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'Live Steam and Ride on Scales' Photo - 'P1030195a.jpg'
LiveSteam/P1030195a.jpg   Original: 648 by 486 pixels - Current: 648 by 486 - 100%
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Re: Brisbane Valley Tramway, Australia     -   Response #573   -   Go to Post in Thread
Posted by fred_55 in Live Steam and Ride on Scales on 04/20/16 at 01:50:41
'P1030195a.jpg' 648x486 JPEG 119028 bytes

Hi Moose. I was asked the other day for a unit for 1" scale, hopefully that file can be transcribed for other scales which would be great.
If you like mutilated metal, I tried an idea for the sheet metal for a welded tender on the steamer. Instead of a frame and countersunk rivets, i got the local agricultural engineer to fold some 2mm (5/64) sheet.  First he put a strip in the brake and folded it. Then put another strip on top and folded again. This made inside radius bigger. Then he put the sheet in, making 3 thicknesses, and pressed again. Result, smooth roll with outside radius of 10mm (3/8')
That made the bottom roll. I then made a brake roll for my press, to form the corner, and drew up a template on cardboard.