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Topic Summary
Posted by: Ronal_Fadillah_IRF Posted on: Apr 14th, 2018, 11:40pm
CC300 it's a first DH locomotive from Indonesia Heavy Industries Ll Co artificial, this locomotive're the  first work ofthe nations children wichcan inthe flood tracks. This locomotive doesn't Indonesia National Railways Ll Co own but, the Directorat of Railways Minister of Communication, they're the specification
AAR Configuration : C-C
Gauge : 1067
Length : 14135
Width : 2642
Heigth : 3575
Axle load : 14 tons
Empty weigth : 84 tons
Fuel type : HSD
Fuel capacity : 3800 l
Primemover : 45กใ V6 stroke cycle, turbocharger
Generator type : Caterpillar C18
Transmission : Hydrodynamic
Maximum speed : 120 km/h
Engine effort : 2200 HP
Traction effort : 270 kN
Braking system : Pneumatic, Vacum
Engine type : Caterpillar 3512B HD
Transmission : Voith L620REU2
Safety system : Master Controller from Woojin, now CC300 allocated in Medan locomotive depots ReDiv 1 Medan(14 01), Tanjungkarang depots ReDiv 4 Lampung(14 02), Madiun depots Area Operation 7 Madiun(13 01 and 02), Solo Balapan depots Area Operation 6 Yogyakarta(13 01)
They're the different of batch 1(13 artificial) and two(14 artificial)
Posted by: Ronal_Fadillah_IRF Posted on: Apr 14th, 2018, 11:41pm

Source : Instagram photos viewer, www.depsta.com
Posted by: Ronal_Fadillah_IRF Posted on: Apr 20th, 2018, 6:32pm
Are you know what's the horn type