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South Station, Boston, ca. 1914 - By Dr. Richard Leonard on 08/28/07 at 00:23:58 - 'Boston_South_Station_1914.jpg' 53 KB
This post card from around 1914 shows Boston's South Station, which served the New Haven and the Boston & Albany. In the early 1900s my grandfather was secretary to the vice president of the B&A (there was no president, as the railroad was leased by the New York Central). I believe his office was on the second floor over the main doors -- my father took me there once in the 1960s. I found this card a few years ago in an antique shop.


Santa Fe Car Shops Circa 1920s - By hudsonelectric on 06/23/07 at 12:30:34 - 'Santa_Fe_Car_Shops_Ottawa_KS_1926.jpg' 37 KB
This is a great view of the Santa Fe car shops in Ottawa Kansas postmarked 1926. When we think of facilities like a car shop, we may think of a building in which repairs are made. Here we are looking at tracks lined with cars all being worked on simultaneously. Note the centralized materials rack and the ladder-based scaffolding on the boxcars. This would serve as the basis for a great layout scene!  


C&O Big Steam! - By hudsonelectric on 06/09/07 at 11:04:37 - 'C_and_O_West_Virginia_Roundhouse.jpg' 33 KB
This is one GREAT card! It's a real photo postcard meaning the photo was developed on paper that had postcard printing on the reverse side (stamp box, the word 'POSTCARD', etc.) The first time I saw it, the card was in the collection of Geoff Stunkard and is part of the 'Rail Mail' exhibit on The National Railroad Postcard Museum. This one just came to me and is actually a bit yellowed...I darkened the B&W to bring out the images a bit. Talk about Big Steam!  


Re: CRI&P Shops in Silvis Illinois - By hudsonelectric on 05/21/07 at 15:01:10 - 'Rock_Island_Silvis_Illinois_1911-2.jpg' 31 KB
Interior view postmarked 1911.  


CRI&P Shops in Silvis Illinois - By hudsonelectric on 05/21/07 at 15:00:28 - 'Rock_Island_Silvis_Shops.jpg' 34 KB
I just added this exterior view of the large CRI&P shops in Silvis, Illinois circa 1915-1920, to my collection. Below it is a card that I have showing the interior. Note the fancy light poles on the walkway.  


UP Challenger Women's Lounge - By hudsonelectric on 05/18/07 at 12:10:23 - 'Challenger_Ladies_Dressing_Room.jpg' 114 KB
In 1935, despite a soft passenger market created by The Depression, the Union Pacific, in conjunction with the C&NW, launched a new passenger train, The Challenger. Aimed at the middle class traveling public, the consist boasted amenities normally found on luxury trains. According to this card, RPO marked 1940, the women's lounges were well appointed...as we can see from its stylish young occupants.  


N&W Big Steam - By hudsonelectric on 05/06/07 at 16:55:17 - 'N_and_W_Y_Class.jpg' 31 KB
This card is a photo of a photographer photographing a new Class Y6b N&W 2-8-8-2. Built by the N&W and brand new from the Roanoke Shops in 1948, #2171 poses for its portrait to be taken by the company photographer. This photo was also released as a railroad-issued postcard, however my card is a more recent reprint. Some railfans have told me the photographer may be O. Winston Link (NOT John... ) New to my collection.


There Was a Time in Connecticut... - By hudsonelectric on 04/28/07 at 10:31:04 - 'Shelton_High_Bridge.jpg' 35 KB
...When open cars crossed the Shelton High Bridge along the Housatonic River. What a great ride this must have been a warm spring day!   From my collection.


Narberth PA - By Charlie_O on 01/29/07 at 14:15:33 - 'PRR_Narberth_sta.jpg' 147 KB
Pennsy fans may enjoy this recent acquisition.  The PRR Main Line at Narberth PA.  I picked up this card because of the interesting array of sidings (eastbound side) at left (now removed, of course).  Anyone know what they were used for?


Black Rock Tunnel - By Charlie_O on 01/26/07 at 17:13:13 - 'RDG_BlackRock.jpg' 147 KB
A Reading train steaming out of the seldom photographed Black Rock Tunnel near Phoenixville PA is featured on this recently acquired card.


DL&W Hallstead, PA - By hudsonelectric on 12/05/06 at 19:21:07 - 'DLW_Loco_Halstead_PA.jpg' 197 KB
This is a great view of 'The Crew' on a classic DL&W camelback loco. The card is postmarked 1910. Note the reference to the crew as 'attaches'.  


Black Diamond Express - By Charlie_O on 12/02/06 at 13:33:06 - 'LV_BlackDiamond_card.jpg' 102 KB
New to my collection.. couldn't resist this one, the Black Diamond headed by an LV camelback.  
Postmarked July 31, 1907 and addressed to Miss Louise Flumerfelt of Tunkhannock PA.  (A little web surfing revealed her to be the daughter of a prominent Wyoming County dairy farmer Daniel Flumerfelt.  She later moved to Philly.)


Reading, Outer Station - By Charlie_O on 11/21/06 at 17:06:59 - 'RDG_outerstation_card.jpg' 148 KB
New to my collection... dated 1906 showing the now demolished Outer Station and featuring main building w/ clock tower, platform shelter, and of course, trains . What a busy place it must have been.


New Erie Roundhouse - By hudsonelectric on 11/18/06 at 10:27:02 - 'Erie_New_Roundhouse.jpg' 156 KB
This card is of the 'NEW' Erie RR's roundhouse at Susquehanna, PA. This card is circa 1915. Note the steam-enshrouded camelback loco. Alco, there appears to be a line of 'camp cars' on the right with smoke jacks protruding through the roofs. This card, BTW, is partly in color and partly B&W....only certain areas of the card were printed off of color-sensitized lithographic stones. The remainder of the card was printed from black-ink-only stones. Not very common, but I've seen it before.


B&O Track Pans - By Charlie_O on 11/02/06 at 15:26:31 - 'BO_trackpans.jpg' 135 KB
Likely at Swan Creek MD or Stanton DE, this recently acquired card highlights the B&O's track pans along its Royal Blue Line.  
The pans, for any beginners who may not know, allowed trains to pick up needed water on the fly, without time-consuming stops.  The B&O was competing with the larger and faster Pennsy for passenger business between Washington DC and New York City and needed to save time wherever possible.    


Barbadoes Island, Norristown PA - By Charlie_O on 10/30/06 at 20:53:55 - 'RDG_CPisland_Ntown_card.jpg' 127 KB
Another one for Reading fans...
The copy on the back of this recently acquired linen card talks about Norristown PA and nearby Valley Forge Park, but fails to mention the actual subject of the illustration... the Reading Company's bridge at Barbadoes (yes, that's spelled correctly) Island.  
The freight cars in the foreground are on the RDG main line, while the bridge connects traffic from Abrams yard with both the Norristown and the Stony Creek branches in Norristown.  Here we see a passenger train eastbound.
Today, NS still uses the bridge to run trains (including NS slab trains 66Z & 67Z, manifests 14G & 15G, and CSX stackers Q190 & Q191, plus several locals) thru the Norristown Transporation Center and onto a connector at Ford Street, leading to the ex-PRR Trenton Cutoff (NS Morrisville Line).  I believe the exchange job between NS Abrams yard and CSX Lansdale yard also crosses here.


Reading at Collegeville PA, RPPC - By Charlie_O on 10/20/06 at 15:52:09 - 'Collegeville_postcard.jpg' 210 KB
Another card for Reading fans... This unusual real photo postcard shows a Reading passenger consist approaching the crossing at MP 6.1 (marked on the pole at right) of the Perkiomen Branch at Collegeville PA.  Card dated and mailed 1921.  
Alex Charyna's website detailing the Perk Branch lists this location as the 5th Ave grade Xing (now gone).  Today the branch is partly bike trail, partly Pizza Huts and parking lots.
I've enlarged the locomotive and created an inset for better detail.  Looks perhaps to be a camelback, likely southbound, given the lighting.    
New to my collection.


Re: The Los Angeles Limited - By hudsonelectric on 10/13/06 at 07:41:52 - 'Los_Angeler_Limited_Observation_Car.jpg' 163 KB
...And here's the observation car interior.  


The Los Angeles Limited - By hudsonelectric on 10/13/06 at 07:40:16 - 'Los_Angeler_Limited_Sleeping_Car.jpg' 192 KB
This pair of early cards are of the C&NW's 'Los Angeles Limited'. I'm not very familiar with that train and I suspect it was also pulled by another road into LA. Here's a view of one of the sleeping compartments.  


Re: The Lower Berth Gang - By silver_champion on 10/10/06 at 09:37:56 - '14-2.jpg' 127 KB
Here is a picture of a Pullman Porter and the lower berth. True Pullman


Re: PRR Broad St. Station, Philly - By silver_champion on 10/10/06 at 09:35:11 - 'penn_ctr.jpg' 116 KB
I remember back in the 50's, Don't know what year. But my older brother and I went to the Thanksgiving Day Parade and saw what you see here in this picture. The year before the Broad St. Station was there


Re: PRR Broad St. Station, Philly - By silver_champion on 10/10/06 at 09:24:04 - 'BROAD_ST.-4.jpg' 58 KB
Here is a picture of the shed side of Broad St. Station in its early days. You can see City Hall being build


The Lower Berth Gang - By hudsonelectric on 10/10/06 at 09:10:45 - 'Rock_Island_Sleeping_Girls.jpg' 155 KB
This card is from the Rock Island, but I've been told the same graphic has been used for other railroads. It's one of my wife's favorite....it has real 'Awwwww, that's sweet' appeal.    


Re: Delaware Water Gap station - By Charlie_O on 10/04/06 at 09:04:14 - 'DLW_Water_Gap2.jpg' 169 KB
From my last visit to the station... March '04.


Delaware Water Gap station - By Charlie_O on 10/03/06 at 19:29:22 - 'DLW_WaterGap_postcard.jpg' 147 KB
New to my collection, an early card of the DL&W station at the Delaware Water Gap.  The station, as Lackawanna and Steamtown fans already know, still exists and has been under restoration.  Card postmarked 1922.
The buildings at right in the postcard view are, I believe, some of the inns that have long vanished from the area.  Probably some interesting artifacts in the old privy pits, if anyone has a backhoe and a shovel.


Re: PRR Broad St. Station, Philly - By Charlie_O on 10/02/06 at 13:29:01 - 'PRR_Broad_shed_card.jpg' 169 KB
Thought I'd revive this thread after a nearly 3-year silence to present a card new to my collection... a rare view of the trainshed at Old Broad... reflecting a typically busy day at the stub-end terminal.


Re: Classic Philadelphia El - By Charlie_O on 10/02/06 at 13:24:27 - 'Philly_EL_front.jpg' 153 KB
New to my collection... an unusual view of the Market-Frankford El tunnel entrance at Front & Arch streets circa 1910.  Note the semaphores.


CRI&P Shop Interior - By hudsonelectric on 10/01/06 at 06:38:43 - 'Blacksmith_Shop_Silvis.jpg' 141 KB
This is a view of the Rock Island's 'blacksmith' shop when the Silvis, Illinois facility was still new. From the looks of that boxcar waaaaayyyyyy down at the end, this shop must have been huge! Postmarked 1911.


View From the DL&W Hoboken Tower - By hudsonelectric on 10/01/06 at 06:34:36 - 'DLW_Hoboken_Tower_View.jpg' 192 KB
This card gives us an idea of just how big the Lackawanna's terminal yard was...look at all of those coaches! It's a pre-electrification view, too, and the structures over the tracks are signal bridges. Postmarked 1931.


Working the Binghamton Yard - By hudsonelectric on 10/01/06 at 06:30:37 - 'Erie_Yards_at_Binghamton_NY.jpg' 175 KB
The Erie yard gives us an interesting view of the signal tower...wouldn't it make a neat model? Postmarked 1917.


Great expectations - By Charlie_O on 09/28/06 at 17:20:50 - 'Amtrak_E60_postcard.jpg' 180 KB
Expectations were high in 1974, when Amtrak first tested the new E60, designed as a replacement for the venerable GG1 in high-speed passenger service.  
The back of the card reads:

The first of Amtrak's new electric locomotives for mainline passenger service undergoes acceptance tests with the General Electric test car at Penn Central's 30th Street engine terminal in Philadelphia, December 14, 1974.  Twenty-six of these new E60CP locomotives are on order from GE.

Of couse, things didn't work out quite as planned.  The E60 had a tendency to 'hunt' at speed and derailed twice during testing.  Max speed for the units was subsequently downgraded from 120 to 90 mph.  
Amtrak 950, shown here, was renumbered 620 and was one of two E60CP units without HEP.   All the E60s, save one (603), have been scrapped.  The lone survivor resides at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg.


Re: Classic Philadelphia El - By silver_champion on 09/23/06 at 13:23:21 - '54.jpg' 125 KB
Notice in this picture how the shyline has change since the last picture


Re: Classic Philadelphia El - By silver_champion on 09/23/06 at 13:22:25 - '50.jpg' 193 KB
These next two pictures that I'm posting are not postcards, but to me they are classic Philadelphia El pictures nent and now.


Re: Grand Central Station - By silver_champion on 09/22/06 at 17:28:22 - 'GRAND_CENTRAL-3.jpg' 57 KB
Here is a postcard of the present Grand Central Station. Notice that the ramp is not there.


Rocky Mount,N.C. - By silver_champion on 09/22/06 at 09:29:30 - 'ROCKY_MOUNTN.C..jpg' 61 KB
In the state of North Carolina, Fayetteville is my favorite station. But Rocky Mount got my eye open. Here is a picture of it.


Grand Central Station - By silver_champion on 09/22/06 at 09:27:00 - 'GRAND_CENTRAL-1.jpg' 69 KB
This is a picture of the first Grand Central Station after it was rebuild


Bethlehem Union Station - By Charlie_O on 09/21/06 at 20:52:21 - 'RDG_LV_Bethlehem_sta.jpg' 162 KB
Another one that should be familiar to fans of the Reading (as well as the Valley)... linen card, unmailed, probably 1940s.


Re: Reading Crusader - By silver_champion on 09/21/06 at 16:04:15 - '2-2.jpg' 56 KB
here is a picture of the Crusader


Re: Pullman factory - By silver_champion on 09/20/06 at 17:45:27 - 'ppworkersleaving.jpg' 236 KB
Here is a picture of workers leaving the factory back when Pullman was Pullman at Pullman.


Pullman factory - By Charlie_O on 09/20/06 at 16:47:09 - 'Pullman_factory_postcard.jpg' 139 KB
One of my few color photo cards, this bird's eye view of the Pullman Standard Car Mfg. Co. dates to the 1950s.


Reading Crusader - By Charlie_O on 09/20/06 at 16:44:23 - 'RDG_Crusader_postcard.jpg' 156 KB
Sadly, this card is only a repro of the original linen card.  But the image of the steel-clad Crusader is a great one nonetheless.


Re: Classic Philadelphia El - By Charlie_O on 09/18/06 at 15:33:01 - 'MF_el_postcard.jpg' 146 KB
Am reviving this thread after a 4-year silence to present a card new to my collection.  Philly, Market-Frankford El at 40th Street.  This stop is now a subway (since 1955), and the elevated portion now emerges from a tunnel west of 47th street.
Card is unused and undated, tho probably 1910s.


The Famous Royal Blue - By Charlie_O on 09/14/06 at 18:01:28 - 'BO_RoyalBlue_pc.jpg' 131 KB
Unmailed card new to my collection, likely from the teens or 20s.  Judging from the multi-tracked main and the style of semaphores, probably Maryland.


PRR Manayunk trestle at night - By Charlie_O on 09/09/06 at 14:07:52 - 'PRR_Manayunk_trestle.jpg' 113 KB
Most Philly railfans (and expressway commuters) are well aware of the Pennsy's now abandoned concrete viaduct spanning the Schuylkill between Barmouth and Manayunk.  But few may remember the long S-curve trestle that preceded it, seen here in a night view from 1907.


Re: Amtrak Photo Postcards - By CHESSIEMIKE on 09/02/06 at 23:39:46 - 'Amtrak_Postcard_100-015.jpg' 150 KB
Judging from the paint on #418, it looks early in Amtrak's history.  There are two different numbers on the back of the cards.  Bottom right-hand corner has 5 and center of the card has AM-100-007 on the first one I posted.  Here is 11/AM-100-015.  Looks to be a very retouched photo.


Amtrak Photo Postcards - By CHESSIEMIKE on 09/02/06 at 19:57:29 - 'Amtrak_Postcard_100-007.jpg' 194 KB
I have a few of these.  Does anyone know how many different ones there are?
Here is the Coast Starlight being pulled by an E9.


Rare photo card, Valley Forge 1906 - By Charlie_O on 09/01/06 at 14:53:42 - 'Valleyforge1906_postcard.jpg' 191 KB
Most Reading fans are familiar with the Valley Forge station built along the main in 1912.  But few are alive to remember the simple wooden structure that preceded it.  
This rare real-photo postcard shows a westbound train steaming thru a snowbound landscape at Valley Forge, 6 years before the current station was built.  Note also the ruins of what appears to be a farm at right.  
Insets show two current views of the same location.


Klapperthal - By Charlie_O on 08/29/06 at 13:19:05 - 'Klapperthal_postcard.jpg' 168 KB
Although labeled "THE HORSESHOE CURVE," Reading fans will recognize that this recently acquired card is not from Altoona, but from Klapperthal, along the Schuylkill River at Neversink Mtn.


Re: On the Panama Limited - By hudsonelectric on 08/14/06 at 21:34:30 - 'Observation_Car.jpg' 177 KB
And here's a view of the observation car.  


On the Panama Limited - By hudsonelectric on 08/14/06 at 21:33:34 - 'Panama_LTD_Train.jpg' 200 KB
These two cards are postmarked 1917 and are from the ICRR's 'Panama Limited' postcard set. I posted two of the cards previously and these are part of that group. I've located a 5th card and am trying to find if there's a 6th. These cards were sent by Joe to his friend in Omaha, John Anders. Joe was having a pretty good time in his travels...perhaps on business. On one card he wrote about meeting 'a classy dame' and, on the other card, he wrote about Chicago having all kinds of 'wild Chickens'.  
Here's a view of the entire train pulling into Chicago...


Re: Turn-of-the-Century Postcard - By hudsonelectric on 08/11/06 at 07:38:48 - 'IC_Panama_LTD_Club_Car.jpg' 196 KB
In this card showing the club car on the Panama Limted, there's an ashtray on the floor near the gentleman smoking the cigar. This one is more of a container with a cover than a covered bowl like the others I've seen.  


Re: Turn-of-the-Century Postcard - By hudsonelectric on 08/10/06 at 07:37:36 - 'Reading_Reverse.jpg' 183 KB
Private Mailing Cards were only issued for a few years...from 1898 when they were authorized for use in the postal system to about 1905 when cards were printed that simply had the instructions 'This side for address only'. This is the reverse side of the Reading card.  


Turn-of-the-Century Postcard - By hudsonelectric on 08/10/06 at 07:33:08 - 'Reading_Dining_Car_Pre_1908.jpg' 190 KB
This is officially the oldest postcard that I have and soon it'll be featured on my website. It's a 'Private Mailing Card' that pre-dates any card in my collection. Take a look at that table setting!   Now THAT'S the way to go between NYC and Philly!  


Along the Mohawk River - By hudsonelectric on 08/06/06 at 07:44:12 - 'Along_Mohawk_River.jpg' 185 KB
This is a great view of a NY Central passenger train running at speed along New York's Mohawk River. The photographer had only one chance to get this shot right...and he did one heck of a job. Hope the passing train didn't blow him into the river!  


Re: The H&M...to Brooklyn?? - By hudsonelectric on 07/13/06 at 21:52:05 - 'IRT.jpg' 166 KB
on Jun 30th, 2006, 10:42am, W.G McAdoo wrote:       (Click here for original message)
                      I've been reading an outstanding book from my library, "NY. Undergound: Anatomy Of A City", by Julia Solis, and I came across this VERY unusual postcard......it is supposed to depict the IRT's new subway tunnels to Brooklyn circa 1908 (The IRT beat out the H&M for bieng the first rail line to tunnel under water in NYC by just a few weeks). In this book, is a vintage postcard "THE BROOKLYN SUBWAY", and, the upper half of the card (shown in b/w) depicts lower Manhattan from the harbor, looking towards South Ferry. But, the lower half does NOT depict the IRT......it shows a view of an H&M Class "A" car in one of the uptown tubes!! Whoever printed this card probably figured most out-of-towners would not know the difference between IRT and H&M cars.......

John...Is this the card?


Re: Big Name Trains & Dining Cars - By hudsonelectric on 07/08/06 at 11:10:12 - 'CN_Recipe_Dining_Car_Reverse.jpg' 101 KB
And the reverse side of the card showing a passenger loco used in passenger service on the CNR.  


Re: Big Name Trains & Dining Cars - By hudsonelectric on 07/08/06 at 11:08:34 - 'CN_Recipe_Dining_Car.jpg' 174 KB
Here's a card from the Canadian National giving us a view of the interior of one of the road's dining cars.


Re: Big Name Trains & Dining Cars - By hudsonelectric on 07/08/06 at 11:06:28 - 'The_Overland_Limited_Multi-View.jpg' 186 KB
This card shows muilti-views of the places served by The Milwaukee Road's 'Overland Limited'.


Re: Big Name Trains & Dining Cars - By hudsonelectric on 07/08/06 at 11:04:24 - 'The_Olympian_Observation_Car_Reverse.jpg' 106 KB
And here is the reverse side of the same card.


Big Name Trains & Dining Cars - By hudsonelectric on 07/08/06 at 11:03:25 - 'The_Olympian_Observation_Car.jpg' 187 KB
Here are three vintage circa 1920's cards of The Milwaukee Road's 'Olympian', 'Overland Limited', and the Canadian National's dining car service, complete with a couple of recipes.   This first card shows the 'Olympian' observation car. Note the gent sitting on the end railing.  


Steamer and Interurban Service at Coeur D'Alene - By hudsonelectric on 07/03/06 at 12:19:12 - 'Coeur_DAlene_Steamer1.jpg' 143 KB
Many times we see photos and postcards of railroad connections with steamers, but this one shows a waiting train from the Coeur D'Alene and Spokane Railroad in Idaho. The Steamer 'Idaho' is about to dock while a three car express stands by. Circa 1910.


Locust Summit, Breaker and a Bonus - By Charlie_O on 06/23/06 at 16:35:22 - 'Locust_summit_pc.jpg' 117 KB
Picked up this card on eBay, solely because it featured not only the massive breaker at Locust Summit, but a Reading coal train as well.  Now looking at the card up close, I see that the locomotive is an articulated!  Possibly RDG 2-8-8-2 (Class N1).  


Columbia Bridge (then & now) - By Charlie_O on 06/16/06 at 18:41:20 - 'Columbia_then_n_now.jpg' 133 KB
Reading fans may enjoy this recent find...a 1920s postcard showing a passenger train steaming across the "new" Columbia Bridge in Philly.  
For fun, I've paired it with a contemporary view.  Tho the passenger trains have gone, the old bridge still sees its fair share of freight.  


Re: 100 Years Ago in Newark, NJ - By hudsonelectric on 06/07/06 at 19:50:56 - 'Newark_1906_DLW_Reverse.jpg' 133 KB
The reverse side of the card shows the postmark and is known as an 'undivided back card'. The USPS would not allow written messages on the address side of the card until 1908. Take a look at the address, too...try getting mail delivered with an address like that today!  


100 Years Ago in Newark, NJ - By hudsonelectric on 06/07/06 at 19:50:14 - 'Newark_1906_DLW.jpg' 121 KB
This is a view circa 1906 of a DL&W passenger run at the beautiful Newark, NJ station. Many of the DL&W stations had a variation on a tower like this one.  


Commuting on the Erie - By hudsonelectric on 06/05/06 at 18:01:41 - 'Erie_Commuter_Passaic_Park_NJ.jpg' 195 KB
This is a Mary Jayne's Railroad Specialties photo postcard that just arrived today. This photo was taken at Passaic Park in the '50s by William Brennan. This is a truly classic Erie commuter shot...an RS3 pulling a long string of Stillwell coaches.  


Re: Northern Pacific Vista Domes in The Rockies - By hudsonelectric on 06/03/06 at 18:02:56 - 'North_Coast_Limited_Vista_Dome_Reverse.jpg' 78 KB
This is the reverse side of the card.  


Northern Pacific Vista Domes in The Rockies - By hudsonelectric on 06/03/06 at 18:01:53 - 'North_Coast_Limited_Vista_Dome_Front.jpg' 170 KB
This Northern Pacific promotional postcard gives us a sense of what it was like to ride the North Coast Limited through The Rockies. Based on original work by the famous poster artist Leslie Ragan, this card is circa late '50s or early '60s. For more info on Leslie Ragan and his artwork, follow this link:


Lightning Stripes on the Mainline - By hudsonelectric on 06/03/06 at 07:50:53 - 'NYC_at_Garrison_NY_1963.jpg' 180 KB
This 1963 photo was taken in Garrison, NY by Bob La Porte and was used for this Audio Visual postcard. New York Central E7a #4035 is seen heading up The Mohawk overnight run between New York and Chicago.


New York & Long Branch 1954 - By hudsonelectric on 06/03/06 at 07:45:15 - 'NY_and_LB_1954.jpg' 129 KB
This classic view is from another Audio Visual Designs postcard based on a photo by David Bartlett. Taken in South Amboy, NJ, PRR K4s 5413 has just taken over the train from GG1 power that has brought it to South Amboy from Penn Station.


Cuban Railroad Dining Car - By hudsonelectric on 05/31/06 at 09:04:41 - 'Pullman_Cuban_Special.jpg' 112 KB
This is a great card showing the interior of the Cuban Railroad Pullman ding car, the 'Cuban Special'. What a great variation from the usual tables and chairs that we've seen on US cars...I can imagine what it must have looked like in color and with tablecloths! Cigars, gentlemen?  


Santa Fe Roundhouse 1908 - By hudsonelectric on 04/29/06 at 15:49:18 - 'Santa_Fe_Roundhouse_1908010.jpg' 169 KB
This Fred Harvey 'Phostint' car was copyrighted in 1908 and mailed in 1910. The card in entitled, 'Awaiting Their Turn'. Just a great scene from the early days of big-time railroading!  


Re: And the Last of My Audio Visual Design Cards! - By hudsonelectric on 04/28/06 at 20:09:38 - 'Portland_Rose005.jpg' 159 KB
And last, but by no means least, is the Union Pacific's 'Portland Rose'. Shown here in Boise, Idaho, this 1969 photo was taken by Howard Fogg. Well, that's it, Crew...I hope that you've enjoyed a look back at the colorful days of railroading in The Diesel Era! Thanks for looking and letting me share these great photos with you.  


Re: And the Last of My Audio Visual Design Cards! - By hudsonelectric on 04/28/06 at 20:08:03 - 'NYC_RS3_Freight003.jpg' 179 KB
Here's another NY Central RS3 lash-up on passenger duty...this time in Palmer, MA. This 1954 photo was taken by David Sweetland. Again, we have more of that great Alco exhaust!


Re: And the Last of My Audio Visual Design Cards! - By hudsonelectric on 04/28/06 at 20:06:43 - 'PRR_FAs004.jpg' 138 KB
Looking all business, this David Sweetland photo of Pennsy Alco FAs was taken in 1961. Alco fans may want to note with pride the black exhaust!  


Re: And the Last of My Audio Visual Design Cards! - By hudsonelectric on 04/28/06 at 20:05:31 - 'CZ006.jpg' 170 KB
When you talk passenger consists, how about the famous California Zepher? In this 1950 Fred Matthwes photo, we see the 'CZ' rounding a curve with a beautiful F3 lashup in all of it's Western Pacific glory!


Re: And the Last of My Audio Visual Design Cards! - By hudsonelectric on 04/28/06 at 20:04:38 - 'PRR_Chicago007.jpg' 184 KB
This is a great view of Chicago's Union Station in 1957. Here we see PRR EP20s pulling passenger consists on a bright, warm June day. This photo was taken by David Sweetland.


Re: And the Last of My Audio Visual Design Cards! - By hudsonelectric on 04/28/06 at 20:03:51 - 'Texas_Chief008.jpg' 168 KB
Here's an F.L. Becht photograph of the Santa Fe's 'Texas Chief'. This view is in Norman, Oklahoma in 1970.


And the Last of My Audio Visual Design Cards! - By hudsonelectric on 04/28/06 at 20:03:07 - 'Milwaukee_Road_Electrics009.jpg' 189 KB
This is the last of my AVD postcards. Here we see Milwaukee Road electric motors E-30 and E-47 hauling freights out of Cedar Falls, Washington. This Fred Matthews photo was taken in 1958.


Re: From My Audio Visual Designs Collection - By hudsonelectric on 04/22/06 at 07:44:31 - 'PE_1100_Series_Car_1950.jpg' 220 KB
And what said traction and trolley better than Pacific Electric? Note the details on this 100 series car...roof vents, double step-double doors, that unique destination sign, and that distinctive PE scheme. This Fred Matthews photo was taken in 1950.


Re: From My Audio Visual Designs Collection - By hudsonelectric on 04/22/06 at 07:32:55 - 'BO_E6.jpg' 183 KB
In this William Rinn view taken in 1950, we see EMD's earlier styling. Shown at the Ivy City engine terminal in D.C., is a B&O E6 and a Southern E7. Note the coal tower to the left.


Re: From My Audio Visual Designs Collection - By hudsonelectric on 04/22/06 at 07:29:39 - 'PRR_CO_LN_NYC_Diesels.jpg' 183 KB
This is a shot taken at the Cleveland Union Terminal enginehouse by David Sweetland in 1956. What a line up...three E8s and an E6! CUT handled over 200 trains per day and had 16 platforms.


Re: From My Audio Visual Designs Collection - By hudsonelectric on 04/22/06 at 07:25:55 - 'NYC_F7s.jpg' 206 KB
Here we see a pair of NY Central F7s lashed up to an older B unit heading out toward Detroit with a long freight drag. Taken in 1957 by David Sweetland in St. Thomas, Ontario, we can also see the overhead wires on the left of the London & Port Stanley trolley line.


Trainsheds and Platforms at the New DL&W Hoboken T - By hudsonelectric on 04/12/06 at 20:44:59 - 'DLW_Terminal_Hoboken_1911.jpg' 177 KB
This is a postcard postmarked 1911 and mailed from East Orange, NJ to Providence, RI. The card shows the platforms and trainsheds of the new  DL&W terminal in Hoboken, NJ. New to my collection. Be sure to look at the next post down for a close-up view of the passenger cars!  


Trains at DL&W Platforms Hoboken - By hudsonelectric on 04/12/06 at 20:40:09 - 'DLW_Terminal_Hoboken_1911_CU.jpg' 195 KB
This enlargement of the postcard above brings out some of the detail of the coaches at the platforms. Note the curved open platform roof contours and railings.


Last Days of the E-L Tugs - By hudsonelectric on 04/12/06 at 20:16:57 - 'EL_Tugs_Hoboken_1974.jpg' 260 KB
This 1974 photo by Henry Butz, shows the tugs 'Marion' and 'Akron' tied up at the DL&W terminal in Hoboken, NJ. The photo was later used for this postcard published by Parlor Car Enterprises of Hopatcong, NJ. Unused and new to my collection.


Erie Station Ridgewood NJ 1908 - By hudsonelectric on 03/22/06 at 19:58:30 - 'Ridgewood_NJ_Erie_Station_1908.jpg' 138 KB
This is a great scene of traintime in Ridgewood NJ circa 1908. The crossing tower is on the left at the edge of the card. Note the double semaphores just down track from the freight station. From my collection, RPO postmarked.


Lackawanna F3s - By hudsonelectric on 03/22/06 at 19:54:58 - 'DLW_F3.jpg' 181 KB
Here's a classic DL&W diesel shot of a pair of F3s leaving Hoboken with a string of Boonton coaches in tow. This is a Mary Jane's Specialties postacard with the photo taken by William J. Brennan. From my collection and unused.


Erie Power! - By hudsonelectric on 03/22/06 at 19:51:22 - 'Erie_F_Units_Maybrook_NY.jpg' 172 KB
Here's an A-B-B-A F7 Erie lashup hauling freight cars out of Maybrook, NY. This is an Audio Visual Designs postcard with the photo being taken by Marvin Cohen. From my collection and unused.


Erie Pacific Express - By hudsonelectric on 03/22/06 at 19:46:41 - 'Erie_Pacific_Express_Warren_Ohio_1949.jpg' 205 KB
This photograph, taken by William Rinn in 1949 was published as a postcard by years later by Audio Visual Designs of Earlton, NY. It shows Train #7, the Pacific Express, making an afternoon stop in Warren, Ohio. New to my collection and unused.


"Photo Post Card" - By kjohn on 02/06/06 at 23:24:35 - 'Deer_Forks_card_x.jpg' 74 KB
Speaks for itself.  
Linked Image: http://D:\Pics06\SenttoRailfan06\DeerForkscardx.jpg


Not Your Neighborhood Tavern! - By hudsonelectric on 12/28/05 at 08:19:52 - 'Daylight_Lounge001.jpg' 28 KB
This unused, early-'50s postcard shows a familiar seating arrangement. Wasn't this type of lounge seating used on The 20th Century? The reverse inscription reads: 'Timberline Tavern on the new Shasta Daylight between San Francisco, Calif., and Portland Ore. Famed Timberline Lodge, high on the slope of Mt. Hood, furnished the inspiration and color for the Tavern Car. The bar front and canopy have panels showing Northwest animal life, hand carved in native woods.'


Re: AMTRAK? Does This Look Like AMTRAK?? - By silver_champion on 11/16/05 at 14:14:49 - 'galley.jpg' 127 KB
How about this. Does this look like Amtrak


Re: Super Chief - By silver_champion on 11/16/05 at 14:09:34 - 'SILVER_CHAMPION_OBS_INSIDE.jpg' 182 KB
Here is another view of the inside of a Super Chief obsv. car


Re: Super Chief - By silver_champion on 11/16/05 at 14:02:02 - 'outside.jpg' 226 KB
I love this obsv. car of the Chief.


Re: Super Chief - By silver_champion on 11/16/05 at 14:00:21 - 'inside.jpg' 137 KB
I am a east coast railroad fan. When I set out to model a train for my layout. I wanted to use cars that I wanted for my all pullman train. I ended up modeling the Super Chief. Did not set out to do it, just ended up that way. Can someone tell me if there was three type of obsv. cars used on the Cheif. I am seeing three  inside pictures. Here is one.


Re: Erie Port Jervis, NY Shops - By Charlie_O on 10/26/05 at 17:59:00 - 'PortJervis_yard.jpg' 70 KB
Great card, Russ.  Quite a contrast to today's desolate scene...


Fort Worth - By daddaj on 10/10/05 at 11:33:38 - 'FtWorth.jpg' 68 KB
This is not a Post Card but I don't have a better place to post this great picture. It is called "Fort Worth." I think it is superb.
I have no credits for the picture.  It was sent to me with the statement that the picture is in one of "Texas Monthly" magazines.


Re: New York Central 1904 - By hudsonelectric on 10/07/05 at 05:56:44 - 'NY_Central_Little_Falls_NY_Close_Up.jpg' 186 KB
Here's a close-up of the card showing the crew on the roofs of the cars and loco.


New York Central 1904 - By hudsonelectric on 10/07/05 at 05:55:40 - 'NY_Central_Little_Falls_NY_1904.jpg' 135 KB
This card is one of my oldest, postmarked 1904. It shows a 4 track main going through Little Falls, NY and appears to be a pretty busy place. The freight on the right side has a couple of brakemen on the car roofs and a crewmember on the loco cab roof. Things sure looked different then, eh?  

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