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'Stations' Photo - 'London_bridge_and_viaduct_s.jpg'
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Re:  A 1843 station at London Bridge.     -   Response #12   -   Go to Post in Thread
Posted by toptrain in Stations on 07/01/16 at 10:20:12
'London_bridge_and_viaduct_s.jpg' 819x630 JPEG 208280 bytes

*** More about the London Station;
* In the book "Railway Architecture" by Binney and Pearce, this station is mentioned on page 28-29. My information at the start of this post is of the station after it was extended in 1843-44. The original station opened on December 14 1836, and was designed by George Smith. The latter 1844 extension was designed by Henry Roberts. The station was built for the first steam railway in London by the "London and Greenwich Railway". The Railway to Greenwich when opened in 1836 was almost entirely built upon raised stone arches. I guess that makes it the first elevated railroad ever constructed. In another book "The Railway Station" by Richards and Mackenzie, The open areas of the arches where feasible were leased for stores, and other purposes.  A high Level station was added 1864 on a extension to Waterloo and Charing Crossing. Latter additions started in 1850-51 by Samuel Beazley was not completed until 1866 when the barrel vaulted train shed was finished and opened. A present time description at time of publishing 1979 is " A profoundly Complicated, muddled, and architecturally undistinguished assembly of buildings that sit cheek to jowl with Southwark Cathedral". I don't think this is a very nice description that is favorable to this station. Also stated in 1979 was a major redevelopment of the Station planed to tidy up the mess. I guess that means that they started thinking about what to do, but didn't do anything till a few years ago as Les tells us. Things like that most likely happen around here also.
edit; Here is a public domain view from Wikipedia showing the viaduct, The line was 3 3/4 miles long. The viaduct was made up of 851 semi-circular arches . I bont know if it included the new branch line .