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Mainline Cabeese (Cabooses?) on UP
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   Mainline Cabeese (Cabooses?) on UP
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   Author  Topic: Mainline Cabeese (Cabooses?) on UP  (Read 42 times)
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Mainline Cabeese (Cabooses?) on UP
« on: Dec 1st, 2016, 3:44pm »
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Have recently seen a number of UP freights coming through Nacogdoches with a caboose bringing up the rear. May or may not have had any crew on board - nobody in sight. Trains headed both north (toward Shreveport) and south (toward Houston) on the former SP (HE&WT line as built). Sort of a lemon yellow with some red lines at top of side sheets and lettering. Both UP and SP initials on side on bay window. Look like ex-SP bay window cars repainted and generally refurbished.  
Anybody know why we might be seeing these? And why some are marked "SP", since EsPee is long folded into Union Pacific, so long that the once common SP (and for that matter - Cotton belt) power is never seen any longer. And these look newly painted. I'd like to see one next to a loco, as the yellow doesn't seem to look quite  like the usual Armour Yellow seen on UP gear.

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