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'Stations' Photo - 'stations_on_route.jpg'
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Re: Jersey City, Ist and 2nd terminal, NJRR, opened 1834.     -   Response #24   -   Go to Post in Thread
Posted by toptrain in Stations on 05/04/16 at 11:18:10
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Thanks again Henry !  
 In reply 11,  Feb 21 2016 I added a important edit and a copy of 2 pages of info from Hills to the Hudson to clarify what was done.
 Here is a copy of just the edit.  
* I mentioned nut and bolts information looked for. Measurements of the footprint of the terminal, entire structure. Height of the terminal all locations.  Architectural measurements . complete plains of the building. These are the things I dont now. I also never found any reference to dates when things happened on this terminal.  
* (Edit addition 5-4-16) * Now taking the information on the block size out of paragraph 2, page 179, the block is 400 feet by 200 feet. This is the block purchased by the P&HRR. Taking visual note of the fact that the lot layout on this block, and the next block south where the NJRR&TCo. 1st terminal is the same and the block size the same. We now have a measurement to start with. Take the 200' length on the block along Hudson street. Note the there are 8 evenly spaced lots making up this 200 foot distance with each being a common 25 feet wide. Now the East West distance of 400 feet needs to be mathematically dissected.  Not a very hard thing to do. Each block is made up of 32 lots. Each lot is 25 feet wide and 100 feet deep. It works out perfectly. I now can work out the footprint of the train shed and head-house of this first railroad terminal of the New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Company. Yes with the information aviable no height measurements are aviable. Trust in the artist's rendition of the building and some more math will give us a average idea of the height of this train shed and its head-house.  
* Are there any draftsmen, mathematicians, or 3D person out there reading this who would like to contribute here and come up with a block drawing with building footprint measurements applied to the drawing. Then using the 1848 sketch showing the west end of the train shed with its three doors, come up with the height of the side walls and peak of the train shed.