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New policy regarding RailPictures.net
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   New policy regarding RailPictures.net
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   Author  Topic: New policy regarding RailPictures.net  (Read 459 times)
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New policy regarding RailPictures.net
« on: Jul 13th, 2009, 7:13pm »

As I mentioned in the last post on the "RP.Net rejected my comment!" thread, this forum is dedicated to railroad photography, and not to complaining about other web sites.  Therefore, I am instituting a new policy regarding RailPictures.net:
THE RAILPICTURES.NET WEBSITE IS HEREBY DECLARED TO BE OFF-TOPIC IN THIS FORUM.  There are three exceptions:  If you think your photograph is great and the screeners don't, you may post it in the "Salon de Refuse" thread, and you may post the screener's comments there as well.  If you want a second opinion about your photograph, or you think the screeners may have a point but you're not sure, you may post in the "What's Wrong With This Picture?" thread.  The third exception is any post that includes a link to a picture in RailPictures.net and contains some variation on "This is a GREAT photograph!"
Any thread that deviates from this policy is liable to be deleted without notice.
Thank you very much.
Rob Richardson
Moderator, Railroad Photography forum


Rules about what makes a good railroad photograph have caused the loss of millions of great railroad photographs!
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