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Making sense of diesel paint schemes (NYC)
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   Making sense of diesel paint schemes (NYC)
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   Author  Topic: Making sense of diesel paint schemes (NYC)  (Read 289 times)
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Making sense of diesel paint schemes (NYC)
« on: Feb 2nd, 2012, 3:11pm »
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This can get sort of confusing. It involves P&LE loco paint jobs while under New York Central Control, and maybe while an adjunct of Penn Central as well.
The last P&LE steam was those alco berkshires in what was called pacemaker green, almost a pullman green or army olive drab.
This carried over into some of the first generation lightning stripers, which in many period black and white photos looks black, like pennsy's brunswick green.
However there WERE some black lightning stripers with p&le sub lettering as well (like rs-3's) . There were switchers painted in this green with red NYC system heralds and large P&LE on sides, but when did these occur?
IN 1957, 230 Park Avenue pulled the lightning stripes, but many EMD's were slow to repaint, but apparently P&LE did all theres sooner.
I guess sometimes in the 60's there was a basic central system black paint job that carried into PC.
Did NYC ever run baldwin sharks on the P&LE? (NOT monongahela units). i know they ran on the big four, which was not a quasi independant like the little giant.
Would you ever see just New York Central  locos on freights from Cleveland or wherever, or would you only see units labeled New York Central system running at times on the P&LE?

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Re: Making sense of diesel paint schemes (NYC)
« Reply #1 on: Mar 7th, 2013, 9:37pm »
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I just ran across this posting tonight-hope the below helps out somewhat.
The September-October 2009 issue of Diesel Era did their main article on the U28B.  The P&LE's U28's were delivered in the U25 carbody, painted in NYC black with the wide white frame strip.  New York Central is spelled out on the long hood, the ends have the NYC herald.  P&LE is underneath the number on the cab.  I suspect, but can't say for sure since I know little about the P&LE, is that these units tended to get around on the NYC.  
The first P&LE photo is on page 14, with the 2800 in Youngstown, Ohio.  
The P&LE was not included in the Conrail creation.  Page 34 shows another P&LE unit, in color, the 2809.  The New York Central name is not on the long hood and the white frame stripe is gone, as are the end heralds.  Truly a dip paint job!
Have a good one.

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