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Chicago & North Western Photos

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Patched Or Painted? - By MisterEspee on 02/18/06 at 11:06:49 - 'up3077.jpg' 71 KB
If you were to choose how your CNW units would look(especially the SD40-2's), and ALL the units were patched(it is rumored that the remaining CNW units will be patched when the CNW "Heritage" Unit is Revealed ), would you rather see a patched CNW or a repainted unit? Personally for me it depends,if I was to see a rusty,dusty CNW patch or a clean, freshly washed one, i'd choose the latter! I found a picture of a Clean patched CNW SD40-2 and I say:instead of painting a "Heritage" Unit take a patched SD40-2 or  the UN-Patched AC4400CW's and repaint it along with the remaing SP and D&RGW units into FRESH CNW/DRG&W/Espee paint. For example the AC4400CW's would get paint that was new CNW paint and so would the Espee and DRG&W patched units,but theyed have their "Patch numbers" in the same font and color as the D&RGW/CNW/Espee years!Although I found what looks like a freshly repainted CNW unit in 2006, but with UP patches! Here she is! She may not be freshly painted but she looks the part!


Re: Former C&NW units - By Miketherailfan on 08/22/05 at 10:16:28 - 'CumberlandDay1photo29.jpg' 98 KB
HLCX (ex-C&NW) SD60 5967 in Cumberland, Maryland on May 28, 2005.


Re: C&NW on the SP - By SP_9811 on 06/28/05 at 14:47:35 - 'CGW.jpg' 176 KB
CGW hopper


Re: C&NW on the SP - By SP_9811 on 06/28/05 at 14:46:11 - 'CNW_8662_herald.jpg' 120 KB
8662 herald


Re: C&NW on the SP - By SP_9811 on 06/28/05 at 14:45:05 - 'CNW_8662.jpg' 157 KB


Re: C&NW on the SP - By SP_9811 on 06/28/05 at 14:42:39 - 'CNW_8612_nose.jpg' 143 KB
8612 nose


Re: C&NW on the SP - By SP_9811 on 06/28/05 at 14:41:13 - 'CNW_8612.jpg' 154 KB


Re: C&NW on the SP - By SP_9811 on 06/28/05 at 14:39:35 - 'CNW_8557.jpg' 184 KB


Re: C&NW on the SP - By SP_9811 on 06/28/05 at 14:37:10 - 'CNW_8017.jpg' 169 KB


C&NW on the SP - By SP_9811 on 06/28/05 at 14:31:46 - 'CNW_6905.jpg' 170 KB
Hi all
Heres some pictures of C&NW locomotives and one CGW hopper,
I have seen while fanning my SP. All photos are from late 1995, 1996. Also, all are from around the Mojave and Lancaster, California areas.
SP eastman, with a C&NW SD40-2


Re:   CNW Employee Owned? What does that mean? - By dvchevalier on 05/15/05 at 22:05:07 - 'Kershaw-Ballast-Regulator-26.jpg' 34 KB
The CNW was Employee Owned when I was working for them, and each payday many of us would have a payroll deduction to purchase stock.  I remember buying about five to ten shares per pay period.  There was a sense of ownership with employees, but I don't think that too many grasped the concept.
The running joke was that Employee Owned really meant "Employees Owned."  CNW management was still bad management, however; asinine decisions were still made by too many old timers who should have retired with the coal and oil that fired steam locomotives.  The stories I could tell you while I was working in MOW about wasted resources, down time waiting for parts for poorly maintained equipment, and ludicrous use of man-hours working on trackage, sidings and branch lines that were soon abandoned or rarely used.
Even so… the guys I worked with were real professionals who tried to do their best to keep the main line and industrial sidings in perfect shape.  And most of them were just about as tough as many of the guys I served with in the Army.
I ran a Kershaw Ballast Regulator, Kershaw Yard Cleaner, Ohio Crane and Jordan Ditcher... not to mention swinging a spike maul while working MOW with the CNW.  Tough years, but well worth the experience.
Dave Chevalier
Ogden, UT
(I'm attaching a non-copyrighted photo from Kershaw to show you the Ballast Regulator I ran for well over a year on two different track gangs.)


Former C&NW units - By MattF7SD60 on 04/24/05 at 14:09:06 - 'DSC04983.jpg' 133 KB
Caught this one in the hole on NS 338 in Kannapolis, NC. C44-9W #9666 is on the point. Also in the consist was the famous Southern GP59# 4610.


Re: RDC3 as Track Inspection Car - By wiscboy on 01/04/05 at 21:41:45 - 'CNW_RDC_430_1980.jpg' 64 KB
Here is a photo of CNW track inspection car 430 at Missouri Valley IA on November 15, 1980.  My info next to it in the album says ex-New Haven, but I couldn't readily identify where I'd come up with that info back then.  In looking at old issues of CNW Historical Society's "North Western Lines", I found pictures of the car on p.26 of the January 1979 issue and a short news item about it in the January 1978 issue, p.3.  There, it was thought to be ex-New York Central.


Re: Jefferson Iowa CNW Depot - By wiscboy on 01/04/05 at 20:57:27 - 'JeffersonIA_Depot_1984.jpg' 88 KB
Here is a rather poor view of the west end of the depot as westbound train PRNPV passes on August 11, 1984.  Perhaps this will remind someone of a better photo in their collection to share.


Re: Chicago Commuter service - By Dr. Richard Leonard on 12/23/04 at 23:27:53 - 'cnw_commuter_7-70.jpg' 44 KB
I took this transparency of a C&NW commuter train near Geneva, Illinois in July, 1970. I believe it's my one and only shot of the C&NW commuter service.


Re: Remaining CNW Stations - By Dr. Richard Leonard on 11/18/04 at 11:48:28 - 'CNW_Depot_Sycamore_IL_11-04.jpg' 54 KB
This building in Sycamore, Illinois, must have been the old C&NW freight station. Note the loading docks (on the other side also). This structure is on the alignment of the long-abandoned C&NW branch from DeKalb to Sycamore, which at one time ran all the way up into Wisconsin. The tracks have been gone as long as I have been driving through Sycamore, since about 1975.


Re: Remaining CNW Stations - By Dr. Richard Leonard on 11/18/04 at 11:45:30 - 'CNW_Depot_DeKalb_IL_11-04.jpg' 42 KB
Below is the C&NW depot in De Kalb, Illinois. The UP uses it as a maintenance headquarters, and HiRail and other trucks are parked alongside and behind the building. Notice the tower, similar to the Fond du Lac depot posted by "milwfan." I am sorry I was there in the morning and didn't get a good sun angle on the north side; probably would have to be there on a summer late afternoon to get the best shot, from the west end.
I am sure the window covers on the Wheaton depot, above,  were added by the business that now uses the building.


Re: Fon Du Lac Station - By coaster on 11/08/04 at 21:52:29 - 'cnwdep.jpg' 59 KB
And just for the hidey-ho heck of it, a second view.


Re: Fon Du Lac Station - By coaster on 11/08/04 at 21:50:05 - 'nwdep-s.jpg' 13 KB
Pier --
According to the National Register of Historic Places ( LINK URL ), CNW's Fond du Lac depot was added to the register in 1990 as Building #90001232.  I've been unable to locate a date on the website info, but it's listed as privately owned and vacant.
Which I'm personally glad to hear, even though I visited the buillding only once, in 1986.  It was tired-looking but still in reasonable repair and appearance at that time.  And extremely handsome.
-- Paul
PS  I located a couple of old postcard views of it from the early 1900s.


Wheaton, Illinois Depot - By Dr. Richard Leonard on 09/04/04 at 23:05:11 - 'wheaton_cnw_depot.jpg' 39 KB
I finally got around to photographing the old C&NW depot here in Wheaton, Illinois. It now houses a couple of businesses and adjoins the downtown picnic table and fountain area. Metra built a new depot two blocks west about three years ago.


West Chicago Depot - By Dr. Richard Leonard on 07/27/04 at 21:30:42 - 'w_chicago_cnw_depot.jpg' 31 KB
I took several shots this morning of the old West Chicago C&NW depot that now serves as the home of the local Historical Society, United Way, Chamber of Commerce and some other organizations. It's hard to get a good shot because of shrubbery, trees, or other things that block the view, but these were taken from the east end. I will try to get a photo of the old Wheaton station soon.


1942 C&NW Historical Booklet - By Dr. Richard Leonard on 07/07/04 at 01:19:07 - 'cnw_booklet.jpg' 8 KB
I just scanned and put up a 20-page booklet called "A Brief History of the Chicago and North Western Line" that the railroad put out in 1942. It is at the following:  
Richard Leonard


Re: CNW duh - By CNWfan5524 on 02/19/04 at 19:57:43 - 'Cnwsd45m-2.jpg' 9 KB
same engine just smaller


Re: CNW duh - By CNWfan5524 on 02/19/04 at 19:55:24 - 'Cnwsd45m.jpg' 27 KB
ok right now i'm using this topic to post some pics i did. So let me know if you like them


CNW Dash 9 in CA - By dougal on 02/06/04 at 15:51:07 - 'JS_CNW_C44-9W.jpg' 158 KB
A friend of mine that lives in CA sent me a pic of a CNW unit in southern CA. Don't know the date sorry. In was a "grab shot" but it's better than my grab shots!


Re: CNW's Idiosyncratic F7's - By BnO_Hendo on 11/13/03 at 15:56:01 - '0617cs-bo.jpg' 74 KB
Ok, I must admit that I'm theorizing here, based on what I know about the B&O-
1. Square v. Round? EMD sent them out with round windows. It was not unusual over years for different railroads to make adjustments. Sometimes the prime mover was upgraded and new sheet metal was added.
2. As far as "muffler" goes, what I think that is is a steam generator unit. See, F-7s were freight locos. Notice it's pulling a passenger set. It looks to me like it has been retro-fitted with a steam generator for passenger cars. The B&O had GP-9s that it used in passenger service. On top were similar units (called "torpedo tubes") that supplied steam (since normal GPs were not equipped with them).  
See this pic from Trainweb- note the "mufflers" on top. This was a B&O passenger GP-9.


Re: CNW Commuter Photos - By mdeming on 10/24/03 at 11:41:35 - 'train1.jpg' 187 KB
Exactly where it was taken. I grew up just down Washington street from there. I turned around and took this shot.


Re: CNW Commuter Photos - By mdeming on 10/22/03 at 21:27:46 - 'easttrain.jpg' 146 KB
 this is one of my favorite photos. I took this in the early 70's
      Mike Deming


Re: C&NW Memories - By wiscboy on 09/02/03 at 21:57:39 - 'Wyeville_WI_1975_X1635_West.jpg' 91 KB
   Regards the preceding comment about dirty CNW locomotives, I thought you all might like to look at a clean CNW unit.  This was back in the days of semaphores, wigwags, and a tower at Wyeville, Wisconsin.  The Twin Cities 400 was twelve years gone and grass was abundant on the right-of-way.  Today, there are three-position color light signals (the signal bridge is gone), highway crossing flashers, and no tower, but at least the railroad, under the Union Pacific banner, is still there!


Re: Metra News - By BnO_Hendo on 06/11/03 at 21:28:17 - 'jason.jpg' 7 KB
"Crystal Lake" But... but...
Wonder if he's a train fan?


Re: CNW Commuter Photos - By EMD on 02/22/03 at 16:31:45 - 'cnw5.jpg' 61 KB
A very busy rush hour. 3 westbounds and one eastbound.


Re: CNW Commuter Photos - By EMD on 02/22/03 at 16:27:39 - 'cnw4.jpg' 77 KB
Another E-unit. See the interlocking tower (left) and the Sears Tower on the skyline right over it.


Re: CNW Commuter Photos - By EMD on 02/22/03 at 16:22:36 - 'cnw3.jpg' 73 KB
A CNW E-8 with a bi-level train


Re: CNW Commuter Photos - By EMD on 02/22/03 at 16:19:28 - 'cnw2.jpg' 71 KB
A CNW F-7.


CNW Commuter Photos - By EMD on 02/22/03 at 16:16:22 - 'cnw1.jpg' 93 KB
Here's some CNW commuter shots from Chicago in the late 1970's.
First, a Crandall Cab waits while a Metra F40 cruises by.


Crandall cab - By EMD on 02/21/03 at 22:37:06 - 'cran.jpg' 69 KB
Chicago, 1978.

Photos 1 through 36 of 36 Total