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The Information Desk Photos

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Re: How to attach photos after really, really tryi - By ranger101 on 01/23/07 at 09:52:14 - 'trobe1.jpg' 128 KB
Hi al/in/chgo,
     I don't know if you are running a MAC or a PC.  I use a PC and have Windows XP home.  What I usually do with my photos is this:
Use whatever photo program you have and make them 800 x 600 pixels.
Save them to the MyPictures folder in Windows under whatever name you choose.
When you go on Railfan.net to the post reply screen, click Browse.  This should usually open to your Mypictures folder.  If not, scroll down the drop menu and click it open.
Click on the image you want to post, then click open.  Everything should appear in the Replace or Attach Image Box next to the browse button.
Then just click post and your done!
Try it in the test forum a few times and see what happens.  Respond here if you have any questions.  If you have a MAC then Im kinda lost there as I know nothing about them.  Hope this helps.


Avatar Problem - By Alcophile on 11/30/06 at 16:03:12 - 'BR.jpg' 2 KB
I'm trying to use this image as my Avatar and it won't work:


Re: Need An Updatable File for Alphabetical Invent - By toddsyr on 06/05/06 at 02:26:57 - 'PAGE_2.jpg' 198 KB
Page 2. Sorry the first page, 2 parts, kind of overlaps instead of continuing numerically, but that's how it turned out.  Todd


Re: Need An Updatable File for Alphabetical Invent - By toddsyr on 06/05/06 at 02:23:21 - 'PAGE_1_PART_2.jpg' 187 KB
Page 1, part 2.


Re: Need An Updatable File for Alphabetical Invent - By toddsyr on 06/05/06 at 02:21:41 - 'PAGE_1_PART_1.jpg' 233 KB
In case anyone is wondering, here's what I ended up with with my limited PC knowledge, but it works for me:


Another Avatar For Henry - By toddsyr on 05/17/06 at 23:12:18 - 'Plasticville_Logo.jpg' 11 KB
Henry, I seem to remember you liked my AHM avatar alot when I found it. I found another you may like, use it if you want. It's from:  
No, I don't want you to do all the work for me, I like my AHM logo. Just trying to brighten your day/night. Todd


Railroading in Manhattan - By sergio_vadora on 03/15/06 at 05:45:41 - 'Grafica1.jpg' 287 KB
This topic has been moved to General Subway, Transit and Commuter by Forum Admin.


Re: New Avatar - By Les_Shepherd on 01/22/06 at 02:15:27 - '3801_at_Orange_640x512.jpg' 67 KB
RDG 484
The design and construction dates for the I-5 fit with the subsequent design of the C38. The designer has always refused to reveal the inspiration for the design and streamlining. The archives contain documentation establishing that several North American, British and European designs of Hudson and Pacific configuration were considered in detail, specifically the NYC J3a and J1b and PRR K4. There are many similarities to the J3a, including the cowling, nosecone and valance, particularly the valance around the firebox. However, the cowling around the funnel and the nosecone are closer to the I-5. The design Engineer visited North America, I think in 1937, and would probably have seen the I-5 either in NY or at Baldwins.
The performance specifications for the C38 required inclusion of the best of current mechanical practice. Some of these included adoption of the principles of ALCO in designing the boiler to enable the cylinders to work at maximum horsepower; roller bearings on all axles and a single cast frame. The cast frames were supplied by General Steel Castings Corporation of Granite City, Ill.  
Operationally, there was a need to relieve double heading on interstate express and mail trains. The loco’s would be required to take a 500 tons train between Sydney and the state border at Albury (400 miles) without change and re-coaling once en-route. The line includes long sections of 1.5% grade in both directions and dozens of 400 yards radius curves. Comparatively high speeds were required on the curves as well as running at 70mph on straighter track From the beginning they were able to take the Melbourne Limited Express over the 138 miles between Sydney and Goulburn non-stop. This section includes some very long 1.5% grades.
It would be an understatement to say that they excelled at these tasks,
I intend to make further enquiries about the design inspiration.


Moderators, helpful pic - By Miketherailfan on 01/16/06 at 10:09:25 - 'nophoto5.GIF' 4 KB
For those who read this message who are moderators, this photo can help. If you're removing photos posted by a member, in which those aren't his (or hers) photos, I'd highly recommend using this image. Made by myself, you have my permission to use it.


Re: New Avatar - By toddsyr on 12/21/05 at 18:06:20 - 'red-arrow-lines.jpg' 6 KB
Sorry, I don't know how to change the color and this is the smallest I could make it without too much loss of clarity. Todd.


Re: New Avatar - By toddsyr on 12/21/05 at 15:38:22 - 'red-arrow-lines-2.gif' 12 KB
I'm sure it'll have to be re-sized etc., but here's the only one I found on the net. Just trying to help, Todd.


Moffat Power - By sergio_vadora on 11/16/05 at 06:53:06 - 'Moffat_98.jpg' 277 KB
Last april I went to Moffat for railroading. I saw two SP GP40-2, one CN SD70.....but all the other power for freights was by AC4400 and SD80MAC, no UP SD70 or older SD50-60.
Then I went to Cheyenne and I saw a lot of kind of engines.....why UP don't use them also along Moffat? For example UP SD70 is very powerfull but I haven't seen one along Moffat........
Thanks for answering.
Sergio, Italy


Re: New Avitar - By toddsyr on 09/29/05 at 23:43:01 - 'AHM_1.jpg' 23 KB
Henry, I'm glad somebody else got a kick out of it too! Seeing how I don't have any legal rights to it, please include it in the Railfan Net avatar collection. Heck, even if I DID have the rights, you could still use it, lol. Thanks for the extra cleanup work etc. You always seem to go that extra mile. Todd.


New Avitar - By toddsyr on 09/29/05 at 03:17:52 - 'AHM.jpg' 4 KB
Henry, I'd like to use this for my avatar, but couldn't figure out how. I'ts not on a webpage by itself, so don't know what to do. Todd.


Problems - By Jeff_K. on 02/10/05 at 18:10:10 - 'Railfan.net.gif' 5 KB
While going through my usual list of forums I began to notice many moderators are missing from the headings on the forum. I noticed, for one, my name on the NS Forum was "Jeff_K." on the front page and in any other forums it was my username "RR_Fan." Not sure if your doing anything with the forums at all but I thought this might be of interest to you. I have a image of what I am trying to explain. I cleared my history and temporary internet files and it is still the same. Just thought I'd bring this to your attention.


3rd Great Year Ahead - By CHESSIEMIKE on 03/22/04 at 21:34:30 - 'Sperry_truck_MP19_S.jpg' 84 KB
Happy Aniversary railfan.net/forums

Well, the track has been checked and it's A-Ok for another great year at railfan.net.  Thanks again Henry for making this work so well.  And thanks to all the moderators that keep an eye on things.  And a big thanks to all that support the forums with their posts.  Your information of the past present and future of railroading is amazing and the photos are awesome.  Last but not least thanks to those that have decided to lend support through their donations.


Re: How do you post ... - By Admin on 03/02/04 at 13:57:45 - 'Img_2587_2.jpg' 156 KB
Always have to test the code when I make a change...
This is a northbound CSX at Deshler on the ex-B&O/CH&D September 22, 2001 well before the "idiot foamer problems" started happening there.
As uploaded this file was named "Img_2587(2).jpg"
File Name
Camera Model Name
    Canon EOS D30
Shooting Date/Time
    9/22/01 5:29:53 PM
ISO Speed
    28.0 - 300.0mm
Focal Length
Tv( Shtter Speed )
Av( Aperture Value )


Re: Some photos from the Timonium Train Show - By Two23 on 12/11/03 at 10:08:43 - 'train_show.jpg' 112 KB
I played around with the worst one a bit but only got a little improvement.  You might consider using .jpg (jpeg) instead of bmp (bitmap) as the format you save photos in.  It takes a lot less space.
Kent in SD


Re: Some photos from the Timonium Train Show - By BnO_Hendo on 10/11/03 at 23:07:34 - 'adjtimb0nj.jpg' 157 KB
Now here's an interesting shot of some O scale trains. That's a B&O geep in the front, being passed by a N&W class J, with a B&O steamer at the engine house, with a Conrail loco in the back. Welcome to Fan-ta-sy Island Layout! These locos were cool. The steamers gave off smoke, the diesels gave off exhaust, the sound was in sync with the 4 engines, and it was cool.


Re: Some photos from the Timonium Train Show - By BnO_Hendo on 10/11/03 at 22:59:38 - 'adjmtroyal.jpg' 120 KB
Here's another amazing N scale miniature. This one is of Mt Royal Station in Baltimore. I've been here and to the area at Relay, and these are very well done. In fact, this Mt Royal station would look good on my layout....  


Re: Some photos from the Timonium Train Show - By BnO_Hendo on 10/11/03 at 22:54:03 - 'adjwadeBObooth.jpg' 67 KB
Still with me? Having fun moving that old mouse around? I've not gotten the hang of re-sizing photos yet, either... Anyway, here's Wade again, making a much needed and appreciated donation to the train museum! That's Dana Kirn at the bottom right from the Museum staff.


Re: Some photos from the Timonium Train Show - By BnO_Hendo on 10/11/03 at 22:50:56 - 'adjtimviaduct2.jpg' 76 KB
Boy, I'm screwing this up big time! Here's a photo that shows what can be done in Nscale. This is a model of the Thomas Viaduct and the hotel at Relay. It's an amazing miniature!


Re: Some photos from the Timonium Train Show - By BnO_Hendo on 10/11/03 at 22:48:08 - 'adjtimbobooth.jpg' 129 KB
Here's our own Wade (hutton_switch) Rice at the B&O Historical Society Table. Along with him is Nick Frye, the Society archivist. I have to learn to hold still a little longer when taking digi-photos...  


Some photos from the Timonium Train Show - By BnO_Hendo on 10/11/03 at 22:44:43 - 'adjtimfrontdoor.jpg' 47 KB
took my new digi-cam with me to the train show. I'm still getting the hang of this, so here goes.  
Here's the view from the front door. This is one of three large rooms there.  


Re: PA Governor Rendell Releases $1.6 Million for - By coaster on 08/20/03 at 18:39:24 - 'bigsteamer.jpg' 74 KB
I've said it before and I'll say it again: This guy Rendell is cool!!
For the record, Altoona's minor-league baseball team -- The Curve -- is having their best season yet. Even their mascot, Steamer, seems happier than usual . . .
-- Paul


Happy Anniversary (again) - By CHESSIEMIKE on 03/22/03 at 00:03:42 - 'Amtrak_Clear_Signal.jpg' 73 KB
Well the signal shows Clear!
The conductor has made the call, "All Aboooard"
Here we go in to the 2nd great year of Railfan.net Forums!
Thanks Henry and helpers!!
God Bless America, Let's Roll.


Steamer #261 set to visit Baltimore's Fair of the - By B_n_O_Hendo on 01/31/03 at 09:05:42 - '261.jpg' 69 KB
This is going to be a fantastic event:
For some this summer, a time machine of phenomenal proportions will be enabled, taking them back in time, while others will get their first glimpse of the Iron Horses of yesteryear. On June 27, 2003, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum, located in Baltimore, Maryland, in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution, will kick off The Fair of the Iron Horse 175 as part of its 175th Anniversary of Railroading in America.  
This 10-day extravaganza will feature vintage steam and diesel locomotives from all over America and beyond traveling to Baltimore for a daily pageant and entertaining parade. The Fair will also feature pavilions highlighting railroad travel, toys, technology and railroading in miniature, live entertainment, food, family activities and much, much more. The Fair of the Iron Horse 175 will be centered in Baltimore's Carroll Park and the B&O Railroad Museum's adjacent 40-acre historic site.  
One of the confirmed visitors making its way across the eastern half of the United States, under steam, will be the Milwaukee Road 4-8-4, number 261. The Museum has invited the 261 to be one of the star attractions and the group of owners for the locomotive have accepted the challenge. However, due to skyrocketing insurance premiums the group says that they can not do this alone, and they NEED the support of the rail enthusiasts. This month the Friends of the 261 is kicking off their "Steaming to Baltimore in 2003" fund raising campaign. For more information on how you can help get this impressive locomotive to Baltimore (scheduled to operate via CSX Transportation - the event's sponsor), go to LINK URL and look for "Steaming to Baltimore".  


Photo Upload Posting - By Admin on 04/01/02 at 23:52:45 - 'bhava.jpg' 6 KB
I've hacked in photo uploads so you can post photos with your messages.
Many of you may have noticed the Browse gadget in the Post editing screen. Netscape users will have to change the 'Files of type:' gadget when the file requestor appears as it is locked into type HTML by default. You'll want to select 'All files' or '*' so you can select gifs or jpegs.
It's not perfect yet, but it is very functional.
It won't work with Netscape 3, but works fine with Netscape 4 and IE 5.
Previewing a post which has an attachment will make the attachment go pouf so you'll have to reselect it after.
The upload itself takes place when you click on the 'Post'
button or the 'Save' button if you are modifying a previous post.
If you upload the wrong pic by mistake you can delete it using the Modify option in the Message Display window and there will be a checkbox for deleting the image.
I am not sure if replacing a photo using Modify will work correctly 100% of the time, especially if you use preview. If anything funky happens you can delete the post and start over
Only one photo per post can be uploaded and it must be gif or jpeg format image. No animations or sounds yet. I haven't decided what to do about those as file sizes can get pretty big and a lot of folks don't want to deal with them.
Please respect each board's moderators wishes when it comes to photo posting.
There's a 350K limit on image sizes. In the case of forums, smaller is better. Remember that there are modem users who will have to wait for the image to download so in most cases you'll want to keep the number of images displaying in one single thread as few as possible.
In each board's message index a little camera icon will show next to posts which have image attachments. That's so folks who don't want to wait for pictures to download can skip that thread if they want.
Let me know here if there are any big problems you find with it, I'm sure now that I have installed it all sorts of gremlins will manifest themselves overnight.  
I did test it A LOT and I would have preferred to wait longer before installing it, but there are a number of mods I want to get to and maintaining two seperate sets of source code was getting to be a huge headache. I was having to modify both sets every time I did anything so it was time to merge them.
I hope it works OK and I hope you find it useful,

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