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Braking Resistors
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   Braking Resistors
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Braking Resistors
« on: Jun 11th, 2014, 5:09am »
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In EOT cranes the induction motors are controlled by VFD s also braking resistors are also provided. It is said that the braking resistors are provided to reduce the DC bus voltage building up to a high level when the motor is stopped quickly.
My doubt is that if we are using a cont actor in between the vfd terminals and cable connecting the induction motor terminals and if we do the control wiring in such a way to isolate the vfd from the motor at the time of stopping so that the voltage building up in dc bus can be avoided..?
And one more doubt is that what will happen if the ac induction motor is stopped suddenly..? (Considering that it is directly fed from the supply without the vfd and no braking resistor is used at the time of stopping.)
Will the motor burn out...? Sorry to ask it may be a silly or a stupid question but i would like to know about this...


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