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'Railroad Infrastructure' Photo - 'aaaaa1.jpg'
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Re: Draw vs. swing vs. lift     -   Response #36   -   Go to Post in Thread
Posted by Lfire83 in Railroad Infrastructure on 06/16/10 at 21:40:37
'aaaaa1.jpg' 768x576 JPEG 92670 bytes

That was how I came up with "combo" bridge, although I should have worded it better. The first shot was from the Ft Smith Park. I had planned on getting closer to the bridge to get better resolution shots, but there was a creepy old guy drinking liqour over near it, and when he saw I was taking pics, he started over towards me. I wasn't about to deal with that, as Louisiana drunks usually have an implement of injury on them. The other shot is from a hotel near the highway crossing. I have some shots from the other side of the bridge, but the vegetation blocks a clear shot of the whole span. There is a detailed history of the IC bridge in Shreveport somewhere on this forum about why it is only half-painted and how the river shifted course leaving only half the swing bridge over water.  
Here is the bridge at the Shreveport end looking toward Bossier City  
Shreveport is pretty neat as far as railroad infrastructure goes. It also hosts KCS' main engine facility, and several yards.