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'Lehigh Valley' Photo - '014_792x526.jpg'
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Re: Allentown branchlines     -   Response #702   -   Go to Post in Thread
Posted by A-townbranchfan in Lehigh Valley on 11/02/16 at 14:27:12
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So glad to know that people are finding this thread is active once again and are enjoying the additions.  Any chance, Keith, that you were working the drill pictured above... being that it was from 12/19/75?  I can imagine to a guy like yourself who actually worked on the trains which ran over these rails that it tugs on your heartstrings a bit to look back, knowing that nearly everything (other than Corman's yard at Race & Linden Sts.) is now history.  I was just down walking along the remnants of the former Valley main between Union and Linden Streets yesterday morning... taking pictures of some of the remaining industries (mostly boarded up now) which sat next to the line in that area.  I'm going to use them as backdrops on my model railroad and wanted to photograph them before redevelopment changes their appearance or knocks them down.  It's quite sad to stand at the site of the former Union St. crossing (where Corman's track now ends) and think back to the days when many trains were rolling down that line each day.  Hey... at least we have the memories, and for those too young to remember those brighter days in local train chasing, you have the pictures I've posted here to help you envision what it was like.
Today's first two photos were, again, taken by local railfan, Bob Wilt, back on 12/29/76.  In the first photo (below), the Ironton Baldwin is crossing what was then Sumner Avenue, just west of N 5th Street, as it worked its way onto the siding which serviced the Allentown Refrigerated Terminal to pick up an empty before dropping off a load (pictured behind the caboose up on the main track).  This company was one of the final 3 customers along the WEB before its abandonment in 1982.  Today, the newer Sumner Avenue runs up where the train is sitting, along the edge of Jordan Park.  The road pictured here still exists, but has had a slight change of name.