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Topic Summary
Posted by: Ronal_Fadillah_IRF Posted on: May 13th, 2018, 10:16am

Get closer premium economy trainset or economy 2017 artificial, economy 2017 or economy '17th're trainset owned by IR Ll Co. This trainset're from economy 2016 trainset improvement, this trainset have facilities like economy 2016 trainset that's it
2. Hook of sling bag in wall(it's basically paired in wall doesn't inthe behind parts of another seat hihihi)
3. Bottle bracket inthe behind parts of another seat
4. Plug charger in under minitable
5. Armrest, but The lotus trainset(Indonesia railfans's nickname because the logo border lotus flower shapped), distance between seat're wide wichmean economy 2016 trainset is narrow, difable accessbility there wichmean economy 2016 doesn't have
Now, He used in : Jayakarta, Argo Parahyangan, Mataram, Additional Madiun, East Sancaka, Additional Eastern Pearls and Penataran Express train
The bogie is K10 type (the bogie used  a connical rubber(main) and spiral spring(secondary)
First interior picture

Second interior picture

Faced seat on number 11 and 12

Source : first picture : idrailnews.wordpress.com, second picture : wijinurhidayat.blogspot.com, faced seat : http://www.railway.web.id
For more information :
1. first picture : July 2016 years archive→Tampilan baru kereta kelas ekonomi di Indonesia
2. Second picture : Tampilan cantik gerbong kereta ekonomi seri terbaru buatan INKA
3. Faced seat : find the search box, type Gambar rangkaian KA ekonomi terbaru new concept By INKA
Any question or openvoice about economy '17 trainset?