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Rail Controlled Highway Operators
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   Rail Controlled Highway Operators
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   Author  Topic: Rail Controlled Highway Operators  (Read 45 times)
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Rail Controlled Highway Operators
« on: Nov 22nd, 2015, 10:36am »
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Norm - Clyde - Lodge Members -
Norm, in another topic, you remarked, "...I suspect the end of Santa Fe Trailways (and their air-freight venture, as well), was due to  
anti-trust concerns?  I'd love to hear Vern's and Clyde's thoughts on this
..." . . .  
Short answer? Your writer does not think so. Site "Streamliner Memories" (cited here otherwise in another topic) with a concise history  
of the course of railroad controlled highway operations. Recall, the start of the TRAILWAYS System (1936) at the urging and advocacy  
of the Federal, Interstate Commerce Commission, in the era of beginning of its regulation of highway motor carriers (1935). It concerned  
about dominance of GREYHOUND. The SANTA FE TRAILS entity a part of the new TWYS System. If anything, SFeTT aided to allay  
anti-trust concerns. (Federal pursuit of Anti-Trust suddenly in vogue with "New Deal" mentality.)
"Streamliner Memories" site, BTW, misses a number of other realities. It does not account for Kansas City based, coast to coast PICKWICK.  
Nor does it note KC based, coast to coast YELLOWAY. More, lacks any detail of importance of PACIFIC GREYHOUND, which an alter ego  
of "ESPEE" RR. Related note. Leland James owned and operated several Portland OR based bus lines. In time, these sold to ESPEE (ca.  
1929). The funds financed start of Consolidated Freightways. PICKWICK went to PACIFIC GL. YELLOWAY business apparently sold off, and  
funds started Yellow Freight System.
Railroads and Air Cargo ventures. Recall with airline de-regulation, suddenly near anyone could get a Certificate to serve as an Air Freight  
Forwarder. A number of Railroads did receive such authority. For the most part, net result was little success.
Sidenote? Rail operations with truck and bus services. Simple. Too many branch lines. To serve the carload customers, daily service not  
needed. At the same time, obligations of Common Carrier Authority demanded published schedules, so to serve any ridership. Too, timely  
demands in handling of Express and Mail. With latter, it better to run truck and bus support...


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