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Modifying a Williams by Bachman, O Gauge, "Madison" Car
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   Modifying a Williams by Bachman, O Gauge, "Madison" Car
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   Author  Topic: Modifying a Williams by Bachman, O Gauge, "Madison" Car  (Read 155 times)
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Modifying a Williams by Bachman, O Gauge, "Madison" Car
« on: Sep 21st, 2013, 9:18pm »
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Having 'practiced' on enough HO scale cars, as a change of pace, I decided to modify an O gauge piece. I chose a Williams by Bachman reproduction of the original Madison, heavyweight passenger cars, once made by Lionel.
After disassembling the car and removing the window material, the lettering was taken off.

Since the car would be repainted, I was not concerned about any dulling of the original surface so I used an abrasive 'goop' made from Bon-Amie, toothpaste and rubbing alcohol.This was applied over the lettering and then scrubbed with a battery powered tooth brush. When done, a thorough rinse with warm water cleans things up.
Next the window posts, between the paired windows were removed.

These were cut out with a pair of flush cut pliers.
Once removed the existing window frames and remnants of the center post needed to be removed. A corner cutting tool was perfect for this job.

The tool is chucked into a mini drill press and aligned with the corners of the frames. Some wood is used to support the shell and keep it from deforming during the cutting process

Gentle, downward pressure with the tool removes the frames and remains of the center post. This could have been done with the center post in place but I chose to remove that prior as I have had times when I experienced splitting of the plastic, in similar circumstances, with the post in place.

Just a little clean up with a couple of appropriately sized sanding blocks is all that is necessary before the windows are reframed with styrene strips as shown by the arrow..

Other modifications were made at the galley end of the car..

The door was plated over and the regular step removed. A new strap step was fabricated from brass strip. Styrene strips were used to simulate double hung galley windows..
The car was painted, decaled and finished off with custom made window glazing. Too bad that none of the Jersey Central's cafe cars lasted into the 1970s...perhaps they would have looked like this. The finished product is shown in the following series of photographs..







......I'll save a description of how I made the window glazing for another topic....Tom.

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Re: Modifying a Williams by Bachman, O Gauge, "Madison" Car
« Reply #1 on: Sep 22nd, 2013, 10:03am »
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Once again, your superb and impeccable modeling skills are rolled out from the shops into the daylight.......and the results are beyond outstanding.
Your superb craftsman skills indeed translate into some magnificent models; once again, the fruits of your labors are truly rich.
This is one OUTSTANDING-looking car.......

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