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Re: Jersey City, Ist and 2nd terminal, NJRR, opened 1834.     -   Response #25   -   Go to Post in Thread
Posted by toptrain in Stations on 05/10/16 at 16:11:44
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What has been going on.
 *In my search for information on the New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Company being disappointed is a regular occurrence. I seem to always be picking the wrong railway projects to get interested in.  This railroad the NJRR&TCo. is the third to be granted a charter by the State of New Jersey, received theirs  on  March 7th 1832. The 1830 charter granted to the Camden and Amboy being the first, and the second going to the Patterson and Hudson River railroad on Jan.- 21- 1831. My reason for picking this railroad is because it was the first one to build a terminal on the Hudson River in New Jersey.  
* The first thing I found out about this railroads terminal was at the Jersey City Public Library in the book "From the Hills to the Hudson" by Walter A. Lucas, a book published in 1944. A map of a 1844 view of Powles Hook on p-178 and 2 smaller than postcard views of the terminal on Page 179. The top view being of the terminal from the south-west corner of Montgomery and Greens Streets. This is a 1834 view of the listed as completed terminal. The bottom view is a 848 view taken from the north-west corner of Greene and Mercer streets. The top being a poor and incomplete drawing. The bottom one drawn from a low angle, done quickly with the most basic of detail. At the Library on the wall was a 1848 map of Jersey City. In the lower right corner was a drawing of the Jersey City waterfront with tucked in its corner, a view of most of the east wall on Hudson Street. A third terminal view has been added.  
* In the next book I found out about was "From Indian Trails to Iron Horse" "Travel and transportation in New Jersey 1620-1860", by Wheaton J. Lane. Published in 1838. Now this book I was told would answer some of my questions. Being I was looking for info on the buildings of the New Jersey Railroad in Jersey City. Information here was on the problems building the railroad. What was here was the same as I found to be in the book "From the Hills to the Hudson". As to views or information on the terminal or engine facilities there was none.  
* The next book I hoped would provide me information was " Railroads in New Jersey"," The Formative Years", by John T. Cunningham. Published in 1997. The index listed 19 places where the info on the NJRR could be found. There is no list on illustrations. This big book with 328 pages has to have something for me! Well it almost didn't. Though I was underwhelmed, and there was nothing new, on page 61 in a yellow info box a statement is made, " The best material ever assembled on the NJRR&TC0. Appears in Volume 88 (1957), by " the Railway and locomotive Historical Society. Yep a bulletin of the R&LHS. After 3 expensive book gave me little I have now a chance to spend more on what?
*  Well I got the Bulletin #88.It has nothing new for me in it. Well with the 3 drawings and tax map info i have something.
*  Well folks. Let's not get excited but another book has been found. " Early American Railroads" by Franz Anton Ritter. Published in 1848. Right at the time of the first terminal. That is 125 years between publications.
*Next is a few lines from the introduction of that book. This one a translated copy released in the 1990's.