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Hacking of F.R.E.D.
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   Hacking of F.R.E.D.
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   Author  Topic: Hacking of F.R.E.D.  (Read 156 times)
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Hacking of F.R.E.D.
« on: Aug 23rd, 2014, 9:37pm »
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I am retired from the Long Island RR (LIRR).  I recently heard that sometime in or around 2013 that the end of train device on the Adrian and Blissfield Short line RR in MI had been hacked.  I am just trying to confirm if this did in fact occur as I have not heard of this ever happening.  Any help in confirming or debunking this issue will be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Hacking of F.R.E.D.
« Reply #1 on: Aug 26th, 2014, 8:17am »
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I have no information on your specific incident, but I would say that it "could be" done to an extent.  The FRED is a radio transmitter that transmits to the cab.  It would not be a hack in terms of someone cracking into the FRED like a computer as much as it would be someone having the capability to transmit on FRED's freq. from a radio and also have the capability to send false data bursts to the locomotive.  It could have also just been an isolated accidental incident from another legitimate radio/transmitter as radio freqs. interfere with each other all of the time.

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