder named "Uninstalls" and put the bimp-uninstall.exe file in there, hoping that would prevent GIMP from running it every time it starts. Sure enough, it no longer asks if I want to uninstall it. I have no idea why they would set up the install package to put the uninstall file where it would be executed at every program start or if that even usually happens when installing BIMP. Fortunately it only took a couple of minutes to figure out and this will save you from it as well if you decide to try it and that happens to you. It may have happened because I had GIMP running when I installed the BIMP plugin, which is probably a no-no.  
Back to batch resizing. I went to the File menu and started "Batch Image Manipulation..." then I clicked on the "Add" button, selected Resize and in the window that popped up I clicked "Set exact size in pixel" and selected "Width only," clicked "Preserve aspect ratio" and entered 1024 to make all the photos 1024 pixels wide and the proportionate height to that so they look right when resized.  Back in the BIMP main window I clicked "Add images" and selected "Add folders..." then browsed to my test folder of images, selected it and clicked "Add" and the filenames appeared in the BIMP window. I clicked on the "Output folder" button and clicked on the "Create Folder" button to make a new folder for the finished files and clicked "Ok." Back in the main BIMP window I clicked "Apply" and Biff, Bam, Boom, it resized all the images to 1024 pixels wide.
The whole process from installing the latest version of GIMP and BIMP to having a batch of resized photos was about 10 minutes.
Posted by: toptrain Posted on: Apr 28th, 2017, 9:54pm
Henry,  you did so much work for me. And being a 71 year old and losing a bit of whatever I have, I really don't think I can replicate what you have done. I will look over it a few times and see if I can do it also. It is almost 10 Pm and I got to shower and get some sleep. I'll try to do it tomorrow. Good night!