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Caboose Whistles - By CHESSIEMIKE on 08/22/07 at 22:20:25 - 'Caboose_Whistles.jpg' 84 KB
I don't think we have touched on these. Here are 2 that I have. Both are in as aquired condition. As you can tell from the unpainted one, they are all brass construction. The "whistle" part can pivot to dump some air to apply the brakes.


Re: Vacation Time - By CHESSIEMIKE on 08/18/07 at 10:13:22 - 'Chessie_Centerfold.jpg' 123 KB
So, where do you want to go on your Vacation?


Re: Vacation Time - By CHESSIEMIKE on 08/18/07 at 10:04:21 - 'Chessie_Vacation_Rear_002.jpg' 108 KB
Looking at the back cover you see a rendering of the new Chessie Streamliner passing the Hawks Nest overlook.


Vacation Time - By CHESSIEMIKE on 08/18/07 at 10:01:36 - 'Chessie_VandT_Cover.jpg' 65 KB
Now that vacation time for some is about over, let's look back and see how it was "back in the day". It's 1948 and you have decided to see what the C&O has to offer. You contact them and you get this in reply.


Re: Date Nails - By Spooler734 on 12/31/06 at 05:52:36 - 'Date_Nails_007.jpg' 75 KB
I have a few from the Western Maryland Railway and from the B&O railroad. The one on the right is from WMRY (1956) and the on the left is from the B&O (1958 ).


Railroad Money - By hudsonelectric on 12/05/06 at 19:24:26 - 'w_and_a_50_cent_note.jpg' 166 KB
During the Civil War, people were hoarding Confederate coins because of the value of the metal coin itself, not the face value. The State of Georgia authorized one of its biggest industrial revenue generators, the Western & Atlantic RR, to issue currency notes up to $200,000 in total value. This is an 1862 'change note' donated to my collection by my friend John (WG McAdoo).  


Re: Erie Limited Photo - By hudsonelectric on 11/18/06 at 14:10:03 - 'Erie_Limited_PC.jpg' 166 KB
The photo above was also the basis for this Erie released postcard.  


Erie Limited Photo - By hudsonelectric on 11/18/06 at 14:08:59 - 'Erie_Limited_BW_Photo.jpg' 155 KB
This is an official Erie RR B&W photo of the Erie Limited near Port Jervis, NY. It has typed general credits on the reverse side, but no credits to a photographer. It was probablt taken by the Erie RR photographer John Long.


Gotta light? - By Charlie_O on 11/04/06 at 13:59:41 - 'PRRmatchbook.jpg' 110 KB
New to my collection... PRR streamlined steamer (K-4?) and happy passengers highlight this full-color matchbook, probably 1940s, boasting of the PRR's direct route and affordable comfort.  Inside (not shown) is a PRR system map.    
I've flipped the image and created a side-by-side so you can see both illustrations without turning your computer over.
Anyone else got any RR matchbooks?


Re: Non railroad paper that has railroad stuff - By Charlie_O on 11/02/06 at 15:17:54 - '1939WorldsFair_envelope.jpg' 96 KB
Here's an odd find I couldn't pass up.... this envelope, stamped and cancelled on the final day of the season for the 1939 World's Fair in New York City, highlights the Railroads on Parade exhibit at the fair.  
It is addressed to a Dr. Edward Chickering, a prominent teacher at Jamaica High School and a member of the Long Island Stamp Club by the club's Chairman pro tem, Chas. Lasky.
The envelope features a fine illustration of streamlined steam at its best.    


Re: Non railroad paper that has railroad stuff - By CHESSIEMIKE on 10/20/06 at 21:59:48 - 'LS_Park_Guidance.jpg' 36 KB
Thought I would dig up an old thread with a new item.    I never thought about a car parking like it was on tracks. The new Lexus LS460 has an "available Advanced Park Guidance System".  You push a few buttons and the car will help you park it.


Re: Prototype Photos from the '30s & '40s - By hudsonelectric on 09/15/06 at 08:34:41 - 'SN_Steeple_Cab_Motors.jpg' 101 KB
And in this final shot from the mid-'30s we see a pair of the famous SN GE steeple cab units hanging around the house. This view also shows the locos in their earlier, simple paint scheme prior to getting safety stripes and larger letters and numbers.  


Re: Prototype Photos from the '30s & '40s - By hudsonelectric on 09/15/06 at 08:31:56 - 'SN_Cabooses_1935.jpg' 84 KB
This next photo from the mid-'30s shows a pair of Sacremento Northern cabooses. The SN was an electric railroad owned by the Western Pacific. Note the spoked wheels on the arch bar trucks of the long caboose.  


Prototype Photos from the '30s & '40s - By hudsonelectric on 09/15/06 at 08:29:37 - 'Norfolk_Southern_Gas_Motor_Car_1941.jpg' 70 KB
These great original B&W photos are a gift from our friend John (WG McAdoo). The first is of an ACF gas motor car on the original Norfolk Southern. Taken in 1941, this car is very similar to the ACF cars operated by the NYS&W. The Norfok Southern operated between Norfolk and the northeastern part of NC.  


US Coast Guard Paper - By CHESSIEMIKE on 06/09/06 at 15:56:37 - 'USCG_Certificate_of_Inspection_for_tug_Delmar.jpg' 182 KB
Yes, there is a connection between railroads and the USCG.
Here is a Certificate of Inspection for the P.R.R. tug Delmar.
Sorry that the whole thing is too big for my scanner.


Re: What's in YOUR Collection?? - By hudsonelectric on 04/16/06 at 19:31:38 - 'CT_CO_Badge.jpg' 135 KB
The NYNH&HRR here in Connecticut consolidated and operated the trolley and streetcar lines throughout the state. Known as The Connecticut Company, trolley service was provided to and from the major cities and small towns, including the area where I live just north of New Haven and south of Waterbury. This is a motoman's hat badge from The Connecticut Company that I recently purchased for my collection.  


Re: Monon Print, Fogg or Not? - By Coffee on 03/13/06 at 17:17:54 - 'mononfoggprint01.jpg' 41 KB
It's been confirmed having sent an inquiry to the Monon Railroad Society:
According to others in the Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society, yes that was a Fogg print. It is said to be South Hammond. Hope this answers you original question.
Tom Kepshire
Webmaster MRHTS"
Tom sent along a better picture, though it too lacks the Fogg signature and the people are cut.  


Re: What's in YOUR Collection?? - By WM_kid on 02/23/06 at 23:50:51 - 'P3030659_1024x768.jpg' 140 KB
Well, I thought I might Chime in with my most favored part(s) of my collection... Locomotive Horns...
        Besides my District-Freight-Timetables from the Chessie,SBD, & CR. And my old Starlight 222's and 292's I own actual Locomotive Horns... Note-I have paind legal tender for all of the horns in my collection, none have been stolen & or illegally traded...
     To start, my first horn in my collection, thats been in my collection for over 2 years now, is my Leslie S-25, Single Chime Horn. Its heritage is un-known, but, I love her sound, Blatt & Loud... XD
     My Second horn in my collection is my Prime MFG PM920(Three Chime), of the same design of a Leslie S3-L, Prime casted their version a bit thicker, giving it a rich and deep and mellow sound. Its heritage is Obviously Union Pacific, by the heavily faded UP harbor Mist Grey. This is currently my favorite horn in my collection.
     The Third horn in my hobby, is my Leslie RS3-L(Three Chime). It is of obvious Conrail/CSX Heritage, and I believe, if I'm not mistaken, came off of CR Engine 5109. When I got it two three months ago, she was in "As removed from engine (ARFE!!)" condition.. On her trial Honk.. She sounded like a canadian Goose.... "Squeeeeel-HHHOOONKKk... Sounded like Conrail to me!!! Alas, after some new gaskets and other parts, I gav her a second trial, and She went out Deep & rich, signature Leslie RS3-L.. I'm very pleased with this horn, very Signature!
      My Last horn, actually still on her way to my house, is My Leslie RS2-A(Two Chime). I haven't tested her yet ofcourse, but, I do know, from pictures, that she is of Conrail/NS heritage, supposedly off of an SW1500 or something like.
   Well, I hope everyone atleast gets a kick out of what my collection has most of. Locomotive Horns have become my main passion in the "Railroadania" side of railroading, besides Rail photography and railfanning (nothing like a good story of train chasing in minus -15 degree weather). By the time I turn 30, I plan to have atleast 40 horns in my collection, mainly ones that won't be just run-of-the-line horns, I plan to have M-5's M-3's Chessie K5LA's, SOU OC P-5's... and many more...
     Now, as a last note, I know a lot of you likely want a horn for your collection, but none of mine are for sale, its my private collection. I also don't enduce e-bay either..  I've come to find that a lot of the horns on there are either stolen, or something of the sort. I suggest the best way of getting yourself A horn is visiting your local scrap/recycling facility, or, one local to a big rail yard (IE CSX's "Waycross" engine facility.)
       Either way, I hope you all like my update about "Whats in your collection"....
             Mike J. Mullins
             St. Albans WV


Re: What's in YOUR Collection?? - By TAB on 12/20/05 at 11:16:09 - 'end_of_tape_2.jpg' 136 KB
Image #2


Re: What's in YOUR Collection?? - By TAB on 12/20/05 at 11:15:07 - 'end_of_tape.jpg' 158 KB
I was able to unroll the speed recorder tapes with minimal damage. It seems as if the tape of the lead engine, #1532, was not working but the tape from the second engine #1526 was. The images that follow are from the second engine.
In the first image the dip in the graph on the left shows the stop at E’Port. Then on the tape’s scale acceleration up to 55 MPH is indicated. This is where the train hit the derail. The event is indicated by the irregular line which shows not only the reduction in speed but also the wheel slip as the engine bumped over the ties. Then the line shows the plunge into the waters of Newark Bay.
The second image shows an inscription at the very end of the tape. It looks like it reads:
C Paw


Re: What's in YOUR Collection?? - By TAB on 12/17/05 at 19:44:31 - 'Time_Table_Inside.jpg' 236 KB
And the Southbound:


Re: What's in YOUR Collection?? - By TAB on 12/17/05 at 19:43:11 - 'Time_Table_Cover.jpg' 238 KB
Here is the time table that was included with the speed recorder tapes. I noticed that the date of the schedule is a year prior to the accident but my police officer friend said it came from disaster scene or else it would not have been included as evidence in the box with the speed recorder tapes. He thought it might have been found on one of the deceased, may have been surrendered by a survivor or may have been floating in the water.
Here is the North Bound Schedule:


Re: What's in YOUR Collection?? - By TAB on 12/13/05 at 09:27:48 - 'recorder_tapes.jpg' 175 KB
I have the speed recorder tapes from Jersey Central GP-7 #1532. This was the lead engine of a pair that went off the Newark Bay draw bridge, along with three passenger cars in September, 1958. Also in the box is a water stained time table for that train.


N&W Blotter - By hudsonelectric on 12/10/05 at 08:14:30 - 'Precision_Transportation_Blotter001.jpg' 101 KB
Usually blotters feature schedules or illustrations of a road's latest motive power. This one is unique in that it's the only one that I know of that features a box car. Nifty slogan, too...might be an idea for a MRR slogan! New to my collection.  


Re: What's in YOUR Collection?? - By Miketherailfan on 12/01/05 at 15:28:17 - 'r6ir.jpg' 97 KB
Finally, the Ivy Ridge side.


Re: What's in YOUR Collection?? - By Miketherailfan on 12/01/05 at 15:27:45 - 'r6ntown.jpg' 64 KB
Here's a few photos of my SEPTA sign, recieved on November 9th. First, the Norristown side.


Latest Addition - By hudsonelectric on 11/08/05 at 21:52:12 - '94_1.jpg' 47 KB
Once or twice a year, original Erie trainman or conductor badges come up on eBay. Considered by many collectors to be the most desireable, they usually sell for over 200.00 easily. Well, I finally got one and I'll pick up a hat for it sometime later on. Being raised along the Erie mainline, I frequently saw trainmen and conductors wearing hats with these badges and always wanted one since I was a boy. Took awhile, but I got one!  


Erie Crew Bag - By hudsonelectric on 10/26/05 at 19:45:53 - 'Erie_Grip_Bag.jpg' 241 KB
This is an Erie crew bag, circa 1950s, that I recently picked up on eBay. When I rode the Erie and then E-L, I saw crewmembers with these...guess they used 'em to carry their lunch an' stuff. It's a neat addition to my collection and a real connection to what I remember from years gone by.


Re: Got Lanterns? - By Loco_227 on 10/05/05 at 15:04:48 - 'NP_RR_Lantern.jpg' 32 KB
Here is a pic of NP RR Lantern to look at


Posters - By chessie8212 on 09/20/05 at 15:53:07 - 'posters.jpg' 174 KB
Anyone have any posters of railroads?  
I recently moved into a new apartment at college and needed something to liven up my bedroom a bit.  Last week I found the perfect thing.  Four posters that Amtrak had used when advertising their Acela service several years back.  They came in a set and they look great on my wall.  
Here's a pic.


Re: What's in YOUR Collection?? - By K8DTI on 08/31/05 at 20:17:30 - 'sign-signals.jpg' 292 KB
I have so much junk that it is scary.  Lots of paper, but here is a photo of my favorites.  Left to right: cast iron Big 4 station sign from Ridgeway, Ohio; B&O CPL retired during a single tracking project at Cochran Junction, Indiana; and a Cincinnati Union Terminal US&S dwarf.


Re: PRR artifacts - By NJCJOE on 08/10/05 at 22:03:56 - 'DSCF0005.jpg' 187 KB
Here is a PRR whistle sign.


Re: What's in YOUR Collection?? - By NJCJOE on 08/10/05 at 22:00:57 - 'DSCF0004.jpg' 154 KB
A little bit of everything. About the only thing I don't collect is china or silverware.
Here is a picture of my working crossing signal.


Re: Got Lanterns? - By NJCJOE on 08/10/05 at 21:52:46 - 'DSCF0001.jpg' 158 KB
Here is an unmarked Kero lantern that I put outside.


Re: Jordan Spreader Blotter - By hudsonelectric on 08/02/05 at 06:05:36 - 'Jordan_Blotter_4.jpg' 128 KB
Last one.


Re: Jordan Spreader Blotter - By hudsonelectric on 08/02/05 at 06:05:01 - 'Jordan_Blotter_3.jpg' 142 KB


Re: Jordan Spreader Blotter - By hudsonelectric on 08/02/05 at 06:04:08 - 'Jordan_Blotter_2.jpg' 136 KB
Second in the series.


Jordan Spreader Blotter - By hudsonelectric on 08/02/05 at 06:03:14 - 'Jordan_Blotter_1.jpg' 147 KB
One of a series of four from my collection. From about the late '40s, I think.


Crossing Warning Blotter - By hudsonelectric on 07/14/05 at 07:46:03 - 'NYC_Safety_Blotter.jpg' 117 KB
Grade crossing safety is and always has been a problem.   This NY Central blotter from the '20s is a 'public service message' explaining the hazards. Same message then as now...Don't cross if a train is approaching! New to my collection.  


Re: Amtrak Timetable - By CHESSIEMIKE on 05/05/05 at 02:13:59 - 'Amtrak_TT_Oct_29_1972.jpg' 193 KB
Norm, some how I missed thanking you for posting that timetable, so THANKS.
I did come across this one from Oct. 29, 1972.


Re: Hat Badges - By hudsonelectric on 04/09/05 at 03:31:34 - 'Worcester_Badge007.jpg' 53 KB
This one is an real oldy...it's from the Worcester, MA trolley system. Another one from my collection.


Re: AofAR Comic Books? - By Charlie_O on 11/26/04 at 23:29:20 - 'AAR_comic_sample.jpg' 216 KB
And a sample page...these things were really detailed...


Re: AofAR Comic Books? - By Charlie_O on 11/26/04 at 23:25:52 - 'AAR_comic_2.jpg' 266 KB
"Railroads Deliver the Goods"...


Re: AofAR Comic Books? - By Charlie_O on 11/26/04 at 23:24:55 - 'AAR_comic_1.jpg' 221 KB
Sorry to arrive at this thread so late.  Great find!  Came across a handful of these today...couldn't resist buying them.
Here's "Rails Across America"...


Re: PRR artifacts - By Charlie_O on 11/26/04 at 23:21:12 - 'PRR_tt_1966_Teller.jpg' 233 KB
The PRR was quick to capitalize on its rich heritage, selling prints by noted railroad artist Grif Teller on the back of its timetable.


Re: PRR artifacts - By Charlie_O on 11/26/04 at 23:18:15 - 'PRR_tt_1966.jpg' 257 KB
Just added this 1966 Pennsy TT to my collection... with economic collapse and an ugly merger with rival New York Central only a few years away, the Pennsy continued to put forth its image of power, modernity, reach, and confidence. It was, afterall, the Standard  Railroad of the World.


Re: More Blotters - By hudsonelectric on 11/24/04 at 05:48:27 - 'CNW_FTs_Blotter_Resized.jpg' 36 KB
I like this one with the FTs. Sharp!


More Blotters - By hudsonelectric on 11/24/04 at 05:47:39 - 'Western_Maryland_Blotter_Circa_50s_Resized.jpg' 36 KB
Here are a couple of more blotters from my collection.


Train Orders - By chessie8212 on 10/07/04 at 23:37:55 - 'PENNorders.jpg' 357 KB
I've been meaning to post this for over a year now.  I was at Toledo Union Station to take photos of the last Amtrak Pennsylvanian to service Toledo before it was cut back.
It was about 8 degrees air temp with a wind chill of just below zero on the night of February 8, 2003 in Toledo, Ohio.  I'd been standing on the platform for almost an hour.  When the last Pennsylvanian arrived, the crew change began.  As I set up my tripod, the engineer climbed down and came up to me.
"Ya want these buddy?"  Needless to say I suddenly warmed right up and smiled, thanked him for them, and stood like a five year old who just received a year's worth of candy.  It was the first, and so far, only thing I've received from a railroader.  I won't forget how it felt standing there as an 18 year old going on 5!
This is just the first page of 17.  But I think it's enough to tell my story.  I apologize if it's difficult to read.  I tried to reduce as much as possible while keeping some form of what it is.


Train Games - By CHESSIEMIKE on 09/06/04 at 21:30:58 - 'Southern_Fast_Freight_Game.jpg' 48 KB
How many train games can we think of?  I'll start with this one, The Southern Fast Freight Game.  This came out around 1970 I think.  


Luggage Tags - By CHESSIEMIKE on 05/30/04 at 21:15:01 - 'Amtrak_Luggage_Tags.jpg' 103 KB
Amtrak luggage tags. New to my collection.   Are there other scenes that they have?


Re: EMD spec cards/trading cards/pocket calendars - By railmail on 05/05/04 at 07:36:17 - 'pcGMOrebel.jpg' 120 KB
I don't know if ALco ever did the cards in color - I've seen the steam era black-and-white versions, and I've got several postcards (chrome) and a stack of Howard Fogg prints. This may have been an Alco painting, done before Fogg hired on in 1948. It is a GM&O Rebel consist headed up by a DL-type passenger unit; this postcard was distributed by the railroad in the early 1940s before the War started.


Santa Fe Timetable - By Norm_Anderson on 05/01/04 at 15:56:45 - 'Santa_Fe_Timetable_02-29-48.jpg' 58 KB
I found this in a hobby shop's paper collection a while back-- this timetable is dated February 29, 1948, a significant date in Santa Fe streamliner history.  This was the first appearance of daily Super Chief service.  The cover features "Chico", a fictional Zuni lad who was as much a Santa Fe promotional mascot as "Chessie" was to the C&O.


Re: Trains on Postage Stamps - By Casey_Jones on 04/28/04 at 05:19:13 - '0114.jpg' 18 KB
I've seen rationing stamps with planes and ships, but never a train, would love to see one if you find it.
If you want to see all the US stamps with trains, try the pages starting here:
And if you collect them, join our organization, the Casey jones Rail Road Unit of the American Topical Association.  We publish a newsletter bi-monthly.  Learn more about us at  LINK URL
This was the first US postage stamp with a train on it, issued 1869.


Shinkansen Timetable - By CHESSIEMIKE on 04/26/04 at 22:32:50 - 'Shinkansen_Timetable.jpg' 152 KB
New to my collection.  


More From EMD - By hudsonelectric on 04/18/04 at 19:16:05 - 'CNW_FTs_Blotter.jpg' 100 KB
New FT units for freight service on the C&NW. From a blotter in my collection.


Re: Amtrak Timetable - By Norm_Anderson on 04/18/04 at 13:16:15 - 'Amtrak_Map_West.jpg' 388 KB
And, the Western US...


Re: Amtrak Timetable - By Norm_Anderson on 04/18/04 at 13:15:02 - 'Amtrak_Map_East.jpg' 485 KB
In the center of the timetable is the original route map.  It wouldn't all fit on my scanner screen, so I have to post it in two sections.  Here's the Eastern US as of May 1, 1971.  Notice what's there, and also notice what's not there...


Re: Amtrak Timetable - By Norm_Anderson on 04/18/04 at 13:10:11 - 'Amtrak_Routes.jpg' 464 KB
Page 2 is a list of Amtrak's first routes...  (oops-- sorry about the huge file size.  Guess I haven't got the hang of this scanner thing, after all...  )


Re: Amtrak Timetable - By Norm_Anderson on 04/18/04 at 13:07:04 - 'Amtrak_Letter_2.jpg' 389 KB
Inside the front cover is a letter of hope from Amtrak's first chairman, David W. Kendall...


Re: Amtrak Timetable - By Norm_Anderson on 04/18/04 at 12:03:32 - 'Amtrak_Cover.jpg' 59 KB
My genius 16-year-old daughter finally was able to show the old man how to operate a scanner, so here, as I promised a while back, are some views of the first-ever Amtrak timetable, dated May 1, 1971.  It's a bit worse for wear, but enjoy.  In this first view, the "fold" is on the right: to open it, you have to flip it over.  The other side is the same Amtrak "pointless arrow", but without the smaller printing.


EMD spec cards/trading cards/pocket calendars - By railmail on 04/16/04 at 21:51:14 - 'wabEMDspec.jpg' 65 KB
Thought I'd share this gem with the group. This is from 1950 and shows the new EMD engines for Wabash passenger service. There was a lot of EMD stuff produced, but some of it is tough to find these days. Im looking for confirmation on Monon spec cards (freight or passenger scheme), and pocket calendars.  I have managed to collect about 20 of each, including some demonstrators, plus one uncut sheet of calendars (4 items).


Re: Freedom Train - By Coffee on 03/24/04 at 20:22:51 - 'fogg_freedom_train.jpg' 11 KB
I have this print done by my favorite RR artist, Howard Fogg. And would give you 50 cents for your book.


Re: Trains on Postage Stamps - By CHESSIEMIKE on 03/20/04 at 08:45:10 - 'RR_Stamps.jpg' 148 KB
Do you remember these?  


Trains on Postage Stamps - By Charlie_O on 03/17/04 at 21:38:10 - '1960_German_Eisenbahn_stamp.jpg' 139 KB
Many nations have celebrated their railroads and their RR history by featuring trains on postage stamps.  Stamp collectors, time to get out those albums and show us your RR stamps.
I'll start off with one from Germany (1960) celebrating 125 years of railroading in that country.


Re: Can you ID these seat checks? - By NHIWW on 01/26/04 at 23:08:29 - 'Picture_009.jpg' 7 KB
I would guess that they are neither from the Reading days nor early NH&I days.  
my reasons for that....
 NH&I is a N-S route and the checks say E-W so that cancels out NH&I.....and I doubt that they ever used seat checks on the tourist runs or the commuter runs of 1976.
 I believe the Reading had N-S designation for their routes as well.....so that cancells out the Reading.  
 The picture that you have posted are of the cars sitting at Buckingham that we purchased by NH&I a couple of years ago for the ill fated "Day Out with Thomas" runs. They are former Long Island Coaches.
just a guess though....


Re: Can you ID these seat checks? - By big3fan on 01/26/04 at 09:35:50 - 'DSCN0584.jpg' 92 KB
Not a very good picture, but I wanted a shot of the car I found them in. There was a little rust hole in the corner of the car and  the checks were inside.  
Thanks for scanning those Charlie, let's see what we come up with.


Can you ID these seat checks? - By Charlie_O on 01/26/04 at 09:15:03 - 'Seatchecks.jpg' 99 KB
Any help on this appreciated...


Amtrak Record - By CHESSIEMIKE on 11/27/03 at 22:25:44 - 'Amtrak_Record.jpg' 68 KB
Does Amtrak still have a theme song?  They did at one time, "All Aboard Amtrak".  


Re: A Year Book, 1952 Edition - By CHESSIEMIKE on 10/25/03 at 00:20:10 - '1952_RR_Info_Book_pg10__11.jpg' 137 KB
Sample pages.


A Year Book, 1952 Edition - By CHESSIEMIKE on 10/25/03 at 00:17:51 - '1952_RR_Info_Book.jpg' 77 KB
A Year Book of Railroad Information 1952 Edition was put out by the Eastern Railroad Presidents' Conference Committee on Public Relations.


Union Switch and Signal Catalogs - By steamtruckin on 10/11/03 at 10:09:43 - 'Order_Signal.jpg' 109 KB
I plan to restore a Union Switch and Signal train order semaphore.  I posted a note in the preservation thread of this forum.  I would appreciate advise, photocopies or moral support.
I believe US&S catalogs might show detail drawings of parts and setup and I would appreciate the oportunity to purchase photocopies of such a catalog.  I dont know the dates perhaps 1880 to 1900 time frame.  My semaphore is mechanically operated.  


Re: B&O Car Service Circular #4 - By CHESSIEMIKE on 09/15/03 at 13:29:31 - 'BO_Car_Service_Circular_4_Pg_2829.jpg' 116 KB
These two pages show the content of the book:
    (A) An alphabetical list of interchange points and their associated station numbers.
    (B) A list of Yard Numbers for use in preparing Form 742-A, Yard Engine Report.
    (C) An alphabetical list of standard reporting marks for all railroads.


B&O Car Service Circular #4 - By CHESSIEMIKE on 09/15/03 at 13:22:37 - 'BO_Car_Service_Circular_4.jpg' 74 KB
This revised list contains the station numbers which must be used on and after Sept. 1, 1964 by all personnel having to do with the reporting of car movements or other equipment on wheel reports, interchange reports, yard engine reports, advanced consists, and train and engine performance reports (2520-A, Rev. 3).


Re: Non railroad paper that has railroad stuff - By CHESSIEMIKE on 09/08/03 at 23:12:17 - 'Engineers_Piston_Ring_Handbook_Pg_70__71.jpg' 139 KB
And here is a scan of Pg. 70 & 71.  
An interesting collage this picture is.  GE built New Haven #0901 in 1936 with a 600hp Ingersoll-Rand 8cyl. Engine.  The classic pose of Baltimore & Ohio’s “Lord Baltimore”, built in 1935, on the Thomas Viaduct.  The Goodyear-Zeppelin Corporation built New York, New Haven & Hartford’s “Comet” in 1935.  And from Mt. Clare’s class of 1937 we have none other than The George H. Emerson.  #4629 looks to be a fine B&O Q-4b.  As for that critter in the bottom right-hand corner, someone else will need to help me with that one.  


Re: Non railroad paper that has railroad stuff - By CHESSIEMIKE on 09/08/03 at 23:05:16 - 'Engineers_Piston_Ring_Handbok.jpg' 138 KB
Ever wonder about piston rings?  This book from 1941 has you covered on the many types and their usage.  


Re: Know Your B&O - By CHESSIEMIKE on 09/06/03 at 13:54:47 - 'Know_your_BO_pg14.jpg' 104 KB
on Sep 6th, 2003, 7:06am, hudsonelectric wrote:       (Click here for original message)
Can you scan and post a sample page?
Sure, here ya go.  


Re: Non railroad paper that has railroad stuff - By CHESSIEMIKE on 09/06/03 at 13:45:55 - 'Plymouth_Flexible_Coupling.jpg' 108 KB
From a book titled Flexible Couplings put out by the Poole Foundry & Machine Co. Baltimore, MD.  No date, but my guess is from 1942-1953 because this is when the 24 Plymouth model DE locomotives were built.


Know Your B&O - By CHESSIEMIKE on 09/05/03 at 23:08:39 - 'Know_your_BO.jpg' 131 KB
Little book from 1947 recaping the previous year.


Re: Timetables, Tickets & Train Orders: Let's See - By CHESSIEMIKE on 06/14/03 at 09:57:57 - 'Amtrak_NE_TT_03.jpg' 57 KB
on Jun 10th, 2003, 8:58pm, hudsonelectric wrote:       (Click here for original message)
Who collects this stuff out there? We have a lot of people from another generation who have never seen  classic paper items from the Fallen Flags. Let's use this forum as a showcase for our pieces of "saved history"!

New to my collection.  


1938 Santa Fe Sticker - By hudsonelectric on 05/19/03 at 21:28:56 - '1938_Santa_Fe_Sticker.jpg' 18 KB
Too small for a luggage sticker...I think that small ones like this were used to accent packages, envelopes, etc.


MoPac Sticker - By hudsonelectric on 05/19/03 at 21:27:14 - 'MoPac_Sticker.jpg' 46 KB
Luggage sticker from my collection.


B&O Fireman Rules, 1951 - By CHESSIEMIKE on 02/23/03 at 22:48:19 - 'BO_Fireman_rules.jpg' 69 KB
This is the second series of questions, anyone have a copy of the first?


Start of the Colonial - By CHESSIEMIKE on 01/13/03 at 23:51:59 - 'Amtrak_Colonial_start-up_doc.jpg' 145 KB
Ever wonder about train start ups?  The Chessie System prepares for The Colonial to start on June 15, 1976.


ATSF at war - By CHESSIEMIKE on 12/14/02 at 18:11:22 - 'The_Railroad_at_War.jpg' 89 KB
"The Railroad at War" was published by the ATSF in August, 1943.  The introduction is by Lee Lyles, Assistant to the President, Santa Fe System Lines.  
 "From teachers and students requests have come for material on wartime transportation suitable for school use."
Lots of photos of military moves.  Also steam and diesels.  Wish it was in color.  


Re: BLE Journal, 1887 - By ge13031 on 12/06/02 at 12:00:37 - 'soda2.jpg' 24 KB
From RyPn
Yes, Baldwin built four 0-4-2 Soda Motors for the Minneapolis Lyndale & Minnetonka Ry. As built, this line was electrified, but tried the conversion to "Soda Motor Power". The Soda Motors did not prove successful and the ML&M returned to electric power (the soda motors were remanufactured into conventional locomotives).
The Soda Motor's boiler was 84 1/2 inches in diameter and 15 feet long. A 5 ton "charge" of soda provided 6 hours of operation.
At the same time Baldwin experimented with these locomotives, similar engines were being produced and used (apparently with some sucess) in Europe.
This is a photo of the Baldwin Soda Motor with its carbody removed.


Re: BLE Journal, 1887 - By Charlie_O on 12/03/02 at 00:20:21 - 'BLE_1887_spread.jpg' 98 KB
Russ -
Thanks for your post.  The illus are all ads, mostly for valve systems, Westinghouse brakes, and other equipment.  Here's a spread featuring loco manufacturers...seems like the 4-4-0 was very popular in 1887.


AofAR Comic Books? - By CHESSIEMIKE on 12/03/02 at 00:15:59 - 'The_Wheel_of_Progress_CB.jpg' 144 KB
I call them "Comic Books" because that is what they remind me of.  
This one is from 1957


Re: B&O TT 1945 - By CHESSIEMIKE on 12/02/02 at 23:38:06 - 'BO_TT_April_1945_back_page.jpg' 122 KB
on Dec 2nd, 2002, 6:49am, hudsonelectric wrote:       (Click here for original message)
And long live the mighty B&O, too! Mike, is there a center spread on the back? The RRs usually reserved this two-page spread for advertising and general carrying-on about meals, air-conditioned cars, etc....I'm thinking of scanning a few and posting them. Ya think?

Here Ya go!  
Hope they got their seats on the Royal Blue!!  


New Haven RR Timetable 1941 - By hudsonelectric on 12/02/02 at 21:42:59 - 'NHRR_1941_TT.JPG' 128 KB
While leafing through this timetable, I was struck by the number of sleeping car services offered. Although it was just about 5 1/2 hours from Grand Central to South Station, Boston, traveling businessmen could book onto a sleeping car for the overnight trip Boston leaving GCT at 11:00 pm and getting into Beantown at 5:30 in the morning. Heck, I'd settle for an affordable ticket from New Haven to Boston just to stay off of the interstate!


DLW MU Timetable - By hudsonelectric on 12/02/02 at 21:28:29 - 'DLW_Suburban_TT_1955.JPG' 116 KB
Neat cover, eh? From my collection.


Lackawanna Ferry Ticket - By hudsonelectric on 12/02/02 at 21:26:47 - 'DLW_Ferry_Ticket.JPG' 34 KB
No, it's not one that I saved after a ride, although I'm sure my Father had a few in a coat pocket or two. I had the pleasure of riding this ferry a couple of times when I was a boy and can still remember the clanking of the gangway hoists, the ringing bells, the whistle signals from the wheelhouse, and the strong salt smell of of the river.


B&O TT 1945 - By CHESSIEMIKE on 12/01/02 at 17:30:31 - 'BO_TT_April_29_1945.jpg' 47 KB
Did not want the B&O to get left out.  
Notice that I stuck with the 1940s theme.


PRR 1946 TT - By hudsonelectric on 12/01/02 at 09:59:15 - 'PRR_1946_TT.JPG' 115 KB
This color cover was also part of a series showing different views based on the art of Griff Teller. From my collection.


PRR 1934 TT - By hudsonelectric on 12/01/02 at 09:56:58 - 'PRR_1934_TT.JPG' 109 KB
What a great cover! This timetable was part of a series that had similar cover views. From my collection.


NY Central Timetable 1947 - By hudsonelectric on 12/01/02 at 09:54:10 - 'NYC_1947_TT.JPG' 96 KB
This is the famous artwork of Leslie Ragan showing the skyline of Chicago. The middle steam loco is from the 20th Century and the right hand steam loco is from the Empire State Express. From my collection.


Lackawanna 1943 Timetable - By hudsonelectric on 12/01/02 at 09:50:48 - 'DLW_1943_TT.JPG' 135 KB
This is the old DL&W timetable format that the road used for decades. In the time around '48-'50 it went over to the Phoebe Snow E8 format shown earlier in these posts. From my collection.


NY Central Timetable 1927 - By hudsonelectric on 12/01/02 at 09:08:49 - 'NYC_1927_TT.JPG' 140 KB
Sharp line art from the water level route. From my collection.


PRR artifacts - By Charlie_O on 11/16/02 at 21:09:34 - 'PRR_artifacts.jpg' 101 KB
Here's an assortment of PRR items I picked up today...
• Contract agreement from 1953
• Swizzle stick
• Pen


Freedom Train - By CHESSIEMIKE on 11/07/02 at 23:32:53 - 'Freedom_Train_1946.jpg' 36 KB
Not the one you think.  

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