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'Lehigh Valley' Photo - '016_880x579.jpg'
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Re: Allentown branchlines     -   Response #704   -   Go to Post in Thread
Posted by A-townbranchfan in Lehigh Valley on 11/02/16 at 14:54:00
'016_880x579.jpg' 880x579 JPEG 71929 bytes

Finally, in this last post along the West End Branch, Dave Latshaw stood facing northeast as he photographed the inbound drill as it moved along the final 100 feet of track, just south of the gated Gordon Street crossing and north of the bridge which ran across the Jordan creek.  The date was 9/23/76, though no sign of the then newly-formed Conrail appeared on this train.
As stated a number of times in earlier entries on this thread, my ultimate goal in posting these images from days gone by was a bit selfish at first.  I thought if I shared what I had, others would do the same and I'd get to view my favorite railroad branches as photographed through the lens of other railfan's cameras.  While I know there are pictures out there which will never appear on this site for whatever reason, I've become quite happy that I began sharing  these many images a few years back... especially because the many comments and questions from younger railfans who were born too late to ever see these things made me feel like my efforts were well worth the time invested.  In the weeks ahead, I'll check to see if I have any Barber Branch pictures which I didn't post the first time around... though I tend to think there are very few I skipped over in the past.  In the mean time, feel free to post your comments, memories, experiences... or even photos on this thread.  I'm always interested in hearing from others who also enjoyed seeing slow-moving locals out on those rusty-railed, weed-covered branch lines.  Keeping the memories alive -- Mark