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'Amtrak Discussion' Photo - 'Amtrak_15_at_Lee_Hall_VA_small.jpg'
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Re: Amtrak pictures part 2     -   Response #269   -   Go to Post in Thread
Posted by CHESSIEMIKE in Amtrak Discussion on 01/27/16 at 00:07:47
'Amtrak_15_at_Lee_Hall_VA_small.jpg' 800x533 JPEG 112514 bytes

This is one of those photos that would confound historians in the future. If they had little to no caption information they would try to decipher what the photo was of by the contents they could identify. First they would note the location by the station sign, Lee Hall, and look at maps to find the location in Virginia. Depending on the age of the map they looked at, the station could be on either side of the tracks, but let us suppose they guessed correctly and made the decision that it was on the north side of the tracks. This would mean a post 2009 date and we are looking at a westbound train. Snow on the ground would tell us it was winter. The long shadow of the station would tend to confirm this and make the point that this is an early morning train. That would make it train #94, the only early morning train through Lee Hall, which was indeed a westbound move. They would make note of the Locomotive, Amtrak #15, a P42DC. A run of the mill GE that Amtrak used starting in 1996, but this one has a paint scheme that came on the scene in 2001. But what about that baggage car? Those came out in 2015. But wait, train #94 did not carry a baggage car! The only trains through Lee Hall that had a baggage car were eastbound #67, a mid-day train and its counterpart #66 that was a late afternoon train westbound. So just what are we looking at? Well back in 2016 there was a storm that wreaked havoc with the east coast. Seems the last Amtrak train into Newport News, the eastern terminus past Lee Hall was #67. It arrived a little over an hour late on Friday 1/22/16 due to the weather it encountered on the run south from Washington D.C. and east from Richmond, VA. As it turns out due to the weather no Amtrak trains ran again in the area until it was decided to use the consist from #67 to perform the duties of train #94 on Tuesday morning, 1/26/16. While the storm was not THAT bad in this part of Virginia, you may have seen a news report or two that indicated the weather did create a few problems for some of the other areas this train serves.