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Railroad Infrastructure Photos

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Re: can you name it? - By spikemic on 10/10/04 at 22:21:08 - '0414797-R1-037-17.jpg' 86 KB
turntable bearing. is sits in the bottom of the hole and the beam below pivots on it.  
they are both from the Reading yard in Saucon Creek, near Hellertown. they were saved and will be set back into the ground at our museum site in Hamburg.....
the 100' turntable beam...


Re: "Perfect" ROW's - By roc on 05/01/03 at 06:13:13 - '042503wnyp424home1.jpg' 249 KB
Well, perhaps not perfect, but after so many years of neglect it's hard to imagine a more beautiful ROW.
The picture below was taken by Dave Becker and is from his Jamestown Railfan page...


Re: Portageville High Bridge-Replacement? Letchworth Park, NY - By thebigham on 01/13/16 at 13:59:26 - '100_1600.jpg' 113 KB
^I turned around from that view and took this pic.
The new bridge will be straight ahead.


Re: Portageville High Bridge-Replacement? Letchworth Park, NY - By thebigham on 01/13/16 at 13:55:37 - '100_1604.jpg' 106 KB
A small underpass under the NS main on Trail 2. This trail is now closed in this area.


Re: Portageville High Bridge-Replacement? Letchworth Park, NY - By thebigham on 01/13/16 at 13:56:58 - '100_1609.jpg' 110 KB
The original Erie alignment that used to lead to the bridge


Re: Portageville High Bridge-Replacement? Letchworth Park, NY - By thebigham on 01/13/16 at 13:53:24 - '100_1611.jpg' 118 KB
^^I called the author of that article and told him his article was all wrong. He did eventually chnage the headline.
I went over on Dec. 15th and took pics of the area that will be closed for the next 3 years.
The bridge...


Re: What is this thing? - By RR_Photographer on 04/11/07 at 20:20:25 - '100_1841_1_1.jpg' 153 KB
Can somebody tell me what this piece of metal is? I found it on an old PRR roadbed that is being graded and cleared to make it a trail. I also found lots of old spikes, and a couple of tie plates. One of the tie plates is smaller than the normal ones, can you also tell me why that might be?


Re: Tracks - By 130_MM on 01/10/06 at 09:34:32 - '115_RE_Algoma_-_cropped.jpg' 387 KB
Here is a 115# rail rolled by Algoma. Note the mill section ID of "145".


Re: Pictures of Rail Branding - By 130_MM on 05/10/06 at 08:41:07 - '136_RE_Rocky_Mtn.jpg' 205 KB
The project died a quiet death as there was no support for it. I had visions of linking photos of various rail sections to a table showing dimensions to allow people to identify the rail they have on their property. It's not much of a problem with newer sections as they are marked clearly with the section. Older rails often had markings that were unique to the mill, and a conversion or "translation" was needed to go from the mill mark to the actual section.  
I have managed to collect photos of 54 different combinations of mills and sections. I guess I'll have to learn to create my own web site. I even submitted one of mine to rrpictures.net, but they apparently weren't interested in pictures of just rail. I would still be interested in photos of sections from anyone, if only for my own education. I have attached the photo. I apologize if I have already posted this one - I'm losing track of what I posted where.
George, if you stumble across those numbers I would be interested in them; but don't go out of your way to get them.  
You might also find this interesting: some recent work has shown that the "traditional" drawings of rail sections don't "close" when transferred to CAD. That is the ends of some of the line segements do not meet if drawn strictly as indicated. More work is ongoing to clean things up.
on May 7th, 2006, 10:15pm, George_Harris wrote:       (Click here for original message)

I don't have to ask.  If you are a track fanatic as opposed to a train fanatic, this area is facinating.  There is a lot of history in these brands.  Unfortunately, what I have is all on film, and a lot scattered in various places.
Hint:  130 MM is part of a rail brand.  
To 130 MM:  A few years ago I started doing a recalculation of the shape properties of the sections.  Did not get too far.  It started because I could not get a match up to the AREA numbers when the issue of horizontal stiffness of the rail came into play for a turnout calculation.  At that time the AREA did not publish this data.  If you are interested, I will dig into my numbers, but I hope you are not in too big of a hurry.  


Re: "Perfect" ROW's - By Bulboy on 08/19/03 at 07:10:40 - '141-4150_IMG.jpg' 89 KB
Pic taken in Bulgaria


Re: Favorite Railroad Bridges - By silver_champion on 10/24/06 at 09:07:23 - '17.jpg' 128 KB
Here is another one of my favorite bridge. Look in this picture and you will see an Amtrak train cross the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia. The train is headed for 30St. Station from N. Philly. If you was on the train and looking to your left or east, you see a good view of downtown Philly. Look to you right or west you have a good view of Philadelphia's Fairmount Park.


Re: Portageville High Bridge-Replacement? Letchworth Park, NY - By thebigham on 11/07/16 at 13:21:45 - '2016092511160331400.jpg' 118 KB
Norfolk Southern: Portageville, NY
The Portageville bridge as seen from The Greenway rail trail in Letchworth State Park
Photographed by Chris Bigham, July 6, 2016.


Sectional Track - By DannyR on 11/02/02 at 12:17:04 - '25.JPG' 80 KB
On the heels of recent N Scale Code 55 track releases, Atlas has entered the 1:1 scale market !
Kidding aside,here is some track repair/upgrade being done by Norfolk Southern in Kannapolis, NC using a pre fabricated turnout.


Re: Coal loader? - By CHESSIEMIKE on 05/08/03 at 23:07:33 - '2569_at_the_Coal_Bin.jpg' 152 KB
Yes, there are two different coal towers here and this is another one.  
Newport News VA.


Re: Exsisting Towers Nationwide - By silver_champion on 11/13/05 at 12:21:33 - '287.jpg' 25 KB
This is Zoo Tower, a busy place. Yesteryears is was more busy. It is name Zoo because across the tracks is the Philadelphia Zoo.


Speed Limit posts and other signs along the way - By CSX_B40-8 on 04/15/04 at 14:09:12 - '50_sign.jpg' 56 KB
im not sure if this'll go far but let's snap some photos of speed limit posts and other nick nack signs along the way ....lol. this is a speed limit sign right?


Re: Speed Limit posts and other signs along the wa - By CSX_B40-8 on 04/15/04 at 14:09:54 - '50_sign_no_2.jpg' 57 KB
same one....different view.


Favorite Railroad Bridges - By silver_champion on 10/12/06 at 08:36:02 - '51.jpg' 117 KB
My favorite railroad bridge is the at Newark, N.J. Penn Station. I don't have any info on the bridge, such as when it was build. Here is a late great GG1 crossing the bridge


Re: Exsisting Towers Nationwide - By Coffee on 12/26/03 at 23:30:17 - '5Nova.jpg' 30 KB
Nova Tower along the CSX
Linked Image: http://pic1.picturetrail.com/VOL104/831195/2297159/41110401.jpg


Universal Cinder Conveyors - By wsimonton on 07/23/03 at 23:42:52 - '60CuFtDoubleCinderConveyor.jpg' 102 KB
Any one have any photos or drawings of Universal Cinder Conveyors.  Used on the C & O, B & O, and many other railroads.  
If the jpg file does not upon loan properly, a drawing of the type I am looking for may be  found at this link: LINK URL CuFt Double Cinder Conveyor.pdf The basic machine was based on the Mellin Patent #1,446,313 and the licensee was W. F. Lee.
Hopefully the image has uploaded in jpg format!


can you name it? - By spikemic on 10/07/04 at 19:21:12 - '6715681-R1-003-0.jpg' 117 KB
other than the RCT&HS people who know - can anyone else guess what this might be?  it sits on the ground in the back at Temple station.


Re: Parts of a Switch - By kotaro on 11/16/04 at 01:06:19 - '7s0182.jpg' 85 KB
on Nov 16th, 2004, 12:56am, kotaro wrote:       (Click here for original message)
Hi, Pennsy
This track work is tight curves one.
from "Street Railway Journal" Vol.II. No.8, (published 1896?)
Special track work was
for The Stein Railway Company, of Long Island City,
made by Pennsylvania Steel Company.


Re: Parts of a Switch - By kotaro on 11/17/04 at 02:57:00 - '7s0184.jpg' 32 KB
on Nov 16th, 2004, 2:39am, George_Harris wrote:       (Click here for original message)
You picture is of a half grand union streetcar junction.  This is all grooved rail, which was generally called girder rail in the US.  What you have is two tracks crossing two tracks at an angle of about 60 degrees, with connections for cars moving both ways on the 30 degree divergence.  The switches are called tongue and mate.  If you look at the one at the bottom of the picture, the right hand side has a movable tongue and the lift has a pocket only.  

Thanks, Harris
By the way, there are "Parts of a Switch" of tongue for the street railway.


Re: Track Pans - By kotaro on 12/05/04 at 20:28:30 - '7s0191.jpg' 49 KB
This London & North Western Railway 4-6-2 locomotive have a water scoop for both directions. (Railway Gazette, June 30, 1911)


Re: Track Pans - By kotaro on 12/16/04 at 13:51:21 - '7s0194.jpg' 41 KB
Hi, Monsieur Pennsy
Her is a plan of Track Pan by inventor John Ramsbottom.
His article
"Description of a Method of Supplying Water to Locomotive Tenders while Running"
was writen in weekly magazine
"The Engineering" August 30, 1861.


Re: Steepest Railroad Grade - By kotaro on 01/07/05 at 22:19:59 - '7s0207.jpg' 29 KB
Here is aphoto of Madison Railroad  
 photo of 0-10-0 locomoive "Ruben Wells".
And old cog locomotive "M. G. Bright"


new way to unload hoppers?? - By spikemic on 08/31/04 at 20:11:05 - '9918410-R1-021-9.jpg' 182 KB
eek  a little water damage here............. what happens when a flood pushes a 20' container through a trestle


Re: new way to unload hoppers?? - By spikemic on 09/02/04 at 19:09:46 - '9918410-R1-025-11.jpg' 161 KB
in PA south of Kennett Square along rt 82 just before you cross into DE
i believe its a Wilmington and Delaware line....
railsand ties are still connected, but over on the other shore..........


Re: Portageville High Bridge-Replacement? Letchworth Park, NY - By thebigham on 12/27/17 at 13:56:13 - 'a6.jpg' 149 KB
Norfolk Southern: Portageville, NY
The walkway to the Upper Falls overlook at Letchworth State Park was recently re-opened so the two bridges can be seen up close.  
The grade to the left is the former PRR Rochester Branch.
Photographed by Chris Bigham, December 11, 2017.


Re: Portageville High Bridge-Replacement? Letchworth Park, NY - By thebigham on 12/27/17 at 13:57:35 - 'a7.jpg' 130 KB
Norfolk Southern: Portageville, NY
The 2nd train to cross the new Portage bridge at Letchworth State Park.
Photographed by Chris Bigham, December 11, 2017.


Re: Portageville High Bridge-Replacement? Letchworth Park, NY - By thebigham on 12/27/17 at 13:56:55 - 'a8.jpg' 137 KB
Norfolk Southern: Portageville, NY
The 2nd train to cross the new Portage bridge at Letchworth State Park.  
With the 1875 bridge in front of the 2017 bridge, the pics aren't that great for now.  
About 30 people were at the Upper Falls to see the first train cross the new Portage Bridge at 2:22pm.
Photographed by Chris Bigham, December 11, 2017.


Re: Portageville High Bridge-Replacement? Letchworth Park, NY - By thebigham on 07/12/17 at 10:12:52 - 'aa2.jpg' 127 KB
June 2017


Re: Exsisting Towers Nationwide - By Henry on 07/26/05 at 15:43:27 - 'AA_7791_Hallett_1-10-05_01.jpg' 109 KB
Hallett tower on January 10, 2005 with Ann Arbor GP38 (Ex-Conrail/PC 7791) passing with a short cut of boxcars.
There's a semaphore on the TT line branching off to the left in the photo.


Re: Abandoned Sidings - By DannyR on 03/07/04 at 23:02:55 - 'Abandoned_siding_Landis_NC.jpg' 143 KB
All that remains of this siding is what is seen here covered with asphalt. The building this track once serviced was converted to a gas station years ago; Landis, NC


Re: Why don't track cars activate track circuits? - By Billman730 on 06/29/06 at 21:57:13 - 'AlBill1831a.jpg' 292 KB
In 1971 I did my best to come up with a way to shunt the rails but it was not reliable and would cause the flashers to start and stop. I gave up after a while. Many times on the New Haven Budd Cars [2 of them] would be pulled around by GP-9s on rainy or snowy days. I worked to build a circuit that would eliminate the problem on the main line from New Haven to Springfield. It worked but habits being what they are we used a Geep most stormy days. The problem is that when the steel wheels rotate the resistense goes up to a point that there is more than enough current leaking past the HRC or Budd car to "pick" the track relay. With the use of AFO's [audio frequency overlays] the problem got worse instead of better. To this day even the big trucks that carry rails don't shunt well when they are moving except on very shinny rail.  
Pic info...  No not on top of old smokey, Me on left, helper on right on top of the Poughkeepsie Bridge 1971. I kept my ears tunned to the radio and open window for clues that a train might be coming by accident.....


Re: Steepest Railroad Grade - By Pennsy on 01/14/05 at 18:24:29 - 'Angels_Flight.jpg' 32 KB
Hi All,
If you want to add a cog railway, and not limit the discussion only to traction, you should add cable as well.  
Angels Flight in Los Angeles is a funicular, powered by a cable, and the steepness of the grade is measured in degrees from the horizontal. It is between thirty degrees and forty five degrees. The cars are set to provide horizontal seating for the passengers. Check out the photo of one of the cable cars. This one is Olivet. Its twin is called Sinai.


Re: Saluda Grade - as is and as could be - By George_Harris on 01/15/06 at 09:06:31 - 'ansmap.jpg' 50 KB
OK, finally got around to getting a couple of more things into a somewhat coherent format and converted into pictures.  This first is from points on topomaps and gives the general alignment of the whole thing.  When you see the "stomped snake" twists and turns between Hendersonville and Tryon, it is obvious that the low speeds are not just because of grades.  I intend to zoom in on this area later.


Re: Saluda Grade - as is and as could be - By George_Harris on 01/15/06 at 09:20:59 - 'ansprofile.jpg' 89 KB
Now, here is the overall profile.  Elevations taken from topo maps, so this is probably not really that exact, but it is close enough to get the concept of what the situation is.  As you can see, the first 32 miles are at elevation of 2000 feet plus, and the last 25 at 1100 feet minus, with 9 miles of serious elevation change, including the three miles of Saluda Grade, itself.  Again, I intend to zoom in on the heavy grade portion later.  Some of the elevation given are taken from those in the old Southern Railway Passenger Timetables, some from spot elevations shown on the topo maps, and some by interpolation between contour lines.  Even in the higher and lower sections, the profile is somewhat sawtooth, which is rather unfriendly to long trains and really tests the skill of the engineer to avoid heavy slack action and broken knuckles.


Re: Saluda Grade - as is and as could be - By George_Harris on 12/01/05 at 12:00:25 - 'AnSspeed1949.jpg' 83 KB
The following is a table of speed limits from 1949.  Note that this was a really slow piece of railroad for the most part.  Saluda was only a small part of the low speed area.


Re: Saluda Grade - as is and as could be - By George_Harris on 12/02/05 at 08:11:00 - 'AnSspeed1991.jpg' 88 KB
Here are the speed limits from a 1991 Norfolk Southern Piedmond Division Employee Timetable.  The 1949 freight limit is dashed in for comparison.  Note that much of the hilly and crooked area west of Tryon has been reduced from 25 to 20 mph, but on the other hand some area were actually faster.  The timetable gave a line speed of 50 mph for this section, but there were no parts faster than 40 mph after all the restrictions were put on.


Re: Saluda Grade - as is and as could be - By George_Harris on 01/15/06 at 10:42:18 - 'asheveastexit.jpg' 79 KB
Another thing that struck me when I started looking at the area beyond the 3 miles right at Saluda was that there is no such thing as an easy line east out of Asheville.  The line to Salisbury is not high speed level piece of track, either.  In fact, if it were not for the exceedingly steep Saluda grade itself, it would seem likely that the Asheville and Spartanburg (A&S) could become the preferred route between mountains and flatlands.  
To illustrate how this is so, look at the comparison in profile for the first 20 miles out of Asheville.  Again, I am taking all this from topo maps.  It would be interesting to get my hands on some good survey information, more detailed maps or the Valuation Maps, themselves.  What you see is that to go to Salisbury you have to climb to a 220 foot higher elevation than you do to go to Spartanburg.  Also, part of this climb is at steeper grades than any eastbound upgrade on the A&S.  From topo, the grades appear to get up to about 1.6% on the WNC versus about 1.4% on the A&S.  Then on the WNC just east of Ridgecrest you plunge through Swannanoa Tunnel and down the 11 mile long 2.2% grade to Old Fort.


Re: Abandoned Railroad Bridges - By NS3360 on 01/15/05 at 13:30:00 - 'ASR10.jpg' 88 KB
Thanks, here are the remains of the Allen Street Railway bridge near Nazareth, PA


Re: Surviving Coaling Towers - By Henry on 02/19/07 at 12:12:13 - 'AY_Coal_Tower_08-06-05.jpg' 146 KB
Don't forget to mention that it is also adjacent to the ex-B&O Chicago main at AY. In the mornings, CSX B&O mainline traffic literally passes through the shadow of the old coal tower!
By your sig lines, it looks like you are near the former site of BD Tower, now just BD. Every summer I make the trek to visit a friend who lives near BG 123. His property is right on the B&O main and several of us will spend the weekend out there by the tracks soaking up the New Castle sub traffic. A couple of years ago I got him to give me the "Akron, Barberton and Warwick tour" so I could see all the locations to the south (TT west) that I'd hear on the radios all the time. Of course one of the stops was AY and I had to shoot the coal tower and yard office.
I'm also a member of three EL historical societies and the ACYHS so even though I live in Buffalo, I'm quite interested in the Akron area railroads.
Note the Chessie caboose next to the coal tower.
Full disclosure: I photoshopped out some intrusive power lines!


Re: Exsisting Towers Nationwide - By Henry on 08/24/05 at 14:13:27 - 'AY_Tower_8-7-05.jpg' 152 KB
Here's a shot of AY in Akron taken August 7, 2005.
Unfortunately about the only decent shot you can get without trespassing on CSX' bridge is the shadow side.
B&O crossing over PPR.


Re: Abandoned Railroad Bridges - By thebigham on 07/13/05 at 10:25:08 - 'B26SOverpassnearRushfordNY.jpg' 34 KB
This is an old overpass on the Buffalo & Susquehanna Buffalo line that was abandoned in 1917. It's near Caneadea, NY. The tracks were on top.


Re: Abandoned Railroad Bridges - By thebigham on 07/15/05 at 09:42:21 - 'B26SSinnemahoningBridgeAbut.jpg' 39 KB
These are the abutments of the Buffalo & Susquehanna bridge over NS's Buffalo lIne at Sinnemahonong, PA. This line was abandoned in 1964. I am standing on the other abutment.  
The B&S had another long bridge over the river here at Sinnemahonng.


Re: Abandoned Railroad Bridges - By thebigham on 07/13/05 at 10:28:29 - 'B26STrestleRemainsSagamore---1.jpg' 44 KB
A partial wooden trestle still standing on the Buffalo & Susquehanna Sagamore branch. The B&O abandoned the line in 1957. Rails still exist in a road crossing near Sagamore. This bridge is at McCormick City, PA.


Re: MOW Equipment - By n01jd1 on 03/05/03 at 00:37:08 - 'ballast.jpg' 184 KB
Here is a photo of a ballst cleaner at work at Ridgefield Park, NJ in the summer of 1998.


Re: Stoned - By hummel1237 on 04/17/04 at 03:58:39 - 'bangorslatead.jpg' 108 KB
Great info so far. Quarries were/are a business so there has to be records somewhere...


Re: Exsisting Towers Nationwide - By B_n_O_Hendo on 01/11/03 at 22:29:29 - 'bayviewtower.jpg' 72 KB
Here's the base of BA tower located in the Bayview Yard in Baltimore. At one time this was a single story tower. There was also some kind of RR building directly across the tracks from it.


Re: Railroad Bridge photos? - By hummel1237 on 04/01/04 at 12:35:06 - 'bbbridge.jpg' 52 KB
Bloomsbury NJ...


Re: Railroad Bridge photos? - By hummel1237 on 02/29/04 at 03:08:02 - 'belviderebridgea22.jpg' 41 KB
Here's mine - Belvidere Bridge (NJ)


Re: Abandoned Sidings - By hummel1237 on 02/23/04 at 03:28:17 - 'belvideresidingeol.jpg' 49 KB
Here's one I dug up. Belvidere NJ...


Re: Abandoned Sidings - By hummel1237 on 02/23/04 at 03:37:21 - 'belvideresidingeol1.jpg' 60 KB
Look close! BASF fence and inside the fence is the rails. One comes right up to the fence (left) and the right one is cut shorter but it's there. A trained eye should be able to see it...     jk  
Hint; the center post of the fence splits the two rails...


Name That Structure - By hummel1237 on 02/23/04 at 03:09:46 - 'belviderestationarea1.jpg' 43 KB
This is for people like me that don't always know what something is or what it was used for. Here's one from the Belvidere Station Yard area. What is it and what was it used for?  


Re: Surviving Coaling Towers - By DannyR on 12/27/04 at 12:50:09 - 'Bluefield_Yard_west.jpg' 136 KB
Jim included Bluefield, WV on his list above.
Here is a view of the tower looking west through the Bluefield yard; December 2004.


Re: Railroad Archeology (Temple of Gloom) - By toddsyr on 10/25/05 at 03:20:56 - 'BO_26th_Street_Float_Bridge.jpg' 31 KB
I think you'll enjoy this site immensely:


Re: "Perfect" ROW's - By DannyR on 05/03/03 at 22:56:22 - 'BO_Mainline_East_Kanawha_WV.jpg' 52 KB
Former B&O mainline east of Parkersburg, WV at Kanawha. This photo was taken five years after the mainline was downgraded and two after a large section was severed between Parkersburg and Clarksburg. Despite lost glory, the roadbed and track here were still nearly pristine. Sadly, the rails in this photo are but a memory now as well.  
Previously posted on WV board  


Locomotive Servicing Question - By SDsixD on 09/10/05 at 13:11:11 - 'BoomCabinets.jpg' 16 KB
Can anyone explain what boom cabinets are and how they are used?  I have seen them at diesel loco fueling facilities but haven't been able to find much information on what they are used for.


Re: Railroad Archeology (Temple of Gloom) - By toddsyr on 10/28/05 at 14:19:37 - 'Bridge_Fire.jpg' 61 KB
on Oct 28th, 2005, 11:18am, IronTie wrote:       (Click here for original message)

Actually, PC did not want to take in the New Haven, and destroying the bridge (its been said) was connected with their efforts to keep from having to include the NH in their system.

The official story claims a hotbox was the probable cause.
Journal Staff Writer
It was 2:08 o'clock on a sunny afternoon when the first clouds of ugly, black smoke began pouring from the Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge.
And it was not until eight hours later that the efforts of 125 firemen were able to contain a fire that started by slowly working across the span.
It may not have been the biggest fire we've ever had in the city," said Fire Capt. Thomas Ringwood. But it was the most difficult."
Falling embers and burned out railroad ties fell from the bridge during the afternoon touching off a fire at Andy & Steve's Restaurant, Dutchess Avenue, and numerous grass fires.
Train traffic along the Penn Central tracks was slowed. Crowds formed along both banks of the river to watch.
No injuries were reported.
Fire officials said the fire was caused by a freight train that passed over the bridge at 12:42 o'clock.
'Probably A Spark'
"It was probably the hot box or a spark that did it," said Ringwood. "At 1:17 we had a small fire on the tracks at Washington Street that was put out quickly. Then our department's van cruised along underneath the bridge down to Dutchess Avenue looking for anything else they didn't spot anything."
Just after 2 p.m. Mrs. Barbara Dubraski, 9 Dutchess Ave., saw some smoke on the bridge.
"It was just some smoke, just a little," she said. "Then it started to spread and my neighbor called in a fire alarm."
Capt. Ringwood was home, having worked the overnight shift.
"I was listening to fire radio as the men went to the fire," he said. "I heard them talking about having trouble getting water going into the water pipe-line up there on the tracks. I knew we were in for trouble."
Ringwood said that pipe was broken in two or three areas. The system is designed for fire fighting. In case of fire, hoses link the city water system to the pipe and there is available water on the bridge.
There wasn't available water on the bridge Wednesday.
"Penn Central had informed us it wasn't operating right," said Ringwood. "They were to have made repairs. But that was in mid-March. "
Ringwood went out on the bridge and took over the end of the operation from Capt. Robert Vaughn.
'All I Could See…'
"All I could see was fire and smoke," he said. "The thick black smoke was caused by a surfacing material they coated the wood ties and timber to prevent rotting."
The immediate problem was to get water up to the bridge where the fire was moving toward the city side.
Trucks were set up on Dutchess Avenue, a rope lowered, and a two and half inch fire hose hoisted up 250 feet, by hand. The switches were thrown and the system worked.
"Your average water pressure is about 125 pounds," said Capt. Jack Nugent. "We had 320 pounds of pressure to get it up there."
Before that water could be sent up to the bridge, Capt. Ringwood saw the tavern catch fire from chunks of burning debris. There was a delay while firemen on the ground extinguished that fire.
Police had been called out on traffic control. The arterial was closed down and the streets in the area underneath the bridge were roped off.
While Ringwood and his squad of eight men on the bridge waited for water they created a fire break by tearing up planks.
"We had to stop that fire from spreading over those homes," said Ringwood. "But to tear up those ties. didn't leave us much to walk on. It was kind of breezy up there too."
Then the wind shifted and the fire moved toward the river, spreading 50 feet in 15 minutes.
When the fire fighting should have become easier it became dangerously more difficult. The fire was moving out over the Central Hudson facility on Water Street.
'Really Worried'
"I looked down and saw what we were faced with," said Ringwood. "We had three 115,000-volt lines, three 69,000-volt lines and then, under that, four 30,000 gallon propane gas storage tanks. To put it mildly, we were really worried the whole thing would go."
Capt. Tom Armstrong was in charge of the men who went to the Central Hudson facility.
"They had cooling devices in the, gas tanks and they were doing the job," he said. "Central Hudson was great. They cooperated in every way. They cut power on those higher powered lines. We had men on the tanks with hoses as a back up. We brought two ladder tanks under, the bridge and fed them with pumpers so we had two streams of water going up. Some of the guys were walking around the tanks putting out grass fires from embers."
Highland firemen had the first good luck of the day. The bridge pipeline on their end worked and they had water going on the fire. The spread was slowed.
"They came all the way across to us," said Ringwood of the Ulster County firemen. "It was a long way out. One of my men walked up to one of theirs and said 'Welcome to Poughkeepsie.'"
Mrs. Dubraski finally got through to her husband at work and he hurried home.
"It must have been so frustrating for those firemen not being able to get at it right away," she said standing in front of her house, her face smeared with smoke and spent embers. "I put out two or three little fires in the back here. I felt better when I sent my son up the hill away from this."
Firemen were getting the upper hand on the bridge fire but conditions up top were getting extremely hazardous.
'Bridge Was Moving'
"We got to the point where I told the men I wouldn't order them to go out any further," said Ringwood. "The bridge was moving a little when it swayed about eight feet and we just sort of stopped and looked at each other thinking it might come down any minute."
But the firemen kept going out. A rescue worker from LaGrange walked up to Ringwood out on the bridge and, volunteered his services saying he had had climbing experience.
"It was a helluva job all around," said Ringwood. "It was guys taking risks and doing their job and then some. There was some luck involved too. But the training and experience came together. If there hadn't been water in the Highland side of the bridge pipeline it might still be burning. If there had been more wind or if this had been a hot day in August those tanks might have gone."
When it was over the three chiefs, with a total of 93 years of fire fighting experience, sat around Ringwood's kitchen table. The air was that of thankfulness a tragedy had been averted and the good sense of having done the job.
"One thing I thought of out there," said Jack Nugent, "was how, in the past, no matter how bad a fire was Tom would always say 'we've never had a fire get across the river on us.' It would always stop at the river no matter how bad it got. That almost changed Wednesday. Whoever thought we'd get a fire up there."
Ringwood said, "Was it Chicken Little who said the sky is falling?"
Info and pic from:


Brill Tower - By silver_champion on 03/29/07 at 14:03:18 - 'brill_1088x816-1-.jpg' 192 KB
This is a picture of the old Brill Tower in SW Philly. This was a busy spot  
at one  time. The Brill Factory was located here. This  and many other
Towers on the old PRR main line from Phila. to Washington are close today.


Re: Abandoned Sidings - By DannyR on 05/18/04 at 00:06:07 - 'Brush_Covered_Boxcar_end_Statesville.jpg' 167 KB
Abandoned sidings are one thing in and of themselves----but what about a boxcar that was abandoned along with one ?  
Found this N&W 50 footer choking in the brush on an old siding in Statesville, NC.  
Also on NC board


Re: Abandoned Sidings - By DannyR on 05/18/04 at 00:07:11 - 'Brush_Covered_boxcar_full_Statesville.jpg' 143 KB
This view shows the overall perspective.


Re: Exsisting Towers Nationwide - By Charlie_O on 01/24/03 at 18:39:49 - 'BrynMawr_tower.jpg' 70 KB
And the Pennsy's tower at Bryn Mawr PA, although replaced by an automated system, still watches over Septa and Amtrak traffic.


Re: Abandoned Railroad Bridges - By RailFanMan on 07/06/06 at 22:01:42 - 'bs.jpg' 85 KB
on Jul 14th, 2005, 11:23am, thebigham wrote:       (Click here for original message)

I've seen these abutments.
Isn't the state going to rebuild the highway bridge (Rt. 179) over the tracks? These abutments may be bulldozed.
You can also see B&S abutments over the Buffalo Southern RR off of S Park Ave north of the Erie County Fairgrounds.
Chris Bigham



Re: Abandoned Railroad Bridges - By NS3360 on 01/16/05 at 15:28:38 - 'ChapmanQuarries12.jpg' 116 KB
Here are the remains of the bridge for the old Chapman Quarries Siding where helper engines were kept, at Chapman Quarries, PA


Re: Coal loader? - By CHESSIEMIKE on 05/09/03 at 22:56:05 - 'Charlottesville_VA_Coal_tower_S1603.jpg' 56 KB
Here is a shot of the tower at Charlotesville, VA on June 1, 1985.  I am told that it is still there.  


Re: Ballast: whats the point? - By Pyronova on 10/31/05 at 03:39:26 - 'ChemainusBC_WhatBallast.jpg' 197 KB
What Ballast?  Yes this is an active railine!  Used daily!


Railroad Bridge photos? - By Pyronova on 03/30/05 at 18:59:14 - 'CiscoBC_a.jpg' 261 KB
Here is a spot of great scenery, and bridge construction.
Cisco, BC (the english version of Siska, BC); south of Lytton, BC.
This is where the CP (Canadian Pacific) and CN (Canadian National) cross each other to the opposite sides of the Fraser River.   The CP was constructed in early 1880's and CN was constructed (as Canadian Northern Pacific) in the 1910's.   The black bridge is the second bridge CP has had at this site; the original was reused on Vancouver Island - Niagra Canyon.  The CP had the far superior side of the Fraser River.....  look at the end of the orange CN bridge.... all gravel.  Gravel for about 30 miles up the Fraser and Thompson River canyons.
You can ride over these bridges at night on VIA Rail (great schedule!) or during the day on Rocky Mountaineer.
Due to increased traffic, and limited geography where either RR could double track, they came up with a omni-directional running right system in the 1990's where the CP (black bridge) is the East track, and the CN (orange bridge) is the West track (Geograhical north/south).  They switch back to their own rail at Ashcroft, BC or at other points in the Lower Mainland of BC (Vancouver and suburbs.)


Re: Railroad Bridge photos? - By Pyronova on 03/30/05 at 18:59:56 - 'CiscoBC_b.jpg' 270 KB
A closer view of the 2 bridges.........


Re: Railroad Bridge photos? - By Charlie_O on 05/16/05 at 21:08:12 - 'CNJ_3683.jpg' 85 KB
on May 15th, 2005, 3:32pm, CHESSIEMIKE wrote:       (Click here for original message)
Another nice thing about bridges is sometimes they remind us of railroads from the past.

...And sometimes the locomotives do too.  NJT 4108 originally served as CNJ 3683.  (Sorry Mike, I can't ID the location, but cool pic.)
PS - Here's a li'l treat... yep, that's her, 28 years ago.


Re: Abandoned Railroad Bridges - By DannyR on 01/17/05 at 22:13:23 - 'CO_Bridge_Charleston.jpg' 84 KB
Interchange bridge owned by the C&O in Charleston, WV. This structure spans the Kanawha River and provided a connection between the C&O and New York Central and both roads successors until the late 1980s.


Re: Exsisting Towers Nationwide - By CHESSIEMIKE on 05/26/03 at 17:12:27 - 'CO_NC_Cabin_Lynchburg_VA_S13931.jpg' 106 KB
This Cabin is in Lynchburg, VA on the James River Sub.  I think this is NC Cabin, but someone correct me if I'm wrong.  
Photo taken on April 5, 2003


Re: What is a water plug? - By CHESSIEMIKE on 03/22/05 at 06:32:38 - 'CO_Water_Plug-2.jpg' 73 KB
When you say "Water Plug" to me I think Steam Engine.  This map could be an updated map that still has old information on it, or the water plug is still there.  The remains may still be there and are used as a point of reference.  They were also called Stand Pipes.  Here is a shot of one in Newport News, VA.  It is not there any more.


Re: Water spout - By CHESSIEMIKE on 06/19/02 at 11:11:48 - 'CO_Water_Plug.jpg' 72 KB
Here is a water spout IN its original location.  
To bad it is no longer there.  
The Coal Bin to the left is still there.  Some things cost too much to destroy.  
Newport News VA.


Sign of the times - By CHESSIEMIKE on 07/03/02 at 00:03:27 - 'Coal_Bin__2569.jpg' 142 KB
Now we are worried about sand!
Enviromental Operations?  Where were they when that coal bin was built?  
For that matter, where were they when that GP38-2 was built?  
Newport News VA March, 1993


Re: Railroad Bridge photos? - By Charlie_O on 11/17/04 at 23:42:16 - 'Columbia_38G.jpg' 137 KB
More from the Columbia Bridge.
1. A very late train 38G heads east


Re: Railroad Bridge photos? - By Charlie_O on 11/17/04 at 23:44:14 - 'Columbia_BNUPNS.jpg' 151 KB
2. A light power move with colors from 3 Class 1 roads.


Re: Railroad Bridge photos? - By Charlie_O on 11/17/04 at 23:45:16 - 'Columbia_CA01.jpg' 147 KB
3. Conrail Shared Assets local CA-01 shows off its reflection. The OLS unit was a bonus.


Re: Railroad Bridge photos? - By Charlie_O on 11/17/04 at 23:47:13 - 'Columbia_CSX_UP.jpg' 146 KB
4. Dark Future unit leads a UP Flagship on what I believe is CSX train Q438.


Re: Railroad Bridge photos? - By Charlie_O on 11/17/04 at 23:48:14 - 'Columbia_CSXlite.jpg' 121 KB
5. A CSX light power move reveals several generations of power.


Re: Railroad Bridge photos? - By Charlie_O on 11/17/04 at 23:50:06 - 'Columbia_Q172.jpg' 129 KB
6. A pair of AC6000CW's pulls Q172 empties toward Belmont and the Trenton Line.


Re: Manual Interlocking Towers...any pics? - By NJ Railfan on 07/22/03 at 12:14:40 - 'concretebase.jpg' 76 KB
You could not have answered my question any better CHESSIEMIKE, your a professional.  
I was walking these tracks with my dad, and we later searched the net for detailed pics, but found none. I told him Railfan.net would help us out, and it sure did.  
Thanks again CHESSIEMIKE!
These are what we must have seen...


Re: Railroad Bridge photos? - By DannyR on 08/14/04 at 20:00:31 - 'Conrail_Elk_River_Bridge_Chas_WV_1987.jpg' 126 KB
Some fine pix,all    
Here is a winter shot of the-then Conrail bridge across the Elk River in Charleston, WV, taken February 1987


Re: Railroad Bridge photos? - By wsdimenna on 12/10/03 at 21:07:28 - 'CP1.jpg' 60 KB
This bridge West of CP draw (Chicago line) in Buffalo was orginally owned by Nickel Plate Railroad.
Mostly used by local traffic and occasional through traffic to the chicago line.


Re:  Guide to what signals are used where? - By Henry on 04/07/02 at 09:13:47 - 'CP253_03-28-01.jpg' 94 KB
On Conrail in the Buffalo area and here around Port Clinton, OH on NS ex-CR Chicago Main I have seen what I have heard called as "Approach Diverging" on a two head signal as being indicated by a yellow over flashing green aspect. which I thought was "Approach Limited."
I have a 1970 PC "Color Light Signals" book (Book Three) which shows the indications for various one, two and three light signals.
None have any routing information included.
At the end of this book it has a note with "After you have learned the names of the signals, you will need to learn the indications. Book Four will help you with this problem." Of course the only other signal book I have is Book Two, Position Light Signals.
On the scanner I have hear Amtrak 48 and 30 call signals all the time between Toledo and Elyria (just west of Cleveland). Usually the dispatcher will let them know where they will be crossing over, but there have been times when I have heard him call every signal for almost 50 miles and no info from the dispatcher on where to cross over, but all of a sudden I'll hear the train call "Amtrak 48 Limited Clear CP 244, 2 to 1" as if the signal aspect told him he was crossing over.
Here's a shot of the old NYC signal bridge at CP253, now why does the siding have three heads, track 1 has two and track 2 has one? The shot is looking east toward Sandusky and both mains are signaled bi-directional.


Re: MOW Equipment - By n01jd1 on 03/05/03 at 20:41:42 - 'cr80091.jpg' 209 KB
Here are two photos of scale test cars as they are considered to MOW equipment, At least they were on conrail. Here is CR80091 at CP-5, Ridgefield Park, NJ 12/2000.


Re: MOW Equipment - By n01jd1 on 03/05/03 at 20:47:52 - 'cr80092.jpg' 280 KB
And here is CR 80092 at West Englewood, Teanneck, NJ 4/1999.


Re: Exsisting Towers Nationwide - By EMD on 01/11/03 at 00:40:05 - 'crelhx.jpg' 61 KB
Like here, right?


Re: "Perfect" ROW's - By EMD on 04/26/03 at 02:24:11 - 'crmail.jpg' 166 KB
The ex-PRR, ex-P-C and now ex-Conrail mainline at Tipton, Pa. (just east of Altoona), looks pretty good. 4 tracks wide and not a stone out of place.  


Re: Exsisting Towers Nationwide - By Henry on 07/26/05 at 15:49:51 - 'CSX_144_Ironville_1-10-05_02.jpg' 63 KB
Ironville Tower in Toledo with CSX AC4400CW on K185-06 about the bang the NS diamonds (N&W/NKP/W&LE) on the Toledo Terminal line to the Toledo Docks and the bridge across the Maumee River at 2:16 PM on January 10, 2005.


Re: Manual Interlocking Towers...any pics? - By CHESSIEMIKE on 07/22/03 at 11:57:53 - 'CSX_6115_at_Viaduct_Jct_S4724.jpg' 67 KB
Had to throw in a Chessie unit.  
CSXT #6115 is an exB&O unit.


Re: Railroad Bridge photos? - By Charlie_O on 04/01/04 at 16:41:05 - 'CSX_7829_Pumpkin.jpg' 136 KB
And the Reading's wye near CP River...


Re: Railroad Bridge photos? - By Charlie_O on 11/11/05 at 18:59:58 - 'CSX_8603.jpg' 187 KB
A li'l fall foliage at my favorite bridge....
CXS train Q418 crossing the Schuylkill Rivewr.


Re: Railroad Bridge photos? - By Charlie_O on 04/06/05 at 16:30:43 - 'CSX_8612.jpg' 197 KB
I don't have anything as dramatic as Pyro's pix...but here's a li'l trestle shot I like.


Re: Railroad Bridge photos? - By Charlie_O on 10/11/04 at 22:14:08 - 'CSX_Q418_UP.jpg' 130 KB
A recent fave from last Friday...UP power is the meat in a CSX sandwich as train Q418 crosses the Columbia Bridge in Philly.


Re: Exsisting Towers Nationwide - By hal_ on 03/14/04 at 17:42:20 - 'CSX_SRP_Tower.jpg' 115 KB
Speaking of towers -  
Philadelphia's old B&O line has a well worn little tower
Here's a shot of the tiny little tower just south of the  
Art Museum Tunnel, with the CSX freight stopped along Schuylkill River Park


Re: Coal loader? - By CHESSIEMIKE on 04/14/03 at 23:49:17 - 'CSXT_Lynchburg_VA.jpg' 74 KB
Found this in Lynchburg, VA on April 5, 2003.  


Re: Infrastructure - By Lfire83 on 01/14/17 at 23:21:00 - 'D1_816x612.jpg' 163 KB
Two different types of culverts


Re: Infrastructure - By Lfire83 on 01/14/17 at 23:23:19 - 'D2_816x612.jpg' 130 KB
Washout due to erosion in a lineside ditch, rail driven previously to help control the problem.

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