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Norfolk & Western Photos

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Re: GTL - The N&W Edition - By Thinkin Lincoln on 04/26/16 at 09:27:06 - 'NW-2.jpg' 111 KB
So, many years later an many miles away, we have this scene......I wish I had some juicy tidbits of info to clue you in on, but alas, all I can say is that this is a spot in Southeastern Virginia where the N&W and the VGN once crossed on the later's route to/from Sewells Point. NS and Amtrak still run thru here today, and it is a TOFC/COFC yard for NS. I'll see if I can lead you to this spot better, but for now, let's see how good you N&W fans are!


GTL - The N&W Edition - By Bridge 1A on 01/13/16 at 11:01:00 - 'NW1.jpg' 38 KB
Nothing says Appalachian Coal railroading like the Route of the Powhattan Arrow!
Weather its big steam or plain black diesels, its all good, so let's GTL!


Re: N&W 2156 Y6a... differences between it and a Y6b? - By CHESSIEMIKE on 06/23/15 at 06:50:42 - 'NW_2156_Delivered_small.jpg' 133 KB
Well, you got your wish, at least for 5 years anyway. N&W #2156 in Roanoke, VA on 5/31/15 near 1200Hrs. Seems to be saying "Let me at those coal cars & I'll show you how to move them."


Re: N&W´s electrification - By CHESSIEMIKE on 07/05/07 at 00:35:02 - 'NW_Electrification_Map.jpg' 92 KB
Here is a map.


Re: Un-Shrouded N&W J - By WM734 on 07/03/07 at 21:27:33 - 'BelDelJuly07_010_2.jpg' 75 KB
Another picture, this one is of the 609 with a K class 4-8-2 behind her.  I'm not sure if the 609 was built with the shroud or not.  The photo is from a book that I own all about the N&W J's.  The J's were probably the most "ultimate" of a steamer that America ever had, if you look at the stats.  I personally think that it looks beautiful without the shroud, just because it actually looks like a normal steam engine and has more of a workhorse look to it.


Un-Shrouded N&W J - By WM734 on 07/03/07 at 19:51:09 - 'NWunshroudedJ_2.jpg' 90 KB
During WWII, the Norfolk And Western built J1 4-8-4 class locomotives.  605 and 606 did not come out of the Roanoke Shops with a streamlined cover on them (I THINK it went from 605-609, but I could be way off on that, I'll tell you straight up I'm no more than 50% sure about that).  Can anyone confirm this?
I personally think they looked better than the shroud.  All N&W J's and J-1's were all eventually streamlined in 1945 when the war was over.
Picture from:  LINK URL


Surprise while railfanning!! - By ranger101 on 01/08/07 at 17:24:23 - 'nwsign.jpg' 92 KB
Hello everyone,
     I haven't posted much on this board of the forum, but I found this little survivor today while I was railfanning CSX.  This is located on a bridge over Rt 51 at the intersection with RT 70 in Pennsylvania.  The rail line used to be the Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway.  If I remember correctly this became part of the Norfolk and Western and was sold to the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad.  Most of the old bridges on this line still sport the P & WV faded lettering.  This is the first one I saw that had this N & W sign on it.


Re: Hey, where did the N&W fans go? - By silver_champion on 09/22/06 at 09:48:35 - 'firstgenoff.jpg' 64 KB
This at one time was the main offices for N&W.


Re: Hey, where did the N&W fans go? - By silver_champion on 09/22/06 at 09:47:36 - '2.jpg' 245 KB
I am not a N & W fan, but when I think of the railroad I always see this loco.


Re: FM Trainmaster Slug Question - By CHESSIEMIKE on 09/13/05 at 20:34:54 - 'NW_9907.jpg' 77 KB
I should know this, but I don't have any reference material to back up my thought.  I think the exVirginian Trainmasters were used in the conversion.  (Confirmation found, according to Virginian Railway Volume 2 by Liljestrand & Sweetland, the exVirginian Trainmasters were the ones used.) The way the N&W classed the slugs they built was the letter after the dash indicated the manufacture of the unit they started with and the number was for the axles. The "RP" was for Remote Power.  So #9900-9919 were class RP-F6.  They did these in the early 70's.  Here is a shot of #9907 at Lamberts Point on Sept. 3, 1983.  I don't think I have any shots of #9905, but would think the paint scheme would be the same.


N&W 9950 - By SD90MAC on 07/22/05 at 10:13:05 - 'Rp-e6-2.jpg' 81 KB
I've always considered 9950 the ONLY SDP45(Or SDP45 slug) that received full N&W livery. but does anyone know why the N&S(Norfolk Southern) retired her?


Virginian Railway Coalfield Seminar Apr 8-9-10 200 - By vaoverland on 03/24/05 at 21:07:59 - 'Coalfield_Seminar_4.jpg' 149 KB
For 3 days, the spectacularly beautiful mountains and valleys of
southern West Virginia near Mullens, WV will be the site of the
Virginian Railway Coalfield Seminar on April 8, 9, & 10, 2005.
Organized by railfriends of the fallen flag Virginian Railway, there
will be 3 days of presentations, discussion and tours of the "Billion
Dollar Coalfield" following alongside the tracks of the Virginian
Railway mainline and the Winding Gulf Branch and the Guyandot River
routes. Additional stops are featured on the Coal Heritage Trail.
There will be a stop at the Beckley Exhibition Mine in order to study
the coal side of West Virginia Railroading and attendees may take the
Underground Mine Tour. Speakers include well-known VGN historians and
Based at Twin Falls State Park, the program is set up to be flexible,
so you can choose your day(s) and events. Lodging nearby is still
available as of March 23.
To learn more details, simply click on the hyperlink at the bottom of
our group page at
or go to this link:
Mark Fisher, co moderator
Virginian Railway (VGN) Enthusiasts Group on Yahoo
P.S. Our Yahoo group is immediately open to new members. Only posting
of messages by new members is moderated.


Looks like 536 is being hunted down by the GSMR be - By SD90MAC on 02/10/05 at 18:04:52 - 'geep.gif' 142 KB
Looks like 536 is being hunted down by the GSMR because HE is the fugitive!!!!!!! ;D  


Re: A brand new N&W 475 - By Strasburg 1223 on 01/12/05 at 20:07:45 - 'strasburg010.jpg' 30 KB
Doing the run-around.


Re: A brand new N&W 475 - By Strasburg 1223 on 01/12/05 at 20:06:58 - 'strasburg008.jpg' 30 KB
Backing out with the 2:30 train.


Re: A brand new N&W 475 - By Strasburg 1223 on 01/12/05 at 20:05:55 - 'strasburg007.jpg' 27 KB
Whistling for the yard crossing.


Re: A brand new N&W 475 - By Strasburg 1223 on 01/12/05 at 20:04:36 - 'strasburg006.jpg' 26 KB
475 in the distance.


Re: A brand new N&W 475 - By Strasburg 1223 on 01/12/05 at 20:01:06 - 'strasburg002.jpg' 127 KB
In the engine house getting warmed up.


Re: A brand new N&W 475 - By Strasburg 1223 on 01/12/05 at 19:59:39 - 'strasburg.jpg' 28 KB
Here are some of my pictures from troops and trains. Sorry that they are film.
 THIS IS MY 250th POST!!
 Getting coal while 90 gets water.


N&W Class A 1218 for Microsoft Train Simulator - By blackhawk2001 on 11/09/04 at 16:04:23 - '1218_model.jpg' 41 KB
    I have  a question and have nowhere else to go.  I have modeled the N&W 1218 for Microsoft train simulator, and I get an error message every time I start the game up.  It has an error reading the .eng file.  If there is anyone out there with experience modding this game, please respond and I will give you more details.  Until then, here is a picture of the 3D model I made of the locomotive.


Re: N&W SDP45's - By ERIESDP453667 on 10/17/04 at 16:14:35 - 'NW6682.jpg' 63 KB


Re: N&W SDP45's - By ERIESDP453667 on 10/17/04 at 16:12:51 - 'NW6679.jpg' 60 KB
WOW!!!AN EL IN 1984!!!!!!(it was labeled CR 6679 but I saw the black square with NW on it and the Chalk line)


Re: N&W SDP45's - By ERIESDP453667 on 10/17/04 at 16:11:26 - 'NW6671.jpg' 61 KB
and here is 6670's brother 6671....


Re: N&W SDP45's - By ERIESDP453667 on 10/17/04 at 16:10:16 - 'sdp-p4.jpg' 47 KB
the only evidence that the NW was here!!!


Re: N&W SDP45's - By ERIESDP453667 on 10/17/04 at 16:09:06 - 'sdp-p8.jpg' 76 KB
6670 dwarfing everything in its path!!!!


Re: N&W SDP45's - By ERIESDP453667 on 10/17/04 at 16:07:44 - 'NW66682-2.jpg' 168 KB
But here its in service.Saint.Louis MO,1984.


Re: N&W SDP45's - By ERIESDP453667 on 10/17/04 at 16:06:50 - 'NW6668.jpg' 64 KB
Lets get some photos!!!!6668 dead at roanoake ...


Re: N&W SD-45's - By ERIESDP453667 on 10/17/04 at 15:42:29 - 'NW66682.jpg' 169 KB
on Feb 26th, 2003, 8:40pm, chessie8212 wrote:       (Click here for original message)
Looking through my Post Merger NS Roster, I see that the only SD-45's that NS has are ex-Conrail (6654,6655,6659,6662,6664,6666).  So.... What were the fate of these NW units?  I remember seeing somewhere that a few had become slugs.  What happened to the rest?
Dave Krumenacker Photo taken from Fallen Flag RR Photos (LINK URL )

 I believe the SDP45's were traded into EMD for the SOU SD60's.The Frames and doors and fans were used for the new units.  a nice picture of NW 6668.


Re: GP30 536 photo op. - By ERIESDP453667 on 10/16/04 at 20:36:56 - '536-4.gif' 245 KB
final set:


Re: GP30 536 photo op. - By ERIESDP453667 on 10/16/04 at 20:33:23 - '536-3.gif' 208 KB
third set.


Re: GP30 536 photo op. - By ERIESDP453667 on 10/16/04 at 20:31:55 - '536-2.gif' 272 KB
second set!!!


GP30 536 photo op. - By ERIESDP453667 on 10/16/04 at 20:31:07 - '536-1.gif' 273 KB
I decided to take some pictures of the 536 from the movie"the fugitive".


Re: Experimental paint scheme??? - By CHESSIEMIKE on 10/08/04 at 00:05:49 - 'NW_4107.jpg' 51 KB
I think this is what you want.
#4104, #4107, & #4129 were the only 3 units to get this paint.


Re: To save a GP30! - By ISGP30536 on 08/18/04 at 15:34:08 - '2251cind.jpg' 308 KB
here are the other GP30's!


Re: Steam of the NW - By BnO_Hendo on 08/09/04 at 21:35:05 - '1218b.jpg' 45 KB
And here she is on another summer's day some 20 some years earlier- fired up and ready to do some haulin' passengers on an excursion train!


Re: Steam of the NW - By Teen_NS_fan on 08/07/04 at 18:05:27 - 'Pennsy_RR_pics_006.jpg' 357 KB
 Heres 1218 under the pavilion at VMOT on a clear summer day on July 16th 2004.  


Re: Steam of the NW - By nhirr40 on 08/06/04 at 09:56:25 - '475atspeedpast.jpg' 53 KB
Don't Forget about This nice N&W steamer!


Re: To save a GP30! - By C30-7 on 07/23/04 at 21:36:47 - 'Fugitive.jpg' 281 KB
I am watching the fugitive!And guess what I saw,the unit was modified !A graylight had been added,it was where the bell on the high short hood was!Here is what the nose looks like today:  


To save a GP30! - By C30-7 on 07/13/04 at 12:40:18 - 'p5016.jpg' 26 KB
Did you see the movie "the Fugitive"?If you did then you saw the Illinois Southern Units.They still exsist. But i'm thinkin to purchase one of the Illinois Southern units and have it preserved.
The unit I really want is ex-N&W GP30 (536).I plan to have the engineless unit sent to the Genesse Valley RR museum.The N&W 536 will be restored and painted into the "hamburger Scheme".And it will paired with Nickel Plate Road 76
( Oh lalalalal!Perfect match!)On diesel days it will serve as Passenger car that will be pushed by the 76 and people will learn about the standard practices of the N&W and i'm sure N&W fans will be happy and also people can ride on the outside and honk the restored horn and turn on the loco's lights. I mean if they preserved a southern in one of the Southerns operating areas then surley a similar locomotive can be preserved right near the ex.EL tracks! After all N&W pool power did show up on DERECO lines !Heres a pic of what the units look like today:


Re: Steam of the NW - By Virginian on 07/01/04 at 23:24:44 - 'class_a1238.jpg' 70 KB
Read "Norfolk and Western, Giant of Steam" by Maj. Lewis Jeffries, and "Norfolk and Western, Pocahontas Coal Carrier" by Prince if you really want to learn about the N&W.  Many of us feel the ultimate refinements of the reciprocating steam locomotive came out of Roanoke Shops.  The N&W had no nicknames - a Class J was simply a J, a Class A was an A.  On the N&W, that was enough.
The 4-8-0 M class were the largest non-articulated freight steamers on the N&W after the ill fated K-3 Mountains were sold off.
The Y6b produced the highest tractive effort of any 16 drivered locomotive, despite weighing a lot less than a 2-6-6-6 or a 4-8-8-4, The N&W's refinement of the compound with the addition of their booster valve, produced a highly efficient machine.
The Class A 2-6-6-4 produced more HP than any other N&W locomotive.  If you look at that boiler you will see why.  Many consider the A "THE" finest steam locomotive ever built, and the last ones looked very cool with their roller bearing drivers.
But to me, the J was the finest.  Nothing was as impressive as the Powhattan Arrow coming at you at 90 plus, the exhaust soft and soooo rapid as she emerged from the haze of distance, and that low whistle making your hair stand on end as she charged towards Norfolk on a late summer afternoon.
Follow the link to a "wad" of N&W pictures.


Re: Steam of the NW - By DannyR on 06/21/04 at 22:34:23 - 'NW_Class_J_600.jpg' 63 KB
Here is the "flagship" J, #600 in an uncustomary role pulling freight.
Date, location, and photographer not known.


Re: Steam of the NW - By hummel1237 on 06/20/04 at 11:30:58 - 'nw609a1.jpg' 120 KB
Interesting info on back...


Re: Steam of the NW - By hummel1237 on 06/20/04 at 11:26:01 - 'nw609.jpg' 124 KB
Here's #609 (Postcard)


Re: RED NW C30-7's? - By dougal on 06/07/04 at 18:23:53 - '6175.jpg' 309 KB
on Apr 20th, 2004, 9:12am, Robbman wrote:       (Click here for original message)
N&W 6175 was the only SD40-2 painted red...
From Railpictures.net by G. R. Harper

I know it's a bit late but I thought all of you would like to see this. A red N&W re-created on Train Simulator.


N&W 4610? - By Erie_Lack on 05/19/04 at 11:15:23 - 'NW6175APR1979.jpg' 257 KB
Southern 4610 has limped into the paintshops and is being stripped of its southern paint. What if Just what if they paint it into an N&W scheme ! which would you like it to be painted in?
A.Tuscan Red with torpedo tubes and Norfolk and Western spelled on the side in gold.
B.N&W Blue and Gold
C.N&W Black and White(looks like the blue and gold except Black replaces blue and white replaces gold)
C.N&W Black and gold(looks like the blue and gold except Black replaces blue)
D.Tuscan with capitol NW on the front,Sides,and back.
E.Black and White with capitol NW on the front,Sides,and back.
G.Nickel plate road.
one of my top picks:


Re: NW/W&LE - By CRmac80 on 03/14/04 at 01:07:45 - 'nw1318.jpg' 121 KB
Here is another shot from Brewster during March 1977. A high hood GP-35/ Alco RS-11 duo is ready to roll. You can just see a part of the hood of an Alco C-420 behind these units, and geep 804 lurks in the background off to the left.


Re: NW/W&LE - By CRmac80 on 03/14/04 at 01:02:50 - 'nw2961.jpg' 122 KB
Anything on the roster found it's way to the former W&LE lines of the N&W. Here is a trio of ex ITC SD-39's at Brewster, Ohio on Nove 25th, 1982.


Re: NS MOW Cars With N&W Markings - By Erie_Lack on 03/13/04 at 10:21:07 - 'sr28_jpg.jpg' 20 KB
Virginia is like the moon!But instead of alot of craters there are alot of trains!


Re: RED NW C30-7's? - By Erie_Lack on 03/13/04 at 10:16:13 - 'sr15_jpg.jpg' 18 KB
A small fanfic starring SANDY!  
Sandy:Spongebob?Are you a RAILFAN?
Sandys boss:Sandy!Glad you came back!
Sandys boss:We were purchased by the Southern and now were called NS!


RED NW C30-7's? - By Erie_Lack on 03/13/04 at 10:10:05 - 'nw8076ads.jpg' 63 KB
There were some red C30-7's on the Norfolk and Western.Why RED?Why not green,or N&W's trandemark Jet Black?


Re: NS MOW Cars With N&W Markings - By DannyR on 02/28/04 at 23:27:38 - 'NS_Dash_9CW-40_9086.jpg' 161 KB
And last, why not include a modern locomotive pulling this train in N&W style--- NS Dash 9 40-CW#9086 running long hood forward!


Re: NS MOW Cars With N&W Markings - By DannyR on 02/28/04 at 23:22:40 - 'NW_MOW_tank_car.jpg' 156 KB
And here is the gem of the group, IMO. One of two green tank cars that were included in this MOW train.


Re: NS MOW Cars With N&W Markings - By DannyR on 02/28/04 at 23:20:39 - 'NW_MOW_boxcars_2.jpg' 139 KB
Another view of the passing boxcars.


Re: NS MOW Cars With N&W Markings - By DannyR on 02/28/04 at 23:19:28 - 'NW_MOW_boxcars.jpg' 140 KB
A color assortment of boxcars. Can remember the days when the black ones were in revenue service.


NS MOW Cars With N&W Markings - By DannyR on 02/28/04 at 23:17:30 - 'NW_Flatcars_MOW.jpg' 177 KB
Caught these cars in a northbound MOW train in Kannapolis, NC:
N&W flats with track maintenance equipment


Abandoned Norfolk & Western 4-8-0s and 2-8-0 - By PortageFlyer on 12/08/03 at 17:41:03 - '1118.jpg' 156 KB
There are currently four abandoned Norfolk & Western steam locomotives rusting away in a Roanoke scrapyard, we are trying to find people who would be interested in helping save these locomotives.  You do not need to be in the area of Roanoke as we also need people to research these locomotives and contact organizations who might be interested in restoring them.  For further information visit: LINK URL or join the Lost Engines Message Board at: LINK URL


Re: Steam of the NW - By hummel1237 on 12/06/03 at 22:51:33 - 'nw91951.jpg' 100 KB
on Dec 6th, 2003, 5:51pm, BnO_Hendo wrote:       (Click here for original message)
I think "bullet nose" was sort of a generic term given to stream-lined steamers. In my circles, we called the Js, the NYC Hudsons, B&O shrouded Pacifics "bullet" or "bullet nose" trains.  From what I've read, all the extra sheet metal gave them a nice "art-deco" look, but made them more difficult for mechanics to work on. Many, many railroads had streamlined locomotives.
I must admit I don't understand why you're having any trouble finding information. How are you looking? I have a whole library of books on trains. There are enough out on the N&W.
I should have been more specific - I meant on the "names" that NW may or may not have used. It's good to hear that someone else had heard them called "Bullets". I thought maybe I was nuts (ok I am). It's possible the "Bullet" name was something the general public used and not the RRs (we know "Streamline" for sure). I understood that on at least some of the noses they had hinges on one side and a latch on the other. This would allow it to open like a door to make it easier for mechanics to get in and out of. Any truth to that? Thank you, and all of you, for your help... Jim...    
I just had a recall - Didn't PRR have a streamliner called a "Bullet"? I'll have to check that out too. I'm leaving no stone unturned...    


Re: Steam of the NW - By hummel1237 on 12/06/03 at 14:07:12 - 'nyc20th2.jpg' 107 KB
on Dec 6th, 2003, 10:15am, CHESSIEMIKE wrote:       (Click here for original message)
The photo is a New York Central photo of the westbound 20th Century Limited at Peekskill, NY in 1938.  The engine is J-3a #5453, one 10 of NYC's Hudsons that were streamlined by Henry Dreyfuss for service on the 20th Century Limited.  The "Blue Goose" was Santa Fe's streamlined Hudson #3460.  The nickname "Blue Goose" was given to this engine because of it's blue, two-tone paint.  If you have an interest in streamlined steam locomotives you might want to get the book The Steamliners by Kevin J. Holland.

Thank you! I was looking for a reply, as you can see...          
I heard NW streamliners called "Bullets" when I was little. Is that true? I'm still looking in books but if you or anyone knows it would save me a bunch of time. You know I'm doing my homework and thanks again Mike... Jim...  


Re: Steam of the NW - By BnO_Hendo on 11/21/03 at 21:54:26 - '2578.jpg' 41 KB
I believe, and again I'm not an N&W expert, but I believe it had its beginnings in the 1830s. Yes, the N&W used a lot of 2-8-0s on branch lines. In fact, in Winston Link's one book he follows the rural route of  the "Creeper", an antique looking, slow moving 2-8-0 that ran locals in some area whose name escapes me.  My books are upstairs, my PC is down.  
I think that the only loco that N&W had bigger than the A's was the Y6 Mallet. That was a brute and a half.  It's the 2-8-8-2 that you were describing. I don't believe the N&W used anything bigger than that.  
I think you need to start ordering yourself some N&W books to read! You have some catching up to do!  
Photo from oldprintshop.com by O. Winston Link.


Re: Steam of the NW - By BnO_Hendo on 11/19/03 at 20:30:14 - '1218611.jpg' 73 KB
Well, they are being preserved at the Virginia Museum of Transportation. I seriously doubt the Musuem would give them up a second time (see they were on display there originally, then they moved them out for restoration to steam, then put them back when NS killed the steam program). Here's a shot of them there:


Re: Steam of the NW - By BnO_Hendo on 11/18/03 at 20:17:06 - '611b.jpg' 37 KB
Here's one from my N&W Steam Excursions booklet-


Re: Wytheville, VA - By DannyR on 11/18/03 at 10:32:28 - 'NW_CPL.jpg' 142 KB
Close up of the CPLs


Wytheville, VA - By DannyR on 11/18/03 at 10:31:25 - 'Wytheville_VA_NW.jpg' 144 KB
While passing through Wytheville, VA this past weekend, I took a brief detour to the NS line in hopes of getting a photo of a passing train. No luck, but here are a couple of shots that say "N&W".  I don't know the volume of traffic that passes through here but there are good/accessible locations to get photographs.
This view looks south/west towards Bristol, TN.


Re: Steam of the NW - By BnO_Hendo on 11/18/03 at 09:04:26 - 'nw611.gif' 146 KB
Do you mean the class Js? Like the #611?  
From the "Blue Grass RR Museum" site-


Re: N&W SD-45's - By Robbman on 10/06/03 at 11:14:05 - 'Rp-e6.jpg' 80 KB
This RP-E6 slug was built from SDP45 3637 in 1976 by N&W's Roanoke Shops.  It was numbered 9920.  In 1981, it was renumbered 9950.  It served on N&W/NS until 1989, when it was leased to the W&LE.  Returned in 1992, 9950 was scrapped.  N&W SD45's 1765-1769 were the masters for this ( and 9921/9951 RP-E6 built from a SD35 )
Photo by Howard Ameling


N&W #1775 - By CHESSIEMIKE on 06/15/03 at 21:18:09 - 'NW_1775_in_blue_S1996.jpg' 92 KB
In a previous post I indicated that I had only seen one blue N&W unit.  Well, I was wrong!  I did not remember this one.   N&W #1775, a SD45 takes it easy at Lamberts Pt. on July 6, 1985.  #1776 came in bicentennial paint.


Virginia Railway Heritage License Plates - By vaoverland on 06/02/03 at 02:12:08 - 'roanoke_chapter_va_license_plate.jpg' 124 KB
RE: Virginia Railway Heritage License Plates  
Time is running out. Ken Miller and the Roanoke Chapter folks have been working for many years to get the tags through the legislature and issued, and they are very close, but almost out of time now. Their most recent attention has turned to saving the old VGN Roanoke station, so it would be realy nice if we could help finish this tag project up for them.  
Before June 15, we need to get the final 25 or so signed and paid tag applications submitted to the Roanoke Chapter of the NRHS for the Virginia Railway Heritage license plates to be issued. They are only $10 ($20 if you want a special number).  
To qualify toward the 350 plate goal, we need folks with current Virginia registered license plates and the ability to write a check for $10 (or $20). The single non-registered tags with the words SAMPLE will be available only after the 350 licensed Virginia vehicle minimum is met, and will be available for purchase by anyone in or out of Virginia.  
The form to complete and instructions can be downloaded at from the Virginian Railway Enthusiasts Group site in the files section. The file name is : 1va_rr_heritage_plates_flyer2.pdf  
Please email me at vaoverland@aol.com if I can help anyone complete this process. Leave me a telephone number if you would like me to call you back and we'll do it over the phone. Thanks in advance.  
Mark Fisher, moderator  
Virginian Railway (VGN) Enthusiasts Group on Yahoo  


N&W #475 - By CHESSIEMIKE on 05/25/03 at 16:07:30 - 'Strasburg_475_BWP.jpg' 131 KB
She sure looks and sounds good!  
I should be in such shape when I'm 97 years old.  
Strasburg is taking good care of her.  


Re: More Cabooses - By Charlie_O on 04/03/03 at 21:40:14 - 'NW_caboose.jpg' 191 KB
Nice pic.
This isn't my usual area but was browsing thru last year's pix and found this survivor ... NW caboose 518391, on static display in Elkton VA.  Sorry, no info on her history... was in the Shenandoahs doing some camping and snapped the photo from the car.  


N&W GP18 #945 - By CHESSIEMIKE on 03/18/03 at 23:07:47 - 'NW_945.jpg' 75 KB
I know it's not a great shot, but it is the only blue N&W unit I have ever seen.  Westbound at Crew, VA on Oct. 21, 1984.


Pocahontas cars - By CHESSIEMIKE on 03/14/03 at 20:54:14 - 'NW_Pocahontas_car_512.jpg' 92 KB
Found this in Roanoke, VA on Oct. 20, 1984.  All the photos of N&W passenger trains I have seen had red cars.  Why is this one blue?  Is this an exWabash car from the Blue Bird?


N&W SD-45's - By chessie8212 on 02/26/03 at 20:40:14 - 'nw1782k.jpg' 61 KB
Looking through my Post Merger NS Roster, I see that the only SD-45's that NS has are ex-Conrail (6654,6655,6659,6662,6664,6666).  So.... What were the fate of these NW units?  I remember seeing somewhere that a few had become slugs.  What happened to the rest?
Dave Krumenacker Photo taken from Fallen Flag RR Photos (LINK URL )


Re: A good start! #1218 - By DannyR on 02/17/03 at 21:46:18 - 'NW_1218_at_Spencer_3.jpg' 36 KB
And the last........


Re: A good start! #1218 - By DannyR on 02/17/03 at 21:45:33 - 'NW_1218_at_Spencer_4.jpg' 30 KB
Here are two more photos from the above sequence of the #1218 at Spencer, NC in 1991. Although these are from a distance, sorry the detail is not more crisp.


N&W Museum in Crew, VA - By CHESSIEMIKE on 01/26/03 at 06:28:34 - 'Crew_Va._Museum.jpg' 58 KB
I did not know this was here.  A friend asked me about it and provided the photo.  What is the history of NW #2185?  I can't find it in any roster I have checked.  Any other info on this?


Re: Jawn Henry - By DannyR on 12/14/02 at 22:34:45 - 'Jawn_Henry.jpg' 94 KB
The Jawn Henry
Photo by Robert Kraus from North East Rail site.


N&W #6 - By CHESSIEMIKE on 10/31/02 at 11:33:18 - 'NW_6.jpg' 129 KB
How about some early steam?
Class G1.  I think this engine was built for the Virginia Central as their #6 in 1897.
Here is a correction from VMT on this locomotive:
Originally this locomotive was N&W No. 352. In May, 1917 it was sold to the Virginia Carolina Railroad and renumbered No. 6. When N&W acquired the Virginia Carolina in January 1920, its number remained 6.


More Cabooses - By CHESSIEMIKE on 10/28/02 at 23:53:55 - 'NW_Cabooses.jpg' 200 KB
I found these at the Lamberts Pt. General Cargo Terminal on Aug. 13, 2002.
Anybody know more.


N&W Caboose #518675 - By DannyR on 10/26/02 at 14:21:08 - 'NW_Caboose_518675.jpg' 81 KB
N&W center cupola caboose #518675 in shiny new paint, Spencer, NC in October 2002. Quite a handsome hack!


Re: A good start! #1218 - By DannyR on 10/22/02 at 22:48:56 - 'NW_1218_drivers.jpg' 56 KB
This trackside shot gives testimony to the immense size of this locomotive. An awesome piece of machinery!


Re: A good start! #1218 - By DannyR on 10/22/02 at 22:47:08 - 'NW_1218_Spencer_NC.jpg' 60 KB
1991 was a busy year for excursions on both CSX and NS. Here is the #1218 at a stop in Spencer, NC. What was interesting about this whistle stop was that the train left the NS mainline and is seen here on NC Transportation Museum trackage.


N&W AFC Two Bay Centerflow - By DannyR on 10/18/02 at 22:42:38 - 'NW_2_bay_centerflow.jpg' 291 KB
Despite the merger of N&W and Southern Rwy twenty years ago, rolling stock lettered and painted for these roads is still a common sight.
For example, here is an AFC two bay centerflow in the N&W scheme at Mooresville, NC in October 2002.


N&W Caboose #562849 - By CHESSIEMIKE on 09/03/02 at 23:15:21 - 'NW_Caboose_562849.jpg' 108 KB
A friend found this caboose while hiking in the George Washington National Forest.  
Correct me if I am wrong, but I think it is an exWabash Caboose.  
The use when the photo was taken was a hunt cabin.


N&W GP30 #531 - By DannyR on 09/01/02 at 23:03:32 - 'nw_gp30_pcard.jpg' 129 KB
Brand new high hood GP30 #531 as delivered to Norfolk and Western in 1964. From postcard--N&W Rwy photo


Re: Lamberts Point Dumpers - By Chief_Dispatcher on 08/13/02 at 10:41:03 - 'the_point.jpg' 110 KB
Linked Image: http://URL  Lamberts Point Yard


N&W #562543 Caboose - By DannyR on 08/08/02 at 23:49:46 - 'nw_caboose_spencer_nc_DRobie_2001.jpg' 74 KB
Glistening in new red paint is restored N&W caboose #562543 at Spencer, NC. Information given to me in the past identifies this as an ex- Wabash caboose.
Photo March 2001


N&W GP9 #620 - By DannyR on 08/08/02 at 21:41:44 - 'nwgp9_spencernc_rndhse_DRobie1996.jpg' 93 KB
My pleasure, Robbman
Here is the #620 again, this time in a stall of the NC Transportation Museum roundhouse at Spencer. The late afternoon sun peeking through the glass creates an interesting effect.


#611 Majesty - By DannyR on 08/06/02 at 23:36:59 - 'nw_611_unk_DRobie1988.jpg' 164 KB
Sequence photos given to me years ago in Charleston, WV by a hobby shop owner. Sorry to that the date and location of this excursion as well as the photographer are unknown. One element that is known here is the #611 sure looks great in these shots!


Re: HI-NOSE 630's - By CHESSIEMIKE on 07/13/02 at 22:56:29 - 'NW_9907.jpg' 76 KB
And here is the RP-F6 it ran with in yard service.  


Re: HI-NOSE 630's - By CHESSIEMIKE on 07/13/02 at 22:38:23 - 'NW_1138.jpg' 50 KB
This one is in yard service at Lamberts Point.  
At the very end they were renumbered by removing the first 1 in the number.


Tuscan GP9 - By DannyR on 06/26/02 at 23:11:30 - 'nwgp9_spencer_nc_DRobie_1995.jpg' 91 KB
Here's a 1995 shot of a tuscan N&W GP9 located at the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer. #620 is fully operational and used for excursion power on the museum property and yard adjacent to the NS main.


Ex Passenger Geep - By CHESSIEMIKE on 06/17/02 at 23:47:42 - 'NW_3489.jpg' 121 KB
Here is #3489 during it's NF&D days.  Aug. 20, 1983
Man, if it still had the maroon paint.   That would be


N&W #4107 - By CHESSIEMIKE on 06/10/02 at 22:50:34 - 'NW_4107.jpg' 50 KB
Ok, N&W engine on N&W tracks.  
This engine and #4104 stood in for the #611 on the Autum Leaf Special at Lamberts Point, VA Oct. 22, 1983.
Water was getting into the firebox on the "J" so she set that one out.  
I was told only 3 GP38ACs got this "Skunk Stripe"
(This is pre NS isin't it?)


N&W Caboose #530336 - By CHESSIEMIKE on 06/10/02 at 22:37:36 - 'NW_Caboose_.jpg' 115 KB
Have we had ANY caboose photos yet?
I don't remember any so here is one.  
I know this is the N&W Forum so don't tell anyone that this is actualy on the NF&D at Suffolk VA on Aug 20, 1983


A good start! #1218 - By CHESSIEMIKE on 06/10/02 at 22:18:10 - '1218_at_speed.jpg' 121 KB
So I'll go first.  
#1218 eastbound from Pettersburg to Norfolk, May 2, 1987.
I know,this is technically a "NS" train, but we can still pretend.  

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