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'Live Steam and Ride on Scales' Photo - 'commisary_car_052.jpg'
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Re: Building Live Steam Railcars with Moose the Cabaoose     -   Response #45   -   Go to Post in Thread
Posted by moose_the_caboose in Live Steam and Ride on Scales on 04/26/06 at 21:55:53
'commisary_car_052.jpg' 480x640 JPEG 36956 bytes

hi all!
pictured below is one of the access doors for loading food staples and supplies for the galley.  i've learned to create and mount the cores of the doors  before applying sheathing, details, and paint (i hate re-building detail broken in construction).  wooden cars and detail appliances absorb moisture...plan for expansion!  doors and windows need a slightly loose fit so that they work properly when sealed by paint or other coating.  an unsealed wooden surface grows with humidity (remember that sticky back porch door you haven't gotten to yet?)!
moose the caboose