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LV Feature Freight Trains
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   LV Feature Freight Trains
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   Author  Topic: LV Feature Freight Trains  (Read 220 times)
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LV Feature Freight Trains
« on: Jun 10th, 2002, 11:51am »
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From BlackDiamondExpress@yahoogroups.com Mon Jun 10 11:49:59 2002
Date: 10 Jun 2002 06:40:18 -0000
From: BlackDiamondExpress@yahoogroups.com
To: BlackDiamondExpress@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [BlackDiamondExpress] File - LV Feature Freight Trains
As with its dearly departed passenger service, the Lehigh Valley came to develope two pair
s of freight trains that became the flagships of the fleet. These were Apollos 1 and 2 (pi
ggyback only) and Mercurys 1 and 2, both operated in conjunction with the Norfolk and West
ern Railway west of Buffalo. The 1975 schedules and makeups of these trains, taken from fr
eight schedules in another location, are as follows:
Apollo 1
Lv Oak Island   1000p
Lv Bound Brook  1045p
Ar Lehighton    130a
Lv Lehighton    145a
Thru Coxton     445a
Ar Sayre   645a
Lv Sayre   800a
Ar Buffalo 100p
Deliver to N&W  200p
Oak Island Blocking:
1.All Available Chicago/via TOFC, incl. St. Louis
2.Bound Brook; pick up Chicago/via TOFC delivered by CNJ.
3.Deliver entire train to Norfolk and Western at Buffalo.
Apollo 2
Ar Buffalo    230p received from N&W at William Street
Lv Buffalo    330p
Ar Sayre 915p
Lv Sayre     1015p
Ar Coxton    1215a
Lv Coxton    1230a
Ar Lehighton 300a
Lv Lehighton 300a
Lv Bound Brook---
Ar Oak Island 630a
Buffalo Blocking
1.CNJ Bound Brook
2.Oak Island
3. Mixed (Sayre,Wilkes Barre,Allentown, L&H)
2. Sayre; Set off Block 3, pick up as per make up
3.Bound Brook; Set off Block 1.
4. Oak Island; Terminate
A second section, Apollo 2B ran once a week with a Union Pacific caboose.
The Apollos were the freight service equivelant to The Black Diamond passenger train which
 once operated on a comparable schedule,minus the enroute switching.
The Apollos had a pair of Mercurys as their primary running mates, their schedules are as
Mercury 1 daily
Lv Oak Island   1100p
Ar S. Plainfield 100a
Ar Allentown-L&S 330a
Lv Allentown-L&S 500a
Ar Lehighton     630a
Lv Lehighton     700a
Ar Coxton  1000a
Lv Coxton  1100a
Ar Sayre    130p
Lv Sayre    330p
Ar Buffalo 1100p (William Street)
Oak Island Blocking:
1.TOFC (Cleveland blocked)
2.N&W freight
2. South Plainfield-pickup all available N&W cars
3. Allentown-pickup all available N&W cars, including TOFC
4. Sayre: pickup all available N&W cars, protect connection from D&H.
5. Buffalo-terminate at William Street. This train operated on Apollo 1s
schedule on weekends. Unlike Apollo 1, this train changed power and crews at Buffalo. The
same held true for Mercury  2, whose schedule and blocking were as follows:
Mercury 2
Ar Buffalo 1130P Norfolk and Western
Lv Buffalo 1230a Lehigh Valley
Ar Sayre   830a
Lv Sayre   730p
Ar Coxton  1000p
Lv Coxton  1100p
Ar Lehighton200a
Lv Lehighton230a
Ar Oak Island ?
Blockings for this train as delivered by N&W at Buffalo:
2.Sayre and East
2. Sayre-l protect connections to D&H F02
Sayre Blocking:
1. Oak Island Freight
2.Oak Island TOFC
The Mercury trains operated on a much more relaxed schedule than their Apollo running mate
s, which were the hottest freights operated on the Lehigh Valley Railroad, which, by 1975,
 was operating essentially as a bridge line railroad,much as the Delaware and Hudson had b
een famous for. That the Lehigh Valley Railroad could maintain such high quality freight s
ervice under the handicaps the railroad was under was all the more remarkable as the railr
oad was about on its last legs as was neighboring Erie Lackawanna and the CNJ, which conve
yed to Lehigh Valley, most of its Pennsylvania Division and the 40 mile remnants of the Le
high and New England Railroad. Perhaps it was in the Apollo piggyback trains that the ghos
t of the long departed Black Diamond Express passenger flyer could be found.


TRAINS is what we are here for!
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Re: LV Feature Freight Trains
« Reply #1 on: Jun 25th, 2002, 8:59am »
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Hey, cool.. this answered my question on where the UP caboose came from in the slides I bought.

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