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'Live Steam and Ride on Scales' Photo - 'train_006.jpg'
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The Buckingham Central Railroad     -   Original Post   -   Go to Post in Thread
Posted by Coffee in Live Steam and Ride on Scales on 02/12/06 at 01:44:00
'train_006.jpg' 843x629 JPEG 110562 bytes

Creativity, inventiveness and not settling for compromise, that's key for any growing business including railroads, large or small. The Buckingham Central with Pete Bialecki and his merry band of members seem dead set on obtaining this goal, even if it's purely for pleasure. Some people would be content with a simple track oval but not Pete. He has big plans for the Buckingham and his members are behind him 100 percent. Set in his yard of a few acres, there's a lot of action to see. Rails and switches amounting to thousands of feet of operating railroad and yet he's still looking to expand the line more and more. A lot of teamwork to make the effort, to have it work smoothly and it shows. I would think Mr Gould started his railroad in much the same manner.  
Upon my arrival to the Buckingham, I'm greeted by a pair of cross bucks. Instinctively, one looks left and right before crossing onto the property. LOL