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Topic Summary
Posted by: Skid_Vicious Posted on: Apr 13th, 2017, 12:25pm
Calling all RR fans in the Gainesville, GA area up for a challenge in locating a lost tank car(NATX 25156.   CSX last reported it in Gainesville, GA on their line, but cannot find it.  CLM events stopped reporting around 6 months ago.
Posted by: George_Harris Posted on: Apr 13th, 2017, 2:25pm
To bring people up to date on this issue as discussed in another thread:
(Rolling Stock, thread: Help-CSX Lost a Railcar)
Initial post by Skid-Vicious:
Seeking help from any interested parties in the Gainesville, GA area.  CSX Transportation lost one of our railcars and has given up the search.  We're hoping a team of RR enthusiasts can safely find this car and be more resourceful than a class 1 RR.  NATX251568 is our private car ID.  This is a black tank car with a last reported movement in Gainesville, GA.

GHH reply:
NATX = General Electric Railcar Services Corporation  
From Wikipedia:  GE Capital Rail Services, also known as GE Railcar, or GE Railcar Services Corporation was a business unit of GE Capital, a division of General Electric. It is a distinct business unit from General Electric's railway locomotive manufacturer.  
In 2015 GE Capital announced the sale of its tank car and services business to Marmon Holdings, and the remainder of the business (other wagons, locos) to First Union Rail.  
So, Skid_Vicious, who are you?  I don't think Marmon Holdings would need us to help find a rail car on CSX or anybody else, nor would we have access unless professionally connected.

Then Skid-Vicious came back with:
Our company currently leases this car.  We shipped it loaded back in October of 2016.  Car never made it to the destination and the CSX has given up locating the car.  We're hoping someone can stumble upon it or spot in the Gainesville, GA area where it last CLM event occurred.

To which GHH replied:
And your company's name and relevant business is ? ? ?

Should have also added, what is the commodity, and if you do not wish to give that, is it placarded, and if so what is the placard?
Posted by: Skid_Vicious Posted on: Apr 13th, 2017, 4:00pm
This is not a hazmat placarded load.  Product is vegetable oil which could pose some potential environmental concerns if car becomes tampered with and should spill into a creek or watershed area.