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'Live Steam and Ride on Scales' Photo - 'P1030857a.jpg'
LiveSteam/P1030857a.jpg   Original: 848 by 636 pixels - Current: 848 by 636 - 100%
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Re: Brisbane Valley Tramway, Australia     -   Response #610   -   Go to Post in Thread
Posted by fred_55 in Live Steam and Ride on Scales on 03/08/17 at 00:23:14
'P1030857a.jpg' 848x636 JPEG 204765 bytes

Main prob with clear is that it is clear!!   Difficult to see the fan and difficult to gauge how thick the cover is and difficult to know when the gun is clean.  But then again as a painter I make a great bricklayer  Pete
final pic, tidied up and only missing the radiator intake grilles.