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'Live Steam and Ride on Scales' Photo - 'IMG_20170515_170447.jpg'
LiveSteam/IMG_20170515_170447.jpg   Original: 880 by 495 pixels - Current: 880 by 495 - 100%
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Re: Brisbane Valley Tramway, Australia     -   Response #614   -   Go to Post in Thread
Posted by fred_55 in Live Steam and Ride on Scales on 05/16/17 at 03:22:13
'IMG_20170515_170447.jpg' 880x495 JPEG 230556 bytes

Pulled the new steamer project out into daylight. Mike has had the chassis for over a year now, and while it is coming along, it is painfully slow.  "Quick, good or cheap, pick any two" still holds good!
After starting the tender I found out that the loco is built to "true scale" which is about 2 1/8" for 3' 6" gauge. The tender frame bit the dust and I have started again, with a bit more confidence and improving skills.  Here it is with Clippard type air brakes and correct rivet detail.