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Welcome to Live Steam and Ride On Scales!
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   Live Steam and Ride on Scales
(Moderators: moose_the_caboose, Brian Tusin)
   Welcome to Live Steam and Ride On Scales!
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   Author  Topic: Welcome to Live Steam and Ride On Scales!  (Read 1400 times)
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about posting grand and park scale equipment.
« Reply #20 on: Oct 3rd, 2009, 9:20pm »
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hi all,
moose der moderator here.  in recent days it has come to our attention that there's some confusion about what qualifies for posting on this board.  specifically, what scales and gauges we work in.  while we would like to welcome all scales and gauges, we should limit our basic conversations to the common hobby gauges - 7 1/2 and under.  why not limit by scale?  because if it can run on the common hobby gauges, it belongs here.  when looking at scale equipment, 10 inch gauge and larger are generally considered grand scale or park scale.   that's outside the topic area of this particular board.  
so, how could it qualify?  if you make a personal journey and wish to make a report of what you saw and had the opportunity to partake of certain activities on such a railroad, please do create your thread.  your memories of a recent journey are welcome as a topical thread.  but....the photos you post must be yours.  please don't link to photo-sites with content taken by someone else or is inappropriate for this board.  remember, this would be about your journey and memories, not theirs.  okay, what's the next way that it could be posted?  as source material for a hobby gauge model being presented in a builder's thread.  source material will always welcomed by  hobby builders.
remember this, topical threads are subject to deletion in the due couse of time and moderator discretion.
if you wish to post something that falls into a grey area, please im or email one of your moderators first.  we do our best to be approachable and open to your ideas and concerns.

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