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LV Family Tree Pt 1
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   LV Family Tree Pt 1
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LV Family Tree Pt 1
« on: Jun 10th, 2002, 11:56am »
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rom BlackDiamondExpress@yahoogroups.com Mon Jun 10 11:55:46 2002
Date: 10 Jun 2002 06:40:18 -0000
From: BlackDiamondExpress@yahoogroups.com
To: BlackDiamondExpress@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [BlackDiamondExpress] File - Lehigh Valley Family Tree
To get a grasp on the character of the Lehigh Valley Railroad and
its operation, one has to take a look at the family tree of this
railroad, once known as the Route of the Black Diamond. Some of the
short line railroads that went into forming the Lehigh Valley Railroad
included the following:
1.Beaver Meadow Railroad (1830)
2.Hazleton Railroad (1830)
3. Delaware, Lehigh,Susquehanna & Schuylkill RR(LV's original name)
4.Lehigh and Mahanoy
5.Pennsylvania & New York Canal and Railroad
6.Delaware, Schuylkill & Susquehanna Railroad
7.Geneva,Ithaca & Sayre Railroad
8.Southern Central Railroad
9.Elmira,Cortland & Northern Railroad
All of which, once built and operating, formed the basis of the Lehigh Valley
Railroad as it evolved into the form that it would take well into the 20th
Century. The men who presided over the evolution of the Lehigh Valley Railroad
in its early years were as follows:
1.James M. Porter,1847-1856
2.William M. Longstreth, a fill in during part of 1856
3.J. Gillingham Fell, 1856-1862
4.Asa Packer, 1862-1864, the driving force behind the Lehigh Valley's growth.
5.William Longstreth,1864-1868
6.Asa Packer, 1868-1879(died on May 17,1879)
7.Charles Hartshorne, 1879-1882
8.Harry E. Packer,1882-1884
9.Elisha Packer Wilbur,Jan.1884-1896
10.W.Alfred Walter, July 1897-Dec.1902
11.Eben B. Thomas, Dec.1902- Retired in 1917
12.Edward E. Loomis,2-21-17 to5-5-37. Rebuilt LV after WWI neglect.
13.Duncan J. Kerr, May 1937-April 1939. Died 10-8-40.
14.R.W. Barrett, May-August 1939. Fill in as a result of Kerr's death.
15. Albert N. Williams, August 1939-July 1941. Succeeded Duncan Kerr.
16. Revelle Brown, July 9,1941-June 1944, became president of Reading RR.
17.Felix R. Gerard, June 28,1944-April 25,1947. Saw LV through the final war years, LV cel
ibrated centennial in 1946.
18.Cedric A. Major, April 1947-died April 28,1960. Tried to save a dying LVRR
19.C.W.Baker; April-June, 1960. became a temporary president
20.Colby M.Chester, took over while Chairman, left President's chair vacant.
21.Allen J. Greenough, May 23,1962-October 1965, a Pennsy man who finally suc-
ceeded Cedric Major who died in 1960. Retained his Pennsy position.
22.John F. Nash, October, 1965-August 11,1970 last man to have title of President. He beca
me a Trustee after the LV filed for bankruptcy protection
on June 24,1970 and stayed in that job until he retired in December, 1974.
23. Robert Halderman; August 12,1970-April 1, 1976, a marketing man from
the Southern Railway became a trustee of the Lehigh Valley and remained until
the railroad was included in Conrail.


TRAINS is what we are here for!
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