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Rail Safety Photos

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Re: FRA STATS ON TRAIN ACCIDENTS - By silver_champion on 11/11/06 at 07:13:15 - 's.jpg' 56 KB
Here is a picture of the latest derailment. Baxter Ca. a run away train derail and two crew members die. To me a number of derailment is high this year, why?


Re: New Brighton, PA derail - By RailCop on 10/25/06 at 21:12:11 - 'IMG_0401.jpg' 44 KB
Here's a pic of the inferno up close. This was about 0200 hrs on Saturday morning. Taken from a position below the bridge, in Big Rock Park....or should that be 'Half' Rock Park ?


Re: DANGEROUS Crossing - By silver_champion on 10/24/06 at 08:17:57 - 'rail5-4-2.gif' 19 KB
In Darby,Pa. we have a crossing at 6& Main St. Everyday kids cross the CSX tracks going to school and SEPTA #11 trolley cross the tracks a 5 mph. Read the picture below.


Re: New Brighton, PA derail - By silver_champion on 10/23/06 at 08:30:31 - 'J21.jpg' 170 KB
My nepfew who is 7 years old and knows that I love trains. Ask me if the trains are safe. He saw two derailment on TV in a week time. I said to him that they are alright and derailments do happens. Here is a picture of the New Brighton derailment. Picture was posted on RailPicture.net


Re: Jack@$$ Deluxe - By BNSF_1088 on 10/02/06 at 10:00:36 - 'Jackie6-3.jpg' 63 KB
Here she is


Re: School Busses VS Amtrak Video - By csxwilsmere on 08/15/06 at 13:01:30 - 'dartbus.jpg' 83 KB
on Dec 3rd, 2005, 9:42am, BNSF_1088 wrote:       (Click here for original message)
Here is a video i shot of Amtrak going by my house look at the 2 School Busses.

A similar incident along NS in Newark, DE:


Re: School Busses VS Amtrak Video - By Billman730 on 06/29/06 at 10:32:37 - 'CSXhighrail.jpg' 346 KB
I see that every day in Mass.... Here is a guy that had a bad day. It's getting so you can't park anywhere anymore......


You Might Be an Idiot If You......... - By MattF7SD60 on 06/25/06 at 19:56:01 - 'P1020895.jpg' 172 KB
1) climb aboard a moving train
2) ride in a gondola in the pouring rain
3) don't know this train is headed directly to Linwood Yard where there is a very good chance of getting caught.
Idiot sighting occurred between Landis and Salisbury, NC.
Human stupidity never ceases to amaze.


Re: NYS&W derailment in Paterson - By NJ Railfan on 05/31/06 at 10:59:33 - 'abc7.jpg' 146 KB
Train was SU-99 heading north towards Binghamton.
Ha, 44 locomotives. ABC 7 messed that up good, even Bill Evans can't beleive it.


Amtrak 350 hits dump truck kills driver - By BNSF_1088 on 05/30/06 at 23:17:51 - 'fc41.jpg' 33 KB
Trucker killed in collision with Amtrak train
5/30/2006, 7:48 p.m. ET
The Associated Press  
BLACKMAN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — An Amtrak train and a gravel truck collided Tuesday afternoon at a private crossing, killing the truck driver, officials said.
None of the train's 150 passengers was seriously injured.
Robert D. Coley, 44, of Jackson was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident reported at 1:05 p.m., the Jackson County Sheriff's Department said.
The train was headed from Chicago to Pontiac when it collided with the truck four miles west of the Jackson station, said Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari.
The truck crossed in front of the train, which was unable to stop, and the collision damaged the lead car of the train and even sparked a fire, Magliari said. Only the train conductor was in the first car.
"He was shaken up, but didn't have any serious injuries," Magliari told The Associated Press.
The train's engineer took all precautions while approaching the private crossing, Magliari said. "We have an obligation to sound the horn and flash lights, even at a private crossing that is usually only used by a few people," he said.
Buses took the passengers to their final destinations, Magliari said


Re: STUPID STUPID PEOPLE! - By Charlie_O on 03/19/06 at 00:14:47 - 'knuckleheads3-2.jpg' 167 KB
Yeh, that kinda stupid crap happens around here all the time.  Once, at Locust Street in Philly, I saw this jackass jump onto a moving flatcar, ride it for a few dozen yards, then jump off.  Really thought I'd be witnessing an amputation, or worse.
* * *
And there's these dopes... happened to have my camera that day... train was awaiting the signal at Vine.


Re: Why semi driver crossed tracks unknown - By trainman786 on 03/09/06 at 19:28:11 - 'large-1108495123-msg-13021-3.jpg' 67 KB
Another picture of the same accident


Re: Why semi driver crossed tracks unknown - By trainman786 on 03/09/06 at 19:26:43 - 'large-1108482275-msg-1219-4.jpg' 55 KB
Another example why, even in an 18-wheeler, in case of a tie with a train--you lose!


Re: CSX trains sound warning whistles in La Grange - By SSW9389 on 09/17/05 at 08:02:35 - 'LaGrangeStreet-2.jpg' 128 KB
Very inneresting. I live about 16 miles from La Grange in Oldham County. La Grange is a great place to watch trains. Visit often, it is worth the trip.


Re: CSX trains sound warning whistles in La Grange - By ReadingRN on 09/07/05 at 15:21:32 - 'Picture_106-2.jpg' 126 KB
What they're looking to do is separate the tracks from the street by putting up curbs, ripping out the portion of street between the curbs, and putting in ballast. They will also move the tracks a few feet ovet toward the sidewalk to try and give as much room as possible for motorists. That would allow CSX to increase sppeds through town by about 5 mph. I hope that this rehabilitation project does not cause the town to lose its charm. I love going up there during Thanksgiving. (Especially that the trains run on Thanksgiving Day!) My uncle is on the town board/council in La Grange and this is what he told me.


Re: Train hits minivan - By ReadingRN on 09/06/05 at 20:14:40 - 'Picture_107-2.jpg' 100 KB
on Sep 6th, 2005, 2:27pm, splicer65 wrote:       (Click here for original message)
. This is the only place in the US where trains travel down the actual MAIN  STREET of a town or city.
Not the only place Bryan.   Brownsville PA is my closest visited location.   Go to Railpictures and search for street running.    

Do the tracks go right down the actual designated MAIN STREET? Is it a main line? I am sure that La Grange is the only place in the country that holds both of those characteristics. I may be wrong, but I am quite sure that La Grange is the only place.


Re: CSX trains sound warning whistles in La Grange - By ReadingRN on 09/06/05 at 15:39:21 - 'Picture_107.jpg' 99 KB
Here's another.


Re: CSX trains sound warning whistles in La Grange - By ReadingRN on 09/06/05 at 15:27:17 - 'Picture_106.jpg' 102 KB
Another one from the other way.  


Re: CSX trains sound warning whistles in La Grange - By ReadingRN on 09/06/05 at 15:16:03 - 'Picture_103.jpg' 45 KB
on Sep 5th, 2005, 11:53pm, electro_soundwave wrote:       (Click here for original message)
Where is this town? I have got to see this.

All I know is that La Grange is in Kentucky, right between Cincinatti, OH and Louisville, KY. When we go, I usually let my parents do the driving while I sleep, so I don't know the road numbers. It's a ten hour trip from PA. I do know, though, that the tracks are going to be separated from the road sometime in the future. I hope that they do not change anything until after I go back up for Thanksgiving this year. I do have some photos of the trains going through town.  


A Sunday Afternoon Stroll - By DannyR on 09/05/05 at 10:40:22 - 'Sunday_Stroll.jpg' 98 KB
This long distance shot captures a man walking along Track 2 of the NS mainline in Concord, NC. Less than five minutes after this photo, NS 119 rushed through on Track 1.


Gotta Love This One - By dougal on 08/12/05 at 10:02:25 - '262SB.jpg' 280 KB
This kid was the last of six to run around the gates (which where down), in front of a fast eastbound Roadrailer. He was carrying a skateboard, and almost tripped. This is just a grab shot, so the quality isn't that great.


Semi driver killed Train, vehicle collide near Roc - By BNSF_1088 on 08/06/05 at 08:56:27 - '08052005.jpg' 26 KB
Semi driver killed
Train, vehicle collide near Rock
DEADLY TRAIN WRECK -- The remains of a semi hit by a train in Rock Thursday afternoon sit along the track several hundred feet south of where the impact took place. The driver of the truck was killed instantly. (Roy Graber/Courier)  
ROCK — Charred wreckage was all that remained of a semi truck that collided with the lead engine of a Burlington Northern Santa Fe train near Rock Thursday afternoon. The truck’s driver was killed.  
“He had just completed about a 2,500-mile trip from Los Angeles to Wichita without a scratch,” Trooper Mike Konrade, of the Kansas Highway Patrol, said this morning. “He was about a mile from home.”  
Robert N. Nelson, 77, of rural Udall, was dead at the scene of the accident that occurred just before 3 p.m. He was the second county man in the last two weeks to die in a train collision.  
Nelson was westbound on 32nd Road just west of U.S. 77. He failed to stop at the railroad crossing and was struck by the southbound train, according to a patrol report. It is not known why the man failed to yield.  
People who knew the man said he often parked his trailer at a lot near the tracks. His vehicle did not have a trailer attached at the time of the accident. It was not known if the man was wearing a seatbelt.  
Witnesses said Nelson’s 2001 Peterbilt burst into flames and was dragged for a distance before the train came to a stop. Nelson was ejected from the vehicle and was not dragged down the tracks with it.  
Rock resident Roy Williamson was at work in Udall when the crash occurred. He knows well the crossing where the accident happened.  
“They’ve been needing crossing (gates) at this track for years,” Williamson said. “I’ve seen several near misses.”  
Williamson said he often sees people traveling down the road at a high rate of speed. Visibility isn’t really good there, either, he said, because of trees and other plants growing nearby. He got a call from one of his kids and went to his home near the crash site. At the time, it was thought the town would be evacuated because the train might be carrying hazardous material.  
Steve Forsberg, a BNSF spokesperson, said the train did not derail, and none of the contents of the cars “were compromised.” The engine sustained a dent and minor fire damage and will be repaired. A relief crew from Newton brought another engine to the scene and left with the other train cars.  
Trooper Konrade said the tracks were operational this morning. Trains will travel more slowly, though, until about 200 railroad ties can be replaced.  
Wichitan Steven T. Johnson, the train’s 26-year-old engineer, and a conductor, David Kram, 46, of Kansas City, Kan., were taken to William Newton Hospital, treated and released.  
The two men were treated for smoke inhalation and left the hospital around 7 p.m., Forsberg said. Smoke from the burning truck, which was pinned under the engine, entered the train engine and caused both men inside to exit once it came to a stop.  
BNSF officials will review a highway patrol report of the accident. Forsberg confirmed the crossing did not have lights or gates but was marked with standard warning signs. Locomotive companies do not make decisions about whether a crossing will be marked with lights or gates, he said.  
Two recent fatality train accidents in Cowley County have involved BNSF trains. Tim Smith, 33, of Winfield, died July 28 of injuries received when his truck collided with a train in Udall July 21.  
“We’re, of course, always concerned any time there is an accident,” Forsberg said. “But the train crew has the least ability to avoid an accident. Physically, it’s not possible for a train to stop as quickly as a vehicle. It takes several thousand feet to stop, and they can’t steer away.”  
Accidents like the one Thursday commonly happen near the victim’s home, Forsberg said. Those that knew Nelson said he was familiar with the crossing.  
Because of their sheer size, trains have the right of way in every situation, Forsberg said. The lead engine alone weighed 400,000 pounds. The train in Thursday’s accident was relatively small — about 3,000 feet long with 55 cars. It weighed 1,200 tons.  
Some trains can be more than a mile long and weigh 13,000 tons.  
Andover-based J&H Trucking Inc. was the company for which Nelson drove. A company official said J&H had no public comment to make.  
Nelson’s stepdaughter said the man was a careful driver. He apparently did not see the train.  
“This is just so unbelievable,” said Kim Saenz. “It’s so clear there (at the crossing), and he stops his car; he doesn’t just yield. I guess we’ll never know what happened.”  
Nelson and his wife Shirley operated Little Critters Kennel by their home, Saenz said.  
“Dad was on his way to see my brother’s babies, twins born prematurely, in Wesley (Medical Center in Wichita),” she said.  
Railroad officials and train safety groups like Operation Lifesaver work to educate drivers about safety around trains. Operation Lifesaver’s message is “Look, Listen & Live.” Their Web site is LINK URL .  
Roy Graber, Brady Bauman and Foss Farrar contributed to this story.


Please stay off the tracks with your lawn chairs - By BNSF_1088 on 07/14/05 at 10:59:20 - 'Sep21167-5.jpg' 14 KB
It happend to me again in the same damn spot on the same damn train at the EE of Salix a person was siting in his lawn chair right dab in the middle of our siding track.Last time they were sitting on the main track man was upset.Here is the picture from the 1st time.


Re: Stupid People - By big3fan on 04/17/05 at 17:55:00 - 'DSC_0005.jpg' 72 KB
Not 5 minutes later.


Stupid People - By big3fan on 04/17/05 at 17:54:23 - 'DSC_0003.jpg' 75 KB
Caught this one today while fanning.


Re: whats wrong with this picture - By chessie8212 on 04/13/05 at 16:45:12 - 'closecalldorr.jpg' 137 KB
Up here at the University of Toledo, we have a branch line on the NS that runs up to a large grain elevator a few miles north of our campus.  Here is a picture I just took from my dorm room on the 10th floor.  Sorry for the quality (it was shot through binoculars).  I often watch the trains through them when I hear the horns blowing and I see this happen all the time.  Finally caught it on camera.


Re: DEATHS AT RAIL CROSSINGS UP - By BNSF_1088 on 03/13/05 at 13:25:15 - 'TSBY_close_call-2.jpg' 203 KB
just look at this IDIOT


here is a picture of a close call with a TSBY Trai - By BNSF_1088 on 03/11/05 at 19:30:18 - 'TSBY_close_call.jpg' 203 KB
This is a North Bound TSBY Train in MT Pleasent MI.


whats wrong with this picture - By BNSF_1088 on 03/11/05 at 18:51:35 - 'ECTO_bz_30405_spf_0022F.jpg' 21 KB
look at these IDOTS  


Re: This guy dosen't promote Operation Lifesaver - By trainpixsnet on 03/09/05 at 00:33:36 - 'photos-044.jpg' 27 KB
I know what you mean, I have seen MANY -- too many -- close calls. The photo below is from Santa Fe Jct. in Kansas City.
For people that is not familar with the area, it is considered to be the 2nd busiest junction in the US, averaging a train every minute through this area. And this guy wanted to take his son to see the trains up close. Thank goodness that the Trainmaster was talking to me when I spotted them. Found out that the kid put a spike on one of the lines.
Just outside of the frame was a train that was about the go past them...and the signal is about 6-10 feet away from the track!!!
Can I say IDIOT!!!!!!


This guy dosen't promote Operation Lifesaver - By NS3360 on 02/12/05 at 09:30:37 - 'Idiotdriver.jpg' 48 KB
Bath, PA......rush hour traffic has Route 512 backed up and  this idiot stops right in the middle of the two tracks instead of waiting for the traffic to clear!   Yes, the train's horn and bell is sounding, and the crossing lights are flashing.


Re: Rail Crossings - A Different Perspective - By hummel1237 on 02/08/05 at 04:50:34 - 'deadhorse.gif' 7 KB
on Feb 7th, 2005, 8:39pm, MachinistBoy46 wrote:       (Click here for original message)

    Hummel, you`re right, and its something i`ve never understood.  People dont just run through red traffic lights one after the other, so I dont understand how grade crossings are different. Its still a red light.  I live in Lakewood NJ, and at some of the crossings sometimes I`ll see 8 or 9 cars run through the lights before either A) someone finally decides to stop,  B) the engine is about 50 feet from the road laying on the horn and scares people into stopping, or C) everybody in the area ran the lights already and no one is left.  I just cant understand why these red lights are any different.  
    And, sadly to say, police are amongst the beat-the-trainers too sometimes.   Ive seen two occasions in my life where once a cop sped up while gates were descending, and two, the cop drove around the gates.   If those who are supposed to be enforcing these laws are guilty themselves, how do we win this one?  (keep in mind these are isolated incidents, im not badmouthing police in any way)     take care guys    -Chris

It's like beating a dead horse and that's why I don't talk on the safety subject very much...
I've said too much already...


Re: TRESPASSING ON RR PROPERTY - By NS3360 on 02/04/05 at 07:17:23 - 'CHR1.jpg' 51 KB
Good idea Pyronova. Here's another...


Re: TRESPASSING ON RR PROPERTY - By Pyronova on 02/04/05 at 03:46:35 - 'CPRReminder.jpg' 349 KB
Just had to add this......    


Re: Major Derailment in CA - By hummel1237 on 01/30/05 at 04:06:56 - 'hackettstowncomp2.jpg' 52 KB
on Jan 29th, 2005, 7:40pm, BNSF_1088 wrote:       (Click here for original message)
Here is the thing the SUV was wedged between the rails if the engine would have hit it it would have flown off the tracks to plus there may have even been a fire involved from a busted fuel line.Under normal car train accidents i would say yes this 1 i would say it would have been worse having the engine in front it's like hitting a brick wall.

Hi Matt, how are you? I know you know first hand about train accidents and I certainly don't. It's my understanding that the crews in CA are upset about the engine being in the rear. Why are they upset? The other thing we don't have is pics here in this thread. It doesn't have to be of the wreck but a roster shot of the cab car would be nice. What kind of cab car was it? Did it have a shield or crash guard?


UTU member among dead in LA track wreck - By BNSF_1088 on 01/27/05 at 14:45:05 - 't_flagncross.gif' 123 KB
UTU member among dead in LA track wreck  
GLENDALE, Calif. - UTU member and conductor Thomas M. Ormiston was among the 11 people killed Wednesday, Jan. 26, when two Metrolink commuter trains collided here near this Los Angeles suburb at 6:02 a.m. Pacific time. Some 200 were injured, five critically.  
Murder charges have been filed against a man alleged to be responsible for the wreck by parking an automobile on the Metrolink tracks in an aborted suicide attempt.
Ormiston, 58, was a member of UTU Local 84 in Los Angeles. He previously was a Southern Pacific conductor. A second UTU member, conductor Reginald B. Taplin, also a member of UTU Local 84, was not physically injured. Metrolink crews are employed by Amtrak, which operates Metrolink under contract.
More than 300 firefighters and rescue personnel responded and the injured were transported to 15 area hospitals.
Prosecutors have filed multiple murder charges against Juan Manuel Alvarez, 25, of Compton, Calif., who is alleged to have parked the autombile on the Metrolink tracks in a suicide attempt that he subsequently abandoned. Alverez told police he had left the vehicle and watched the derailment. The murder charges as filed make Alverez eligible for the death penalty, said the Los Angeles Times.
Members of UTU's Transportation Saftey Team (TST) were sent to the accident to assist investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board. UTU's TST coordinator, J.R. (Jim) Cumby, is on the scene. Ted Turpin is the NTSB investigator in charge. NTSB member Richard F. Healing also is present and is serving as principal spokesperson for the on-scene investigation. Investigators from the Federal Railroad Administration also were sent to the scene. The NTSB has charge of the crash site and investigation.  
Metrolink officials said a southbound Metrolink commuter train, pushed by a locomotive and heading to downtown Los Angeles, hit the Jeep Grand Cherokee parked on the tracks near the Glendale station.  
The front cab-car of the commuter train was vaulted into the air after hitting the automobile and crashed into a stationary Union Pacific maintenance-of-way train and then into a northbound Metrolink commuter train. Ormiston was in the final car of the northbound train.  
The track on which the crash occurred is owned and operated by Metrolink. Officials said Metrolink commuter trains usually carry 200 to 250 passengers during rush hour. The top speed is 79 mph, although the trains were believed to be traveling at less than the maximum.  
This was the third fatal accident involving Metrolink in three years. In April 2002, a freight train plowed into the rear of a stopped Metrolink train, killing three.  
Metrolink was created in 1992 as a commuter railroad serving five Southern California counties and carries some 40,000 passengers daily in double-decker push-pull operations over seven rail routes.  
This was one of the worst passenger train accidents in recent years in terms of fatalities.  
On March 15, 1999, an Amtrak train hit a truck near Bourbonnais, Ill., resulting in 11 deaths.  
On Feb. 16, 1996, an Amtrak train collided with a commuter train in Silver Spring, Md., killing 11.  
On Sept. 22, 1993, Amtrak's Sunset Limited, enroute to Florida, plunged into a waterway after a rail bridge was struck by a barge, misaligning the tracks, at Big Bayou Canot, near Mobile, Ala., killing 47.  
On July 31, 1991, an Amtrak train hit a freight car at a siding near Camden, S.C., killing eight people.  
On Jan 4, 1987, an Amtrak train enroute from Washington, D.C., ,to New York at 128 mph crashed into three Conrail locomotives that failed to observe a signal at Chase, Md., killing 16.  
The most deadly post-World War II passenger train accident occurred Feb. 6, 1951, when a New York-originated Pennsylvania Railroad passenger train -- the Broker -- plunged from a rain-damaged temporary trestle at Woodbridge, N.J., killing 85.  
On Nov. 22, 1950, two Long Island Rail Road commuter trains collided at Richmond Hill, N.Y., killing 79.  
Earlier this month, a crash involving a Norfolk Southern freight train at Graniteville, S.C., caused a tank car of chlorine to rupture, killing nine.  
(The preceding story is based upon reports from the Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times and other news sources.)  
Investigators examine the wreckage that resulted when two Metrolink trains sideswiped each other and derailed. (Photo by Associated Press.)  
January 26, 2005  


Not A Walk In The Park - By DannyR on 01/27/05 at 13:20:57 - 'North_view_Elizabeth_St.jpg' 48 KB
An all too frequent occurence that inevitably results in unnecessary fatalities and grief for train crews..............


Re: Major Derailment in CA - By BNSF_1088 on 01/26/05 at 19:49:50 - 'metrolink_wreck.jpg' 165 KB
10 dead in LA wreck; homicide charges likely  
GLENDALE, Calif. -- At least 10 people died and some 200 were injured -- five critically -- Wednesday, Jan. 26, when two commuter trains collided near this Los Angeles community shortly after 6 a.m. Pacific time.
There were no reports on whether train-crew members were injured or killed.
The crash occurred after a Metrolink commuter train hit an automobile parked on the tracks by a man allegedly intent on killing himself, according to press reports.
"This is now a homicide investigation," said a police official. Police took into custody a man identified as Juan Manuel Alvarez, 26, of Compton. Police said Alvarez had attempted suicide before. Alvarez reportedly told police he had left the vehicle and watched the derailment.  
Members of UTU's Transportation Saftey Team were sent to the accident to assist investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board. Ted Turpin is the NTSB investigator-in-charge. NTSB member Richard F. Healing will accompany the team and serve as principal spokesperson for the on-scene investigation.  
Reports indicate a southbound Metrolink commuter train heading to downtown Los Angeles hit the Jeep Grand Cherokee parked on the tracks. That Metrolink train then apparently crashed into a northbound Metrolink commuter train.  
One of the commuter trains was propelled into a Union Pacific locomotive that was parked on a side track overnight, Union Pacific spokesman John Bromley said. The locomotive was tipped over by the force of the impact.  
Bromley said the track on which the crash occurred is owned and operated by Metrolink.  
"This whole incident was started by a deranged individual that was suicidal," a police official told reporters. "I think his intent at that time was to take his own life, but changed his mind prior to the train actually striking this vehicle," the police official said. "He exited the vehicle and stood by as the southbound Metrolink train struck his vehicle."  
Officials described the incident as the worst local rail disaster in recent memory. On Sept. 22, 1993, Amtrak's Sunset Limited, enroute to Florida, plunged into a waterway after a bridge was struck by a vessel at Big Bayou Canot, near Mobile, Ala., killing 47. On Feb. 6, 1951, a Pennsylvania Railroad passenger train plunged thorugh a temporary overpass at Woodbridge, N.J., killing 85.  
Fire officials said 123 people were transported to 13 area hospitals. About 60 people were treated at the scene and released.  
More than 300 firefighters and rescue personnel responded, combing through the derailed trains looking for trapped passengers.  
One Metrolink train, the 901, left Union Station in downtown Los Angeles and the other, train 100, was heading into Los Angeles. Officials said the trains usually carried 200 to 250 passengers. The top speed is 79 mph, though the trains were believed to be traveling at less than the maximum.  
Metrolink has been operating since 1992.  
(The preceding story is based upon reports from the Associated Press, Los Angeles Times and other news sources)  
Investigators examine the wreckage that resulted when two Metrolink trains sideswiped each other and derailed. (Photo by Associated Press.)  


Re: URGENT ! CAR-TRAIN COLLISION AT TADMOR, PA - By NS3360 on 01/21/05 at 09:08:59 - 'TadmorAccident2.jpg' 121 KB
Here is a picture of the accident, it got a little 'funky' when I scanned it but you can see the car in the center by the covered hopper...


Re: NS Derailment - By Alco83 on 01/11/05 at 18:10:27 - 'train_collide_3_512.jpg' 77 KB
The frightful reality of shipping dangerous chemicals.  


Re: Unbelievable video - By Charlie_O on 12/30/04 at 15:10:11 - 'Jackie_8.jpg' 63 KB
on Dec 30th, 2004, 12:27pm, strasburg90 wrote:       (Click here for original message)
the guy in the video deserves the jack... award,comeon charlie o,present it.

Sorry, can't play wmv movie files on my machine.  But I'll take everyone's word for it... and now... HEEEEEEEEEERE'S JACKIE!


Re: Front Page News - By BNSF_1088 on 09/25/04 at 09:40:09 - 'Jackie6-2.jpg' 63 KB


Re: POLL DO YOU THINK RR SHOULD BLOCK ROAD CROSSIN - By Teen_NS_fan on 09/14/04 at 19:22:54 - 'Pennsy_RR_pics_024.jpg' 92 KB
    When railfanning this summer in Topton, PA, me and my dad came across this NS time freight that had blocked some crossings while in the hole waiting for an intermodal train to pass.  We saw the train waiting in the distance while eating at the depot, now a restaurant, as well as the intermodal train passing by.  There was obviously a delay as a Triple Crown roadrailer train came not 5 minutes after the cops had issued the ticket and this train was on its way.  Two cops came by, a Topton policeman, and a PA State Trooper.  The train had pulled up for the cops; the cops caused more delays by re-stopping the train in downtown Topton to climb up into the cab and speak to the crew.  Of course, as a railfan. i didnt mind, we had actually meant to get caught in the mess, but some drivers, especially ones trying to get out of the pizza place for 15 minutes, were very annoyed.  Heres the train, with a ghost boat on the point. The end of the police car can be seen off to the far right. The depot restaurant is on the left. This was taken just before the train pulled out of town.


Just over the scanner - By prostock19 on 09/06/04 at 20:17:00 - 'IMG_1265.jpg' 124 KB
Just heard over the scanner, Amtrak train (not sure of the number or direction) went into emergency by Milepost 159 In Kingston, RI for a 4 Wheeler on the tracks.  From the engineer, he just barely got out of the way.  Last winter, a snowmobiler was killed a few miles north of there by a Northbound Acela. (I work with his sister).  This area is 135MPH to 150MPH (approx MP 162)  Here is a pic of the area.


Front Page News - By Two23 on 09/01/04 at 19:28:51 - 'jogger.jpg' 106 KB
I picked up a copy of my local newspaper (largest in the state) the other day and right there on the front page was a photo of a young gal jogging down a railroad track.  These are active tracks by Yankton, SD.  While it's not all that uncommon for people in small towns here to walk along ROW's, I couldn't believe that someone was using one as a jogging trail.  I also couldn't believe that the paper's editor let a photo like that get printed--and on the front page!    I sent a letter to editor last night saying that every year people get killed playing around on RR tracks, and there have been local people hit by trains in recent years.  I told them I couldn't believe that the paper would print that photo, which gives tens of thousands of people the idea that jogging on RR tracks is an OK idea.  We'll see if they print it.
Kent in SD


Re: Here is a guy that drove off the East Lansing - By BNSF_1088 on 08/26/04 at 16:36:14 - 'Img00228.jpg' 56 KB


Re: Here is a guy that drove off the East Lansing - By BNSF_1088 on 08/26/04 at 16:35:14 - 'Img00227.jpg' 52 KB


Here is a guy that drove off the East Lansing plat - By BNSF_1088 on 08/26/04 at 16:34:01 - 'Img00226.jpg' 40 KB
Here are some pictures of an IDIOT that drove onto the Amtrak platform in East Lansing MI about 2 yrs ago we had 17 cars get hung up on the tracks between the rd crossing and the Platform in East Lansing including Indian Trails Bus backing onto the tracks and getting stuck. This guy hit the tracks at about 6-10 MPH.


Fatal Train Crash Kills Two People - By BNSF_1088 on 08/22/04 at 15:22:42 - '3672159.jpg' 11 KB
Fatal Train Crash Kills Two People
Car Is Sent Careening Down Tracks
POSTED: 12:11 pm EDT August 22, 2004
UPDATED: 12:28 pm EDT August 22, 2004
HARTFORD, Conn. -- The investigation continued Sunday morning into a fatal train crash in Windsor.
Two people were killed after their car was struck at the Windsor Avenue railroad crossing, NBC 30 Connecticut News reported.
The train was coming from Springfield.  
The engineer hit the brakes, but struck the car -- sending it careening down the tracks.
The crossing is in a high-speed area, where trains can travel up to 80 mph.
Amtrak said when trains approach, lights flash and a bell and whistle go off.
Police Sunday had not identified the two people who died in the car, but said they live nearby.


Re: Railroad Crossing Safety – Look, Listen & Live - By Charlie_O on 08/18/04 at 18:14:55 - 'knucklehead1.jpg' 196 KB
And finally...


Re: Railroad Crossing Safety – Look, Listen & Live - By Charlie_O on 08/18/04 at 18:13:51 - 'knuckleheads2.jpg' 181 KB
The faces are intentionally blurred...
don't wanna jeopardize these guys' chances for a Nobel Prize.


Re: Railroad Crossing Safety – Look, Listen & Live - By Charlie_O on 08/18/04 at 18:12:15 - 'knuckleheads3.jpg' 167 KB
on Aug 11th, 2004, 7:16pm, Charlie_O wrote:       (Click here for original message)
With the locos 5 blocks away, there was no way for the engineer to determine whether there was someone passing between the cars of his train.

I thought for sure I'd be filming a death or dismemberment here.  
Please don't do what these people did.


Re: How close do you have to get to see a train. - By BNSF_1088 on 08/14/04 at 19:30:57 - 'Img00223.jpg' 59 KB


How close do you have to get to see a train. - By BNSF_1088 on 08/14/04 at 19:29:56 - 'Img00222.jpg' 60 KB
I just don't understand why you have to stand so dang close to the tracks.


This is how people get Killed at RR crossings - By BNSF_1088 on 08/14/04 at 19:01:40 - 'Img00225.jpg' 96 KB
Look at this IDIOT stoped on the tracks just down the Rd about 2 miles to the east we had to put our train into emergency because of a fool like this we missed him by an inch.


Re: Railroad Crossing Safety – Look, Listen & Live - By Charlie_O on 08/09/04 at 18:48:04 - 'Danger_CPVine.jpg' 226 KB
Here's an example of the new signage CSX is using at CP Vine in Philly.  Vine and Locust have long been accessible to fishermen, joggers, etc., but now that the hiking-biking trail has been extended  south, CSX been trying to close the Locust crossing.  
Vine remains official access.  The train in the background--CSX Q438--is stopped, awaiting clearance.


These people just make me mad - By BNSF_1088 on 07/20/04 at 12:36:39 - 'Img00214.jpg' 96 KB


Re: Here are some pictures of people trying to bea - By BNSF_1088 on 06/29/04 at 16:14:03 - 'Jun_29_001.jpg' 350 KB
Here is a DAMN SCHOOL BUS that didn't even stop to look both ways before crossing the tracks this is to damn close.


Here are some pictures of people trying to beat my - By BNSF_1088 on 06/29/04 at 13:57:12 - 'Img00136.jpg' 483 KB


Re: Operation Lifesaver At Spencer, NC - By DannyR on 05/01/04 at 18:52:13 - 'DSC02447.jpg' 126 KB
This is a nice banner for the setup also.


Re: Operation Lifesaver At Spencer, NC - By DannyR on 05/01/04 at 18:49:41 - 'DSC02435.jpg' 150 KB
Another view of the scene with the OL logo visible on the locomotive.


Operation Lifesaver At Spencer, NC - By DannyR on 05/01/04 at 18:47:49 - 'DSC02434.jpg' 157 KB
During the Heritage Day Festival at the North Carolina Transportation Museum this weekend, Operation Lifesaver was present for the occasion. NS lended GP59 #4631 painted with the OL logo for awareness and tours of the cab. Plenty of pamphlets were available for educational purposes.
Quite a few folks used the backdrop for posed photos as well.


Re: Boy Causes Emergency Stop To Take Pictures - By Charlie_O on 04/14/04 at 19:48:40 - 'Jackie7.jpg' 63 KB
on Apr 14th, 2004, 6:54pm, NYC_Subway_Fan wrote:       (Click here for original message)
Well if this one doesn't take the cake.     Where's Jackie?  

Jackie's certainly having a busy week.  
I guess spring brings out the idiots.


Re: An Idiot - By Charlie_O on 04/13/04 at 08:10:25 - 'Jackie6.jpg' 62 KB
on Apr 13th, 2004, 1:14am, BNSF_1088 wrote:       (Click here for original message)
What a DUMB A%^ Where's Jackie

Front and center...


An Idiot - By Two23 on 04/12/04 at 17:40:10 - 'Idiot.jpg' 35 KB
I was waiting at an intersection for the very heavy D&I quarrey-rock train to come through, and look at this!    I was using a wide angle lens so the train is closer than it looks in the photo.  Yes, the flashers were going and the horn was blasting.  At another intersection I saw a guy in a Jeep look at the train and then hit the gas.  The train was 30 feet away!  I put my camera on rapid fire thinking I was going to get a sequence of a Jeep flipping through the air, but the train just missed it by a very few feet.  
Kent in SD  


Re: Train? I didn't see any train. - By Coffee on 04/03/04 at 05:02:34 - 'wreck1.jpg' 79 KB
Hulcher reset the cars by the next afternoon and the hughway was opened. Article was sent by Tom Boylan.


Train? I didn't see any train. - By Coffee on 04/03/04 at 05:00:32 - 'wreck.jpg' 60 KB
I didn't see the flashing lights either...or the crossbucks. The article was one recently in the Times-Junction paper and covered an accident involving an Ashland train and a semi. Somehow the driver never saw the crossing, it's flashing lights and crossbucks nor the moving train traveling through it and slammed into the train at full speed. Sorry for the graininess.


Re: Amtrak hits car driving on tracks - By Charlie_O on 02/19/04 at 10:48:05 - 'Magoo.jpg' 32 KB
on Feb 19th, 2004, 10:35am, BNSF_1088 wrote:       (Click here for original message)
Amtrak hits car driving on tracks  
NEW YORK - A badly confused 80-year-old woman heading from the Bronx to Manhattan drove onto the Spuyten Duyvil railroad bridge last night (Feb. 16, 2004), where an Amtrak train rammed her car and plowed it 250 feet along the tracks...

Another case of Magoo Syndrome...she's lucky to be alive.


Re: Officials review whistle bans - By hummel1237 on 02/06/04 at 01:52:24 - 'roflmao.gif' 4 KB
This thread has me and my wife roaring with laughter! I love the NIMFY thing! I also love NYMPHS but that's another story...
I'm crying!


Re: Shots fired at CSX freight - By hummel1237 on 02/05/04 at 04:21:49 - 'cussing.gif' 4 KB
What a world we live in! Sad!  Maybe the shooter thought it was a deer?!
I guess I'll have to wear a bullet proof vest when taking video now -  
if they'll even continue to let railfans hang around!
The few always seem to ruin it for the many!


Re: Talk about a bad Grade Crossing - By BNSF_1088 on 02/03/04 at 16:36:54 - 'Feb_03_001.jpg' 170 KB
Here is #2   Amtrak does 70MPH through here.


Re: Talk about a bad Grade Crossing - By BNSF_1088 on 02/03/04 at 16:34:55 - 'Feb_03_002.jpg' 163 KB
Here are 2 pictures of the Grade Crossing by my house.


Re: Houston Metro train hits rail employee - By Coffee on 02/02/04 at 20:43:09 - 'photo4.jpg' 25 KB
Last one


Re: Houston Metro train hits rail employee - By Coffee on 02/02/04 at 20:42:27 - 'photo3.jpg' 27 KB


Re: Houston Metro train hits rail employee - By Coffee on 02/02/04 at 20:41:47 - 'photo2.jpg' 32 KB


Re: Houston Metro train hits rail employee - By Coffee on 02/02/04 at 20:40:52 - 'photo1.jpg' 32 KB


Re: Houston Metro train hits rail employee - By Coffee on 02/02/04 at 20:40:19 - 'photo0.jpg' 52 KB
Metro photos...


Re: What's up with these beltpack remotes? - By Charlie_O on 01/24/04 at 17:19:33 - 'Remote_sign_PK.jpg' 123 KB
Another unsettling sign of the times...NS's Abrams Yard is going remote control.  Was there yesterday and saw the signs, which are posted as far away as Port Kennedy station.  
Sadly, I'll wager the accident reports won't be far behind.
By the way, the nearest yard worker is about a mile away and around a curve from the site of this photo.  How's he gonna know what his loco is doing?
Here's a pic from PK...


Death Wish - By DannyR on 01/24/04 at 16:13:54 - 'DSC01905.jpg' 63 KB
This one doesn't star Charles Bronson but, instead, a kid trying to impress his buddies. Thought for sure I was about to photograph a fatality here.  
The engineer blasted the horn prior to blowing for the crossing. With very little to spare, the kid  finally moved off the track. Amazing.


Crossing here can be DEADLY - By big3fan on 01/19/04 at 08:10:36 - 'DSCN0639small.jpg' 131 KB
While riding the Septa system this weekend, NYC Subway Fan spotted this one. We both agreed that Matt would like this and should be posted here.
Thanks for spotting this one Alan  


CHECK OUT THIS PICTURE - By BNSF_1088 on 01/17/04 at 20:23:57 - 'Jan_17_019.jpg' 136 KB
That is one of my freinds that works for CN Police.


Re: Driving Stunt Turns Tragic - By Two23 on 01/15/04 at 23:40:06 - 'EEramp.jpg' 47 KB
Here's a photo of the rail crossing from the direction of travel of the van.  Driver is still in the hospital.  And, guess how fast they figured he was going?  Go ahead, guess.   They said "vault speed" (speed when he went airborn) was ~80 mph!.  This is a residential neighborhood about two blocks south of downtown!  
Kent in SD


Re: TRESPASSING ON RR PROPERTY - By BNSF_1088 on 01/09/04 at 20:12:28 - 'K-9-a-11.gif' 79 KB
on Jan 9th, 2004, 5:17pm, audiobahn2003 wrote:       (Click here for original message)
I sit on the BNSF emporia Sub off 71st and Martindale in western Shawnee in kansas and we were there last night and the BNSF police pulled up and took our ID's he was cool, he said that they just like to know who is down here taking pictures and they want to run their information to make sure they had no criminal records or anything, He told me theres nothing much they can really do if your taking pictures on railroad property...I didnt really understand why though theres signs everywhere.

BNSF is Railfan friendly and the only time they will do anything is if a crew member reports you.


Re: Driving Stunt Turns Tragic - By BnO_Hendo on 01/09/04 at 08:45:34 - 'train_loco_drivers-2.gif' 69 KB
People have a false sense of security in their cars. They seem to feel invulnerable. I've read all kind of psychological explanations for such behaviour- territorial, behind the wheel once feels they're in control of their lives, adrenaline rush.
Just plain stupid if you ask me.  


An example of what not to do - By big3fan on 01/05/04 at 21:18:01 - 'DSC_0011small.jpg' 136 KB
Saw this the other day.


Re: Suicidal - By Charlie_O on 12/30/03 at 17:14:25 - 'Jackie3-2.jpg' 62 KB
Been awhile since I had to trot out Jackie...but I think this fella qualifies.


Deer hunters on the tracks?? - By charlie6017 on 12/27/03 at 22:25:06 - '7471650-R1-035-16.jpg' 117 KB
This is something I saw a lot of this past fall. Nothing against hunters or anything, but hunters should'nt be allowed to be around the ROWs. I wonder where the CSX police are? The maintainance workers did'nt seem to bat an eye while they serviced the interlockings. A bunch of these guys took off down the connecting track to the right and there really is'nt a service road for them to walk on there. Just more things for crews to worry about!


Train Accident - By BNSF_1088 on 12/13/03 at 20:47:24 - 'safety2-32.gif' 8 KB
Train Accident  
One person was injured last night after an SUV and a train collided in Ashford.
The accident happened at the railroad crossing at Tenth Avenue and Old Highway 84 around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday night.  
Ashford Police say 21-year-old Tyrene Underwood was driving the 2000 Mitsubishi Montero and tried to beat the train across the tracks.  
The CSX Train was engineered by Jim Riles of Dothan. Riles was not injured but Underwood is listed in critical condition at the Southeast Alabama Medical Center.  
Police say an investigation is continuing.
wtvynews4.com Extended Web Coverage
Operation Lifesaver
In 1972, when Operation Lifesaver began, there were approximately 12,000 collisions between trains and motor vehicles annually.  
By 1999, the most recent year for which complete information has been collected, the number of train/motor vehicle collisions had been reduced by more than 70 percent to 3,489.
Highway-Rail: Grade Crossing Fatalities
Illinois (54)  
Texas (41)  
Indiana (26)  
California (24)  
Ohio (21)  
Louisiana (20)  
Florida (19)  
Minnesota (17)  
Mississippi (17)  
Arkansas (15)  
Michigan (15)  
Oklahoma (14)  
Alabama (12)  
Iowa (10)  
Kansas ( 8
According to final statistics, there were 402 highway-rail grade crossing fatalities in 1999.
Seventy-eight percent of all 1999 highway-rail grade crossing fatalities occurred in these states.
Pedestrian: Trespass Fatalities
California (86)  
Texas (42)  
Illinois (32)  
Florida (24)  
N. Carolina (21)  
New York (1 18
Arizona (14)  
New Jersey (14)  
Ohio (14)  
Washington (13)  
Tennessee (12)  
Georgia (11)  
Minnesota (10)  
Arkansas (10)
According to final statistics, there were 479 rail pedestrian/trespasser fatalities in 1999.
Seventy percent of all 1999 rail pedestrian/trespass fatalities occurred in these states.
Operation Lifesaver Safety Tips
Never drive around lowered gates – it’s illegal and deadly.
If you suspect a signal is malfunctioning, call the 1-800 number posted on or near the crossing signal or your local law enforcement agency.
Never race a train to the crossing – even if you tie, you lose.
Do not get trapped on the tracks. Only proceed through a highway-rail grade crossing if you are sure you can completely clear the crossing without stopping.  
Remember, the train is three feet wider than the tracks on both sides.
If your vehicle stalls on a crossing, immediately get everyone out and far away from the tracks. (Move away from the tracks in the direction from which the train is approaching.) Call your local law enforcement agency for assistance.
At a multiple track crossing waiting for a train to pass, watch out for a second train on the other tracks, approaching in either direction.
Be aware that trains cannot stop quickly. Even if the locomotive engineer sees you, a freight train moving at 55 miles per hour can take a mile or more to stop once the emergency brakes are applied. That’s at least 18 football fields!
ALWAYS EXPECT A TRAIN! Freight trains do not follow set schedules.
Source: LINK URL (Operation Lifesaver Web site) contributed to this report


Driver blamed for crash that killed four at Anoka - By BNSF_1088 on 12/12/03 at 02:54:07 - 'rail5.gif' 19 KB
Driver blamed for crash that killed four at Anoka train crossing  
Jim Adams, Star Tribune  
Published December 12, 2003 CRSH12  
The crash that killed four young people at a railroad crossing in Anoka in September was caused mainly by the driver's ignoring a flashing cross arm signaling the train that ripped the car in half, investigators found.  
The investigators concluded in a report released Thursday that traces of alcohol were found in two of the people killed in the crash, but it was an insignificant amount. Anoka police also found beer cans in the car's wreckage, but they appeared to be unopened, the reports said.  
Police detected no sign of drug or alcohol use by the Burlington Northern train engineer or conductor.  
The crash scene was "consistent with the Chevrolet Cavalier having driven around the cross arm for southbound Ferry St.," according to a reconstruction report by State Patrol Sgt. Scott Trautner.  
He said he wasn't able to determine which of the three people thrown from the car was driving the car, which had a manual transmission. However, he ruled out Harry Rhoades, 19, of Blaine, as the driver because his body was found belted in the front passenger seat after the crash.  
Anoka police reports indicated that the driver was probably the car's owner, Brian L. Frazier, 20, of Blaine.  
The mothers of the two other people in the car -- Bridgette Shannon, 17, of Ramsey, and Corey Chase, 20, of Coon Rapids -- told police that the two didn't know how to drive a manual transmission. And Frazier's roommate told police he rarely let anyone else drive his car., which bore the personalized license plate, THE FRAZ.  
Police said that except for the train's engineer, Bradley Bellmore of Glyndon, Minn., there were no witnesses to the accident.  
Bellmore, 42, told an Anoka County sheriff's deputy that he couldn't stop his 6,000-ton train in time.  
"As we come up to the crossing and I was blowing the whistle, I seen a vehicle go around the gates and ... at 58, 59 miles an hour, there was no time to react," he said.  
He said he "knew the vehicle wasn't going to get across," adding, "It looked like it was full of people." His conductor looked up when he heard Bellmore yell.  
"I looked back, and I could see the car flipping through the air on my side of the engine," said Timothy Langeberg, 52. Both men said they thought they saw one or two cars waiting at the crossing, reports said.  
The Sept. 26 crash happened about 10 p.m. The Ferry Street crossing road was dry, and no equipment defects were found, the State Patrol's report said. Crash expert Trautner said a westbound freight train is clearly visible to traffic on Ferry Street day or night.  
An Anoka officer at the scene that night saw Burlington Northern workers activating the flashing crossing signals and raising and lowering the crossing arm after the crash and observed they seemed to operate properly.  
Trautner noted, however, that Burlington Northern failed to provide signal-crossing data that railroad officials told him is logged about how far away the train is when the signal is activated. A railroad official, Lynn Ross, said she has been unable to get the information to Trautner, but plans to do so.  
An analysis of the car's brake lights indicated that they were not on when the car was hit by the train, Trautner said. He found the main factors in the accident were careless driving and failure to stop at the railroad crossing.  
The report marks the end of the 2 1/2-month investigation, and the case has been closed, said sheriff's Capt. Bob Aldrich.  
Jim Adams is at  


Re: No Left Turn - By NJ Railfan on 12/09/03 at 17:56:12 - 'question.jpg' 157 KB
What is that signal for in the red circle?


Re: TRAIN PICK UP TRUCK ACCIDENT LAFAYETTE LA - By BNSF_1088 on 11/30/03 at 19:35:20 - 'Nov30180.jpg' 115 KB


Re: TRAIN PICK UP TRUCK ACCIDENT LAFAYETTE LA - By BNSF_1088 on 11/30/03 at 19:33:39 - 'Nov30181.jpg' 146 KB


Re: TRAIN PICK UP TRUCK ACCIDENT LAFAYETTE LA - By BNSF_1088 on 11/30/03 at 19:31:46 - 'Nov30182.jpg' 100 KB


TRAIN PICK UP TRUCK ACCIDENT LAFAYETTE LA - By BNSF_1088 on 11/30/03 at 19:30:05 - 'Nov30183.jpg' 99 KB
This happened about 3hrs ago just went past the road 4 min before a BNSF train hit the pick up.i heard it on the radio and went to the scene. what a hit here are some pictures.


Re: ROCK THROWING PEOPLE - By BnO_Hendo on 11/20/03 at 14:28:17 - 'psn00020.jpg' 9 KB
I tell ya, Matt- load up with a few cartons of eggs and start throwing back. Even if you miss, they'll run for cover.  This kind of crap is ridiculous, that we have to put up with this kind of nonsense. WAIT! How about a paintball gun? Ah, nothing like the smell of paint in the morning! Try this paintball machine gun!


Re: TRUCK TRAIN ACCIDENTS - By BNSF_1088 on 11/20/03 at 10:56:36 - '1118VNDwreck-a.jpg' 21 KB
Train rams rig in East Deer
By Chuck Biedka
Wednesday, November 19, 2003  
EAST DEER: No one was reported injured Tuesday afternoon even though a Norfolk Southern freight train hit a tractor-trailer truck that pulled into its path at a busy crossing, police and rail officials said.  
The wreck briefly blocked the crossing off Freeport Road and police charged the driver.  
Borough Police Chief John Manchini said truck driver Bassi Palvinder, no age or address available, apparently misunderstood traffic signals or thought he could make a right turn onto the Pitt-Penn Oil crossing and get through it before an approaching train arrived.  
"He made it, but about six feet of the trailer didn't," said conductor Richard Haines, of Duncansville. "We're just glad he's not hurt." He referred further questions to Norfolk Southern Corp. headquarters. Company officials didn't returns calls.  


Re: Railroad Crossing Safety – Look, Listen & Live - By BnO_Hendo on 11/18/03 at 10:49:18 - 'train_loco_drivers.gif' 69 KB
Geez, that video sure drives home the point, eh?  Maybe they need to make it into a commercial for broadcasting.  
Speaking of commercials, I can't believe we had to sit through a commercial first.  


Re: POLL DO YOU THINK RR SHOULD BLOCK ROAD CROSSIN - By BNSF_1088 on 11/16/03 at 11:43:22 - '1116trainmap.gif' 36 KB
Article Published: Sunday, November 16, 2003  
Growing cities getting cross with railroads
By Alicia Caldwell and John Ingold  
Denver Post Staff Writers
ARVADA - Many Arvadans have had their fill of the "Beer Train."  
A half-dozen times a day, freight trains that primarily serve the Coors brewery chug across the city's busiest street, stopping traffic and leaving roads snarled for half an hour.
The railroad always has been part of the rhythm of Arvada, but in recent years this city of 102,000 has grown too busy to tolerate such disruptions. The city is proposing a $17.8 million underpass so that freight trains and cars no longer would get in each other's way.
Such conflicts are on the rise across Colorado.
In Brighton, Union Pacific trains block every crossing in the city up to a dozen times a day, meaning firefighters and paramedics responding to emergency calls sometimes have to wait for trains to pass.
In Commerce City, city planners want to balance railroads' vital service with the city's industrial base and the new growth of homeowners, who want peace and quiet.
And in Douglas County, residents have pushed authorities in the last decade to build costly flyovers over railroad tracks after several high-profile and horrific train-car accidents.
State and local officials also are looking at expensive ways to separate urban life and freight trains, including moving rail lines east of the Front Range and onto the plains.
During the past century, railroads were instrumental in making Denver a metropolitan area. And while the area has grown too busy to live with freights, it still relies on them for deliveries of new cars, coal for electricity and food, among other goods.
Many growing suburbs are simply stuck with the trains.
"What we're saddled with, if we can't move them out of here, we have to figure out how to live with them," said Brighton Mayor Jan Pawlowski. "If we hadn't had the trains in the beginning, we probably wouldn't be what we are today. But ours goes right through the middle of town, and as we've grown, it creates a major problem."
Of paramount concern to every city is safety.
Despite annual fluctuations, the overall numbers for train-car collisions in metro area counties have moved upward during the past five years, mirroring a statewide trend, according to federal statistics.
The accident that critically injured 16-year-old Douglas County High School student Maureen Martin, whose car was hit by a train in Castle Rock last year, galvanized the community and prompted calls for moving railroad crossings.
In response, Castle Rock plans to build an $8.5 million roadway overpass at the busy intersection where the accident occurred.
Last month, at an intersection near Sedalia, a Colorado Springs woman was seriously injured in a collision with a train.
Industry representatives say that accident numbers are small and are increasing far more slowly than the numbers of cars on the road and freight trains on the rails. For instance, the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway claims its rate of grade-crossing collisions has declined by 47 percent - from 5.41 per million train miles in 1995 to a rate of 2.89 in 2002.
"We think we've made some progress on that, particularly given that rail traffic has increased so much," said John Bromley, spokesman for Union Pacific Railroad, a major freight line in Colorado.
 Aside from accidents, other safety issues arise. In Brighton, Pawlowski says her biggest concern with the train is how it cuts off access for emergency crews, creating a potential - though so far largely unrealized - safety issue.
Brighton's police and fire departments say they have experienced occasional situations where the passing train prevents them from getting from one side to the other. Union Pacific's Bromley said if the train is stopped, the crews have an emergency number to call to get the train moving again.
But officials say it's usually easier to just wait for trains to pass.
Carl Craigle, head of Brighton's Platte Valley Medical Center's paramedics, said the train hasn't caused major problems in recent years. The last time a train delayed ambulance crews, he said, was three months ago. But it turned out the alarm was false.
Still, Pawlowski said it's the potential that something serious could happen that scares her. The Greater Brighton Fire Protection District is building new stations on the eastern and western fringes of town, mostly to accommodate growth in the area. But the stations also will increase flexibility should a crew from one station not be able to cross the tracks, Craigle said.
For safety reasons as well as others, the Colorado Department of Transportation recently commissioned a $450,000 study to look at building 90 miles of new tracks as part of a plan to move freight lines east, away from the Front Range and onto the plains. The existing lines would be converted for shorter, quicker commuter trains.
"It's not just people in cars and the public in general who are frustrated with all the train traffic coming through Denver," said Tom Mauser, a CDOT planning manager. "Railroads have that frustration, too."
Bromley said Union Pacific, which moves about 40 trains a day through Colorado, would support such a move if it doesn't negatively affect freight traffic or growth.
"It's going to be expensive," he said. "If the public will is there to do that, we think it's fine."
Mauser said he didn't know how much such a relocation would cost. The wild card, he said, is the cost of buying right of way and building grade separations, which is what Arvada is contemplating.
But for most people, the problem with trains in a busy area is simply gut-level annoyance.
 "People are backed up to I-70 at rush hour when that train lumbers through here," said Brian Glover, who has lived in Arvada all his life and favors the underpass. Interstate 70 is about 1 mile from the intersection. "The traffic in the area is ridiculous."
When the train rolls through Brighton, cars back up for blocks in either direction.
"The train always seems to come at choice times, morning rush hour, evening rush hour," Pawlowski said. "... Some move very slowly through our community. It becomes very aggravating to people just sitting there in cars waiting for the train to clear."
Just separating the tracks from the road, like two fighting 5- year-olds, seems to be the cleanest solution for many cities.
A study commissioned by Arvada proposes an underpass at the Wadsworth Boulevard Bypass and Grandview Avenue. An environmental impact study is underway.
Pawlowski said she would like to see some kind of over- or underpass - what is known as a grade separation - in Brighton, too.
Littleton officials came to the same conclusion a couple of decades ago. Projections were that freight traffic would increase to 100 trains a day, and safety was a concern, said Jim Woods, Littleton city manager.
"There was a lot of disruption to the community," Woods said.
A half-dozen railroad crossing projects were undertaken, Woods said, some with the railroad tracks going over the roads, some with them passing under. The costs were shared by the state and the city, he said.
Modifying the railroad crossings took about 20 years, but it made a significant difference in the quality of life, Woods said.
Douglas County also built a grade separation at the intersection of U.S. 85 and Titan Road, where six teenagers died in a collision with a train in 1995.
Lena Kent, spokesperson for the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway, said the company has worked with communities across the country to close 1,800 crossings. That means the street leading to the crossing is closed.
"The best way to engineer out some of the risk is to take the crossing out," Kent said.
Not all crossings are suited for such significant changes. In Brighton, for instance, the approach to a highway overpass for one major crossing would obscure access to main street businesses.
Then there's the money. Union Pacific's Bromley estimates it costs $25 million to $30 million to build a grade separation. And Pawlowski said railroads rarely chip in funding for a grade separation.
"They've been there first, and they're not moving," Pawlowski said of the railroads.


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Re: TRUCK TRAIN ACCIDENTS - By BNSF_1088 on 11/16/03 at 10:00:00 - 'Jun17134-2-3.jpg' 50 KB
This is old but i think it is a good exsample of what can happen when people don't pay attition.
An Amtrak train struck a logging truck in Hammond Tuesday afternoon, flipping logs onto another car and pinning the driver inside her vehicle for about half an hour, authorities at the scene said.    
 The accident occurred at 3:11 p.m. when a truck hauling logs was stopped at a red light at the Old Covington Highway and Southwest Railroad Avenue tracks. The logs were protruding over the tracks and were hit by the passenger train, police at the scene said.  
 The truck driver, David Dunway, said he was heading to McComb, Miss., and had just crossed the tracks when he realized one of the crossarms came down into the bed of logs he was hauling for Jerry Smithie Logging Company, of Jayess, Miss.  
 Dunway said he pulled up some more, but didn't clear the tracks because the light was red.  
 Because the driver didn't clear the tracks, logs hanging from the bed and in the path of the train were struck, flipping the bed but leaving the truck's cab intact, officials said.  
 A Ford Explorer turning onto Old Covington Highway from Southwest Railroad Avenue pulled next to the logging truck at nearly the same time, witnesses said, and the logs poured onto Malia Witte's car, crushing it and pinning her inside the vehicle.  
 Authorities first moved the train so the logs could be pulled from the wreckage.  
 Firefighters rushed to remove the logs using chains and pulling logs with a firetruck. Fire Chief Paul Collura said he spotted a backhoe in nearby traffic, and commandeered it, later learning it belonged to the Parish Council.  
 The logging company, which was working only a mile down the road, according to Dunway, sent a log mover and skidder to assist in the rescue efforts.  
 One eyewitness to the accident, Saundra Brown, who said she was the first person on the scene, described hearing the train's horn blowing and said she realized the log truck wasn't clear of the crossarms.  
 "He cleared the east arm," she said, "but it bounced up and the west arm came down."  
 She knew there was going to be an accident, she said.  
 Acadian Ambulance medics stood by while rescue workers worked to free Witte, using a chainsaw to cut the remaining logs that officials feared would crush her if they were pulled off.  
 Ropes held the last four logs in place while firefighter Steve Notariano cut through the logs with the chainsaw.  
 Firefighters used the Jaws of Life to extricate Witte from the crushed car, and she was placed on a long spine board and immobilized so she could be taken to the hospital for treatment of moderate injuries, according to fire officials.  
 Many of the rescue workers said they were surprised anyone lived through the accident after looking at Witte's Explorer, which was crushed down to about four feet from the wheel base to the roof.  
 "She's lucky," Hammond Central Fire Captain John Polito said.  
 Logs were scattered down to Cypress Street in the aftermath of the accident and rescue effort, and the crossarms were crushed by the impact of the accident.  
 The tracks were cleared shortly after the accident.  
 Capt. Donald Day of the Hammond Police Department said while other tickets may be pending, Dunway will be ticketed with stopping on railroad tracks.  
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