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C&NW "Transfer Cat", ex-GP7?
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   C&NW "Transfer Cat", ex-GP7?
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   Author  Topic: C&NW "Transfer Cat", ex-GP7?  (Read 65 times)
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C&NW "Transfer Cat", ex-GP7?
« on: Feb 18th, 2016, 12:22am »
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Way back around 1984, "Railfan & Railroad" magazine had a photo and brief text about a "TC10" or something like that. IIRC, the unit was originally a GP7, rebuilt with RS-11 like louvers on the long hood, and had a Cat (TM) diesel installed. The text said the TC stood for "Transfer Cat' and maybe it was rated at 1000 hp.
That was a long time ago, and I wonder if anyone has photos (or where to find them) and final disposition of this basically unique unit. TIA for any assistance.

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Re: C&NW "Transfer Cat", ex-GP7?
« Reply #1 on: Feb 18th, 2016, 11:54pm »
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WVa_Jon, I did a bit of looking around, and found some photos of a rebuilt engine called a TC-10.  If this is the loco you are looking for, it was originally a GP-9, built in 1958, I think, and rebuilt in the 1980s by Norfolk Southern (or one of its predecessor roads-- maybe SOU or N&W?)  There were five of them, numbered 100 through 104.  The Caterpillar prime mover delivered 1,050 hp.  I believe at least some of them were later sold to shortlines or leasing companies.  Here's a Dave Ritter photo of No. 100 at Decatur, Illinois in 1985, posted on the railroadpicturearchives.net website:

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