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Passenger car dimensions and specs
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   Passenger car dimensions and specs
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   Author  Topic: Passenger car dimensions and specs  (Read 221 times)
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Passenger car dimensions and specs
« on: Apr 11th, 2012, 3:20pm »
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I have recently been scrambling around to find dimensions, weights, etc. for passenger cars, and passenger engines as well, currently or recently in use in the USA.  In particular, I was after weights and axle spacings.  Surprisingly difficult to find all of the above.  
Just recently ran across a report that gave me a few:
This one gives the info on the Caltrain commuter cars and the California coaches.  

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Re: Passenger car dimensions and specs
« Reply #1 on: Apr 12th, 2012, 9:46am »
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George -
Honestly! These days, has the Engineering gone over to all 'Net, or "Loose Leaf Manuals", or both. No one remembers nuttin'?
I thought we had these general rules in play: 1) The EMD (and other) power on six axles, so not to exceed max. axle loadings  
for the line of railroad for which it was designed. We are, therefore, with a locomotive weight at N/E 240K on six axles? (The  
center axle an idler, IIRC) (Don't send "E Unit" types onto light branches!)
2) The older, "conventional" PULLMAN Cars at around 180K on six axles.
3) The three axle trucks on the Cars may have been a PULLMAN Patent.
4) Many of the Streamline Era BUDD Cars came in at around 120K, and carried on four axles.
5) The PRR GG-1 rather ingenious. Recall it was a 2+C+C+2 (4-6-6-4). Gross weight of those beasts oughta' be around here  
somewhere on a web site. (Recall, same issues with steam S-1 and T-1 types. The examples quite heavy, and could not run  
lighter branches.)  
Unless those new kids involved too embarrassed to do so, some informal lunches with folks from present Railroad Engineering  
Depts. likely could be helpful.
(Thanks to Jeff Foxworthy.) You know you may be an old hand at it, when you have forgotten more than the new kids know! <G>
Sidenote, and finally: Note FRA (or some related Agency) now in a tizzy about Rule Making for structural integrity (crashworthiness)  
standards for new passenger car product. What are they doing here? Better they recall exactly how BUDD built cars? Those old files lost?


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Re: Passenger car dimensions and specs
« Reply #2 on: Apr 12th, 2012, 10:29am »
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Does Simmons-Boardman still publish this data in their Car & Locomotive Cyclopedia? I have three copies of their Car Builder's Cyclopedia from the '50s and early '60s and it seems to be a fairly comprehensive reference.


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