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Rebuilding the Mainline
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   The Mainline
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   Rebuilding the Mainline
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Rebuilding the Mainline
« on: Mar 3rd, 2010, 7:17pm »
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I live in northeast Indianapolis along the Nickle Plate/Indiana R.R. line and there is talks about making the line a commuter light rail but I doubt it'll happen anytime soon. One of 6 spokes that would feed into Union Station in Indianapolis. It would be the model for the test. Of course a lot of people are screaming about cost and it's only for the rich but they fail to remember, the train travels both ways. The state will be reconstructing a major interstate interchange that is the main artery into Indianapolis from the NE counties. That begins in 2013/14/15 and will cost billions. During that time we're talking hours added to the commute.  
The light rail line won't start being built until 2012-13 if it can find the billion to update the line for light rail. I was wondering how much it cost per mile to reconstruct traditional trackage, build a 30' steel bridge and connect to existing CSX double track that goes to Union Station and beyond. Why they took that bridge down and removed the other connection east of there is beyond me. The connection in Tipton was removed too so the line is locked in. The Indiana Transportation Museum use to be able to go practically anywhere by hitting those east/west  mainlines.  
Anyway, it would be a nice fundraising opportunity and a great way to show the skeptical public the convenience of rail if the ITM ran 3 trips to and from in the morning and 3 at night. Plus, all our major sports venue's are right next to the line downtown. All the steel rail is there plus extra from spurs along with switches. it seems to me that some of the roadbed and ties would need to be replace for about a mile leading to the bridge. the bridge is the kicker, unless one could be used from another abandoned railroad which we have many around Indiana. I'm sure we could get one for free if we remove it. It would be nice if this happened before they start construction on the interstate.

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