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New Haven Photos

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Re: Guess The Location, New Haven Edition! - By L. Winston Ogle on 04/21/16 at 15:51:02 - 'NH2.jpg' 71 KB
And then looking in the same place, same direction, 105 years later!


Re: Guess The Location, New Haven Edition! - By L. Winston Ogle on 04/21/16 at 15:49:11 - 'NH1-3.jpg' 66 KB
Here's a neat "before and after" of a small town station.....And in researching clues for this one, I even learned what a "dingle" is (and no, it's NOT what you think!) Apparently, most of the houses in the town are separated by them!
Anyway, the long and the short of this one is that you'll find it along a river that acts like the Mississippi of greater New England, and is located adjacent to this city known for some incredible everyday things, like first dictionary, the first American gasoline-powered car, the first successful motorcycle company, and one of America's first commercial radio stations.
Apparently, Bobby Jones also spent time chasing little white balls across nice lawns here, too.
First, a 1910 photo.....


Re: Guess The Location, New Haven Edition! - By Raritan Clunker on 04/08/16 at 11:28:10 - 'e2efe2dd-786f-4cee-a663-0d4f8b782028_l.jpg' 145 KB
Eh, you know what? Your "track record" (haha, get it?) speaks for itself, so I think we can forgive you! ; ^ )  
So, let's keep the theme rolling, hmmm?
As you and the readers may or may not know, the predecessors of the New Haven in Connecticut was a hodge-podge of track leading up to the early 1900's.
Because three railroads couldn't learn to "play nice" so to speak, this tunnel got built, but was later in the grand scheme of things, soon abandoned.
GTL, anyone?


Re: Guess The Location, New Haven Edition! - By Raritan Clunker on 04/05/16 at 14:04:45 - 'NH_CampTrain_Rising.jpg' 97 KB
Wow, now this Berkshire locale has some serious history!
It's been around since before the Revolution (the American one, that is), and played a part in it as well.
Much later, apparently, one could have dined with Alice here back in 1960's, and while this town has its own currency, I don't know if you could have used it to eat at her establishment.
Do you enjoy streaming programs over those on broadcast TV? Two actors of a popular service providers show hail from this town, and if you're over the age of 30, did you know that Indy's "girlfriend" was born here, too?
Apparently, the NH used to run "Camp Trains" to the mountains, as this photo is one of those trains.
So did I give you enough to GTL?


Re: Guess The Location, New Haven Edition! - By Raritan Clunker on 03/28/16 at 10:33:33 - 'NH1a.jpg' 110 KB
Not a lot to go on (the photo crops nothing useful out, btw), so I'll give you a LOT of clues.....
We're in Connecticut.
We're on a branch named for the river it follows.
Within this town, there are three boarding schools, a state park, AND an Native American reservation.
There is a covered bridge in town.
And finally for now, there is what sounds like a great museum that even has its own railroad!
Stay guessing, my friends.........


Re: Guess The Location, New Haven Edition! - By Bridge 1A on 01/13/16 at 11:13:08 - 'NH1-2.jpg' 147 KB
OK, next up..................


Re: Guess The Location, New Haven Edition! - By Bridge 1A on 01/12/16 at 15:42:37 - 'NH1.jpg' 171 KB
One of the Nation's first dedicated park and ride station locations, built in the 1950 no less!


Re: Guess The Location, New Haven Edition! - By Bridge 1A on 12/29/15 at 10:53:38 - 'NH_a.jpg' 89 KB
I got back too late, oh well....I was only ever here once (and recently at that) so I was pretty sure it was New Caanan.
How about this GTL?


Re: Guess The Location, New Haven Edition! - By NEFAN on 12/15/15 at 15:19:48 - 'NH_MU.jpg' 43 KB
"Washboard" MU - GTL


Guess The Location, New Haven Edition! - By H. F. MALONE 3041 on 11/30/15 at 14:01:23 - 'NH1_CMBL_RI.jpg' 209 KB
Time to breathe some life into this group!  
If you don't know the rules, well, then you're not paying too much attention the the Fallen Flags section of RF.net!
So.......Guess the location 9or, GTL as we like to call it), New Haven fans!
"H.F. M."


Re: Pkeepsie Br & walkway over the hudson - By NEFAN on 09/28/15 at 13:49:04 - 'Metro_North_FL9_5048_5054_Poughkeepsie_NY_121381.jpg' 38 KB
The Metro North yards & station are still visible from above and have changed for the better over the years. - 1981


Re: Pkeepsie Br & walkway over the hudson - By NEFAN on 09/28/15 at 13:41:53 - 'Poughkeepsie_Bridge_NY_1983.jpg' 50 KB
In much better shape than years past. - 1983


Pkeepsie Br & walkway over the hudson - By NEFAN on 09/28/15 at 13:38:59 - 'midhudson_walkway_1_816x612.jpg' 56 KB
Finally got a chance to visit the "Walkway over the Hudson" - the old NH Pkeepsie bridge. Wonderful views and history exhibits - a must see.  
Here is the view and walkway.


Bronx Port Morris and Oak Point - By CHNH on 08/05/07 at 17:12:24 - 'PortMorrisBronx.jpg' 88 KB
Hello everyone  
Could anyone refer to websites or books that have photographs of both the New York Central and New Haven marine and rail operations at Port Morris and Oak Point respectively? Thanks  


New Haven (?) mystery photo - By CSXvet on 04/01/07 at 15:06:49 - 'NH_pic.jpg' 184 KB
I just picked up the attached glass plate negative on eBay. It was completely unidentified, except that the seller had bought it as part of a photo collection that seemed to center on New Haven, CT.  Obviously this view isn't in New Haven itself, but could it be on one of the NH lines in central Connecticut that the NH electrified for Connecticut Co. use?
The tower has no identifying marks and doesn't look like a standard NH tower design, although may mean nothing. Note that the catenary appears to turn to the left beyond the tower at what is apparently a junction.
Any help on location would be greatly appreciated.


Re: The Housatonic RR - New Haven Predecessor - By CAR FLOATER on 01/17/07 at 15:53:33 - 'RalphSwitchesCarfloat.jpg' 140 KB
And here I am, trying not to capsize the carfloat while I switch it, with the General Manager right behind me just WAITING for me to screw up!


Re: The Housatonic RR - New Haven Predecessor - By CAR FLOATER on 01/17/07 at 15:50:49 - 'PullingTheFirstFloat.jpg' 157 KB
As promissed, here are some shots of the op session.....
I ran the Wilson Point yard job, which was south of Norwalk, CT, on Long Island Sound.....Before there was a Shoreline, this was how cars got to NYC from Connecticut......Here I am pulling the first cut of cars off the car float that night.....


Re: Any EP-5's still around - By silver_champion on 01/14/07 at 15:01:04 - 'NYNHH370atNewHavenCT5_31_59JWSwanbergScanColl.jpg' 164 KB
This was a great loco. I used to see them in Penn Station. Never been on a train with a EP-5. Who build them and the HP of them.


The Housatonic RR - New Haven Predecessor - By CAR FLOATER on 01/03/07 at 14:38:41 - 'WharfCrane.jpg' 66 KB
I thought it might be nice to see how a good friend of mine, Craig Bisgeier is modeling a NH predecessor, the Housatonic RR in HO scale.  
No, not a modern Housatonic circa 2002, but rather the ORIGINAL Housatonic RR, circa 1892!
Please visit his excellent website at LINK URL
He is having his second operating session this Friday, and I'll take some pictures to share.


Re: Keystone State - By electro_soundwave on 11/23/06 at 14:36:42 - '100_3988.jpg' 96 KB


Keystone State - By electro_soundwave on 11/23/06 at 14:31:16 - '100_3984.jpg' 101 KB
OK, I think Cy (NS Teen Fan) could give you more details as to why this is down here, but this passenger car has been sitting at the old Piedmont & Northern statio in Belmont, NC for a while.


New Haven passenger cars - By silver_champion on 10/06/06 at 08:47:29 - 'i16.jpg' 70 KB
How many remember these cars. What trains did they run on from Boston to Washington. They were some nice cars?


What is this train - By silver_champion on 09/15/06 at 12:20:38 - 'i18.jpg' 64 KB
Ok you New Haven fans, can someone tell me what is this train and went was it in service. From where to where.


New Haven In NY Harbor - By CAR FLOATER on 09/02/06 at 21:04:01 - 'ERIE_JAY_4_598x405.jpg' 34 KB
Since nobody seems to post here much any more, and since I have a new slide scanner that I'm dying to try out, I thought I'd post a pic of one of the New Haven's Jackobsen tugs in the North River off of Jersey City, from my friend Jay Held's collection.


Don't Stay Up Too Late Or Drink Coffee, or this wi - By MisterEspee on 03/05/06 at 22:01:22 - 'NHSD406002.gif' 266 KB
I had a dream once where I was waiting at Cannan station in 1968. When I heard a hancock air whistle! At first I thought It was a GP9,judging by the black and orange, but oh no! It was 4 BRAND NEW NH SD40's hauling a coal train! At first I was astonished!I checked my New Haven Books and there was an order placed by the New Haven, financed by the PRR, and built to their spec's, minus the horn! Then Two minutes later, after the train had cleared, another train, lead by a quartet of NYO&W SD40's(!) hauling even more coal! I woke up, I checked my SD40 production list, and there were no NH or NYO&W SD40's! The NYO&W's were a no brainer, they were gone in 1957. But it got me thinking, how did the SD40's get there? Here was the Outcome:
New Haven History
The NH petitioned to the Penn Central for inclusion in their merger. The ICC and PC rejected and in 1965, the New Haven merged with the Boston & Maine, forming the New York,New Haven & Boston Railroad. The NYNH&B still was called the New Haven, and Patrick B. McGuinness was back on the board, nearly a decade after he moved to the B&M. The New Haven kept on, but in 1968, the NH’s first six axled EMD power arrived in the form of 45 SD40’s. These units were used for passenger and freight service, and were painted in a garish version of the McGuiness livery with an orange cab and sub-base and black carbody. The C&O and N&W were proposing a merger, and the N&W anixious to expand into New England and the east, created DERECO so that it could take control of railroads without assuming debt. The New Haven,Erie Lackawanna, and Delaware & Hudson were under DERECO’s control by 1970. The New Havens locomotives were financed by the N&W. 25 GP40-2’s, delivered in the “McFishwick” livery(the black McGuinness livery), along with 25 GP38-2’s were delivered during DERECO Control. In 1970, Penn Central Declared bankruptcy, and the poor NH was spun off from DERECO. The NH leased 70 units from the the industries gold standard, the Southern Pacific in 1971. D.J Russel of the Espee went over to the NH complimenting that his railroads perishables were on time, yet somehow they were undamaged. Russel was impressed that even in near bankruptcy the NH ran a first class operation. Soon the NH and Espee began exchanging units, and the sound of Hancock Electronic Whistles could be heard on bolth sides of the Mississippi river. The NH announced intentions to create a 35 hour intermodal streaker from LA to New York and Boston with the Help of the Southern Pacific and Erie Lackawanna. The “Paul Revere,” as this service would be dubbed, it certainly lived up to its expectations and even exceeded them. But the NH was still struggling with commuter service, so in 1974 it petitioned to the ICC, along with other commuter  and branch line operating railroads that “Commuter Service is no longer a public benifit because it is causing the railroads operating the services debt, that could destroy the lines and harm local economies, and that cummuter service had fallen to such low standard, that the public refused to use the trains, and so there was no benifit to the public if the public wasn’t using the trains. Also the parties represented would like to be able to provide a public benifit by selling unprofitable branch lines, which are risking local economies by having branch lines that were draining the railroads capital to maintain the lines, and preserve service, creating poorly maintained lines. Also, mergers can constitute public benifit by creating larger, more financially stable entities, which serve more areas of the nation.” The public agreed, and the ICC gave the railroads de-regulation in 1975! Soon many lines were being sold or abandoned and many railroads were becoming profitable again! The New Haven, who had shed most of its branch lines, changed its name to the New Haven Railroad, showing that this was a reborn NH. The Penn Central and 5 others turned over operations to the federal government, with the EL and D&H left as competitors to Conrail. The N&W and Southern Merged in 1982 and soon CSX followed. The NH had become, under the new rules, a regional or class 2. The NH began expanding yards, buying new C30-7’s, C36-7’s and GP40-2’s. The New Haven out of pride began un-officialy naming trains after its once grand passenger services. It began to operate double stacks with the SP and CR and with the addition of the NS to the south. Today the NH’s future looks brighter than ever, and it appears there will be decades of the NH.
The Leading NH SD40:


Re: New Haven railroad station picture, I GOT THE - By silver_champion on 12/01/05 at 15:22:10 - '89.jpg' 43 KB
I have the picture that I was looking for. It is the old New Haven Station in New Haven, Ct. It burned down at a date for I am looking for. I think that it would make a good model on a layout.


Re: EF4 photos - By Alcofan on 06/01/05 at 17:08:07 - 'New_Haven_E33_at_Cedar_Hill_yard.jpg' 40 KB
How is this for starters. BTW, I always referred to these engines as "bricks" or E33's.


Re: Maybrook/Cedar Hill - By Alcofan on 05/25/05 at 17:26:02 - 'NHCeaderHillYard.jpg' 27 KB
The shot below was taken at Cedar Hill Yard also. There was a Railfan trip that day. Note the DL-109.


Re: Maybrook - By Alcofan on 05/25/05 at 17:26:02 - 'NHCeaderHillYard.jpg' 47 KB
The shot below was taken at Cedar Hill Yard also. There was a Railfan trip that day. Note the DL-109.


Maybrook - By Rev on 11/06/04 at 12:52:44 - 'Maybrookturntablenov78net.jpg' 63 KB
View of the turntable , water tower, and coal dock at Maybrook. Not to
mention the roundhouse.
Nov 78


EF4 photos - By vaoverland on 08/09/04 at 13:05:34 - '01600000082404.gif' 78 KB
I would appreciate posting or sending via email any photos of the New Haven's class EF-4 electrics (300-310) which where originally purchased new by the Virginian Railway in 1956-57. Attached is a photo of Bachmann's HO scale model of these units. Thanks.
Mark Fisher, moderator
Virginian Railway (VGN) Enthusiasts on Yahoo
email vaoverland@aol.com


Re: NH Cabooses - By cabooseowner on 01/09/03 at 23:28:01 - 'sandblastingrenovo.jpg' 15 KB
Thanks, I was unaware of the Sweetland's book or the Liljestrands book.  I will have to locate them on the internet.  I own NH 656, it is now located in Bloomington, Indiana.   It can be seen on the net at LINK URL     I will add any information I get to that site.   This photo is of it being sandblasted while still in the Renovo yards, prior to the move to Indiana. Who was McGinnis ?


Re: The New Face of NH - By n01jd1 on 08/16/02 at 19:34:49 - 'cdot230.jpg' 107 KB
on Aug 14th, 2002, 12:12pm, Eddie M. wrote:       (Click here for original message)
Has any of you guys a picture of the new face of the NH?
Would be a scream to see it here on the forum!
         Thanks, Eddie

Here is one of Conn Dot's Genesis units at Garrison, NY 7/2002. A far cry from the classy FL-9's they have replaced.

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